Custom-made rooflights for custom-builds.

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MASTER Sliding glass rooflight for access StarglazeEvery build project is unique. Tricky refurbishment job with exacting measurements? Need an innovative design with extra wow factor?

National Domelight supplies custom-made rooflights designed to meet your unique brief.

Do I need a standard or bespoke rooflight?

Standard units are perfect for many projects, but here are some considerations to see if a bespoke solution would work best for you…


MASTER Oct Castle Bar SchoolAre you replacing a rooflight manufactured in imperial measurements? It may not be possible to find an exact metric conversion. A bespoke solution can help save costly additional modifications to the building’s design.

Or, does the style of the building necessitate an eye-catching design? Would a non-standard solution give the property the exclusivity and character sought after by the architect or homeowner?


Continuously updating regulations mean a straightforward like-for-like replacement may no longer meet building regulations.

Other considerations

Custom solutions offer so much more choice – have you thought about the following options?

  • Image to accompany bullet pointsColour Coordination: Bespoke RAL colours match conservation area requirements, or allow for striking finishes that complement the design.
  • Upgraded Glass: Improve privacy, reduce glare, and combat solar gain with customised tints.
  • Energy Efficiency: Kerbs can be manufactured in various heights to accommodate the use of thicker insulation at roof level, improving the property’s EPC
  • Improved Ventilation: Rooflights with ventilation or smoke dispersal keep a property healthy and aerated, while adhering to building regulations.
  • Stay Secure:Secured By Design’ specification units available for added peace of mind.
  • Reduce Noise: Sound reduction requirements can be met with tailored solutions.
  • Weighty Decisions: Ensure your walk-on glass is suitable for its application, whether that’s domestic, commercial, or industrial.

 Think a bespoke solution is for you?

National Domelight’s technical team can provide the right solution for your project and advise on industry policy and regulations, so you get it right first time and on budget.

We are open 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday; get in contact with our technical team:

Call: 01276 451555



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