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Main newsletter imageKnauf Dry Screed Flooring Systems are ideal for a wide range of projects and have multiple benefits compared to traditional wet screed. They are lighter, fast to traffic and suitable for modern construction methods (MMC).

The dry screed boards are up to 75% lighter than traditional wet screed, which is in part due to them being significantly thinner. This makes Knauf’s dry screed flooring systems ideal for retrofit and refurbishment projects, as the thinner boards maximise floor to ceiling height.

Image 4As the name suggests, dry screed flooring requires no protracted drying time. This means the systems are ready for foot traffic within 24 hours, much faster than the 2–7 day wait for wet screed systems to dry. This also allows for follow on trades to begin work much sooner, therefore having the potential to reduce overall build time.

24 April 2013: Knauf flooring being laid at Elliott Modular in Bridlington. Picture: Sean Spencer/Hull News & Pictures 01482 210267/07976 433960

If underfloor heating is being installed on the project, the Knauf boards are particularly beneficial. The low thermal resistance and high thermal conductivity of our boards assist in improving response times whether you are heating or cooling the floor, thus reducing energy consumption.

The sustainability credentials don’t end there either. No water is required during installation and, due to their being lightweight, less substantial concrete or steel substructures and reduced foundations are needed to install the boards. This all translates to the conservation of valuable resources.

The Knauf range includes Knauf Brio, Brio WF, GIFAfloor HUGO and GIFAfloor FHB.

Image 3 CopyKnauf Brio is a medium density floor panel that is installed onto a solid floor, although this can be either an existing solid subfloor or in a floating construction. Knauf Brio is 43% more thermally efficient than chipboard when used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems.

Knauf Brio WF is a dry screed floor panel backed with wood-fibre to provide excellent acoustic performance and sound reduction which help to effectively reduce noise transmission.

Knauf GIFAfloor HUGO is a medium density gypsum fibre panel engineered with tongue and groove edges for ease of installation.

Image 2 CopyKnauf GIFAfloor FHB is a high density dry screed panel able to span between joists and pedestals due to its structural spanning capabilities. Being a hollow flooring system and having high thermal conductivity makes GIFAfloor panels ideal for underfloor heating systems.

The products come in the form of interlocking panels for improved robustness and making them easier to lay. They can also be covered with a range of finishes, including ceramic or natural stone tiles.

All Knauf flooring systems are precision engineered from the highest-quality gypsum fibreboard to create strong monolithic floor structures. To find out more, please visit


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