Legato blocks are used to build a perimeter push wall at an east London metal recycling facility…

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RSG Structures and Elite Precast Concrete Ltd recently undertook full design and build of a new 120m long x 3.2m high perimeter push wall for a new metal recycling facility in East London. 

The wall was constructed using an RSG proven method of in-situ foundation/plinth with Elite Precast Legato blocks installed onto it. The headline figures on this project were 441no blocks from Elite Precast Concrete delivered and installed in 4 days. That’s the equivalent of 400m3 of ready mix (or 67no wagons) with just two men and it was ready to put to use as soon the blocks were in position.

An in-situ wall of similar size and strength would have taken weeks longer to construct and then it needs to cure before being out to use.

Gareth Neale, Managing Director of RSG commented: “We use many different methods of construction in our day to day business, but when it comes to constructing a wall of this size, to take the design loads specified and with a fast build time, there is nothing that comes close to the Legato block. The fact that we can alter the layout by use of the “bendi” blocks which allow us to follow any change of direction and design the  strength of the wall by the addition of a “soldier course” at the bottom and with buttresses added,  is why we often favour the block system over more “traditional” methods. L walls, T walls and other precast systems are great, but a 3m L wall, will always be a 3m L wall and that’s all it can be. I can build a 3m high block wall that is purely designed for wind loading and then by a quick change of design, it becomes a 3m wall that can take scrap metal to full height with a surcharge and the impact of a 20t shovel. By the same token, if the height wants to be increased or decreased a simple design check and it’s done. That simply cannot be achieved with other standard precast units. We always use Elite Precast for our large blocks (Legato) as we need to count on the quality and supply of product. All of our projects are fully designed as I want to be able to sleep at night when I am building walls that I know are going to get a hammering. There are cheaper block suppliers out there but I want to use a manufacturer that I know will always deliver. Any rejected product or delayed deliveries when we are on site will end up costing a lot more than any money I might have saved from one of the “cheap” suppliers”

For further information about the Legato blocks please contact sales@eliteprecast.co.uk or call 01952 588555

For further information about the wide range of services offered by specialist contractor RSG Structures Ltd please contactgneale@rsgstructures.co.ukor call Gareth on 08452 997597


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