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These days, the word “sustainability” seems to crop up everywhere. But is it just another business buzzword, or are we genuinely making a shift in the way we think and act, to protect and preserve the world we live in for future generations?

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While “Green Issues” like recycling and sustainability were on the fringe 20 years ago, these days they’re right at the heart of business with sustainability having a huge influence on every aspect of industry, especially at Eurocell.

PVC-U is a highly sustainable product, robust enough to be recycled and repurposed up to 10 times without its quality or performance deteriorating, giving it a lifespan in the construction industry of 350 years.

At our recycling plants, we process up to 70,000 old PVC-U window frames per week, or around 39,000 tonnes per year. Once recycled, it is used to create a variety of new products, from thermal inserts to our revolutionary Modus window system. By doing this we can reuse almost 100% of our production waste.

Wherever possible, we offer a ‘closed loop’ service, reengineering the PVC-U taken from old frames to make new windows, doors and building products for the same supplier.

The process uses less energy and gives customers a high performance, more efficient product. Working in commercial, refurbishment sectors and social housing, we have the capability to collect nationwide and reprocess old window frames that may otherwise go to landfill, converting them to reusable material which can be used as a raw material in the manufacture of new building products.

Preventing post-consumer windows and doors going to landfill is not only environmentally beneficial but has a direct impact on project delivery and cost effectiveness. Under current government commitments landfill tax is set to continue.

By adopting and implementing sustainable practices companies can manage resources, build their environmental reputation, and ultimately reduce costs.

Products manufactured from recycled PVC-U are actually stronger than those made with virgin plastic because of the chemical transformation of the polymers it contains when it goes through the recycling process.

At our consolidated operations in Ilkeston and Selby, Eurocell Recycle now offers the largest and most complete closed-loop process in the UK.

Recycling plays a significant role in making industry sustainable. That’s why Eurocell is so heavily committed to recycling every single piece of UPVC waste we create. We aim to bring as many post-consumers window frames, doors, conservatories and building items as possible back into the production process, keeping tonnes of UPVC out of landfill.

To find out more about our sustainability, or to arrange a collection of PVC-U frames visit:

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