Profoil™ XTRA – Grooved & Foiled Floating Floor Panels

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Profoil XTRA – Grooved & Foiled Floating Floor Panels

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100 micron aluminium foil fully foiled into the main pipe grooves*


*maximum contact between the aluminium foil (the heat diffusion device) and the
underfloor heating pipes is an important parameter in optimising the thermal output
of a warm-water underfloor heating system (reference to BS EN 1264 Part 2 : 2008)


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                                                                                            Heat Output at 50°C MWT*                


Profoil™ XTRA                                                                            80 W/m²
100 micron foil INTO the main grooves                                      


Profoil™                                                                                         67 W/m²
45 micron foil INTO the main grooves                                                                                   


                                                                                          Heat Output at 40°C MWT*


Profoil™ XTRA                                                                            55 W/m²
100 micron foil INTO the main grooves                                                                                


Profoil™                                                                                         44 W/m²
45 micron foil INTO the main grooves      


*Independent test results: 50°C & 40°C Mean Water Temperature (MWT), 16mm O.D. pipe @ 150mm centres + 15mm engineered wood


Profoil™ XTRA

100 micron foil INTO the main grooves

  • all grades of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS)
  • panel thicknesses from 18mm to 150mm
  • pipe diameters from 10mm to 20mm
  • pipe centres from 50mm to 300mm
  • also available for between joists or between battens



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