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No longer are the places we live simply our homes: now they must also offer us the space and facilities to also be our offices, our gyms, our children’s classrooms and the places we entertain ourselves. This has inspired an unprecedented number of people to make repairs, improvements and upgrades to their homes: over 35.6% more of us, to be exact.

Unsurprisingly, a major trend for 2021 is the concept of multi-functional spaces, particularly when it comes to living rooms. Forbes indicated late last year that single purpose spaces and furnishings were becoming unfashionable  because we’ve had to adapt our living spaces to accommodate the new work/life balance.

Creating a multi-functional space with bespoke furnishings to suit your needs, may sound challenging, but actually is easier than you may think. MEDITE makes it real by continuing to develop innovative, versatile and sustainable products, suitable for bespoke interior fit outs and refurbishments. The brand has now even launched a new members community of MDF enthusiasts to share their work, gain inspiration and benefit from prizes that will help facilitate bigger and better work with MDF.

How can MEDITE help you create inspiring fit outs and furnishings?

MEDITE MDF panels were used to create the perfect aesthetics for a private client in South Kensington, London, who wanted to create a bespoke art deco inspired home. The interiors were designed and created especially for the project by Infinitus Bespoke Interiors using MDF panels, including MEDITE MR, which features special moisture resistant properties.

MEDITE MR BathroomEvery room was designed to reflect the sleek opulence of the 1930s and 40s, while bringing a unique character to every space. The bedrooms and bathrooms and living areas were refitted to incorporate smooth, clean lines, high gloss surfaces, mirror cladding and ambient lighting, while the installation of a bar and cinema room further embodied the elegance of the period in this home.

Featuring a smooth surface and consistent density throughout, MEDITE MR is ideal for machining into bespoke shapes and cabinetry. As a moisture resistant MDF panel, it is also designed for use in indoor humid conditions, making it suitable for kitchen and bathroom installations, among a huge variety of others. It is also a great substitute for softwoods or hardwoods where more machining flexibility is needed.

If you’ve an idea, MEDITE can make it real. The extensive MEDITE range includes ten different families of MDF products and many variants, with over 400 possible specifications. Through consistent commitment to research, development and ongoing investment in technology, MEDITE has become established as the leading brand in the MDF market by introducing a wide variety of quality products and customer led innovations.

Now you can also join the brand new MEDITE MDF members community at


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