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Jaga's Tempo LST Hybrid Radiator for Heating and CoolingLow Surface Temperature (LST) radiators are relied upon to provide safe, high-efficiency heating in places where safety is paramount. They are the go-to choice for facilities such as hospitals and healthcare settings, care and nursing homes, schools and nurseries, prisons and public buildings to prevent vulnerable people from burns and injuries caused by coming into contact with the radiator.

LST radiators work by convecting heat from the emitter, with a small air gap between the emitter and the surface of the radiator casing to prevent the casing ever getting hotter than 43°C.

They are designed with numerous other safety features such as antibacterial coatings, rounded corners and grilles, chamfered front and side panels, casing locks, anti-ligature grilles, pencil-proof grilles and arthritic TRV adaptors. And leading LST manufacturers, such as Jaga, ensure they are designed to conform to the NHS Estates Health Guidance on surface temperature and casing design.

But how are LST radiators keeping up with the times and the demand for high heat output at low flow temperatures?


Jaga's Tempo LST Hybrid Radiator - Control Panel in Heating ModeJaga’s newest innovation for LST radiators is a key enabler for low carbon heat.

As a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, ecologically sustainable heating, cooling and ventilation systems, Jaga has been at the forefront of the LST radiator market for many years, supplying hundreds of schools and healthcare facilities across the country with safe, powerful, energy-efficient heating.

Jaga's Dynamic Boost Hybrid technology inside the radiator doubles the heat outputTo meet the rapidly increasing demand for higher heat output at lower flow temperatures, Jaga has recently launched a revolutionary innovation for radiators – Dynamic Boost Hybrid (DBH). DBH is an electric booster set that sits inside the LST radiator. It uses small, quiet thermal activators to increase airflow and boost heat output by two to three times without increasing radiator size. It means there’s no need to install large LST radiators when switching to a heat pump system. In fact, they can be even smaller.

This game-changing innovation makes Jaga LST radiators completely future proof. If a building is still being heated by a gas boiler, standard Jaga LST radiators can be installed now, and when the time comes to switch to a heat pump, DBH can easily be retrofitted, enabling the switch over to an emission-free installation at any time without having to make any changes to the radiators, heat distribution or pipes.


Not only do Jaga’s LST Hybrid radiators provide powerful heat with low energy consumption, they cool too. DBH can automatically switch between heating and light cooling modes, providing the heating system can supply cooling water.

This method of non-condensing cooling is much more environmentally friendly than air conditioning, using less energy and no F-gas, so it’s a perfect solution for a comfortable indoor climate all year round.


To find out more about Jaga’s range of safe and efficient LST Hybrid radiators, get in touch with team via their website jaga.co.uk.


Jaga are pioneers in designing innovative, ecologically sustainable heating, cooling and ventilation systems using less energy and fewer raw materials, ensuring a better indoor climate without damaging the outdoor climate.

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