For a better outcome at the project’s end, think drainage from the start.

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Drainage design croppedFrom first drawing to final handover, preserving the design vision is never easy. Somewhere along the line there are bound to be extra costs and compromises. But there’s one critical part of the project that could reduce this, if considered early enough – drainage. Yes, drainage. With building performance under the spotlight and permitted discharge rates being restricted, managing water from roofs to sewers adds complex challenges. Attenuation requirements and hydraulic loads need careful consideration while drainage must be aesthetically pleasing. Yet these decisions often get left till way too late in the project.

Drainage designSo why does that matter? At ACO, our Drainage Design Services team believes early consideration of drainage solutions not only helps achieve a look that ties in with the design concept, but knowing the depths available for floor or balcony drainage from the beginning can have massive benefits for the end result. It allows us to calculate and advise on exactly the right system to handle the volume of water for the application, whereas late engagement may mean raising floor levels to accommodate different products – this disrupts other trades, costs more and compromises both timescales and design integrity. In other words, to preserve your design vision, look at drainage earlier.

Welding shots.00_09_33_03.Still006ACO has 75 years of experience in the manufacture of drainage systems. Our design specialists are fully versed in the physical and commercial constraints of major building projects, from hydraulics to grease management. Watch our video to learn more or contact ACO and we’ll provide the expertise of our bespoke design service. That way, we’ll have kept your costs down before you’ve even broken ground.

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