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Integrated solar panels 2 - 540 x 300With the Future Homes Standard still three years away, the immediate focus for the housebuilding sector is the imminent introduction of changes to Part L of the Building Regulations in June this year.

Housebuilders will be looking for the simplest and most cost-effective way to meet the carbon reduction obligations that are fast approaching.

And this is where the specification of renewable energy technology such as effective solar PV on roofscapes can play a central role in helping the sector meet the ambitious targets, set out by government.

The government changes call for a 31% reduction in carbon emissions and all new build homes will need to incorporate low carbon technology solutions – either solar PV, a heat pump or both – to achieve it.

The anticipated emission reduction impact of solar PV prompted trade association Solar Energy UK to predict that upcoming Part L changes will lead to a five-fold increase in the number of new homes built with solar PV.

In the short term, a solar PV system on the roofscape, combined with an efficient gas boiler, appears to be the quickest and easiest way for housebuilders to meet the impending 2022 Part L changes.

Seamless aesthetics

Whilst housebuilders may have concerns about the appearance of bulky, on-roof solar panels, the latest integrated PV roof systems offer a more visually appealing, cost effective, and easier to install option.  Replacing a section of roof tiles, integrated solutions provide a sleek aesthetic and act as a seamless part of the overall roof and can also be installed at the same time as the rest of the roof tiles.

To aid the housebuilding sector to make the most of the potential offered by solar PV, and to better understand the benefits of the technology and how best to utilise it, Marley has developed a free, RIBA-accredited Sustainability and Solar PV CPD, which outlines the different solar options and examines the benefits of integrated versus traditional solar PV systems.

It also provides important advice on the key considerations when specifying a solar system, from aesthetics, planning and energy requirements, to design and installation. To sign up, just visit

For more information about Marley SolarTile®, visit

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