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1. Kallisto-ellwood-grange copy 2Staircases are a focal point of architectural design – in large open spaces they make a statement, and if you have a specific design specification in mind, you’ll want flawless service from design, right through to installation. There are a huge number of benefits when opting for precast concrete. Let us show you…

Milbank Concrete Products, based in Essex, are pleased to introduce you to Kallisto Stairs – a proven UK-based concept for precast-manufactured curved stairs.

2. Kallisto-Factory_Mould_RemovalWith a passion for craftsmanship and pushing the boundaries of construction, our mission is to manufacture and install beautifully bespoke precast curved, helical, and spiral stairs in the UK’s most prestigious properties.

We believe we are the only company in the UK that can provide bespoke precast concrete stairs as economically as possible, without any compromise on quality. How? We design, manufacture, deliver and install the stairs ourselves, which ensures we maintain control of the entire supply chain and, more importantly, exceed our clients’ expectations every time.

The advantages of opting for bespoke Precast Concrete Stairs

3. Cantilever Precast Stair UnitsBespoke – every single one of our stairs is hand crafted at our factory in North Essex, assuring the end product is completely unique to your client and their property

Quality – Using a flexible steel formwork system in a controlled offsite factory environment enables precast stairs to be made accurately and to a high quality.

Cost – Precast stairs are a cost-effective alternative to expensive steel or timber structures. The manufacturing process allows for less man hours, thus reducing costs considerably.

5. Kallisto InstallationSpeed – Precast staircases can be installed in a day and often at the same time as the structural flooring. In situ poured concrete stairs usually take weeks to build, cast, strip, and finish.

Safety – Precast staircases can be used as soon as they are installed and provide an immediate working platform for follow on trades. In situ poured stairs will require alternative access routes to the upper floors during the build and curing phase.

Flexibility – Precast stairs can be installed within a variety of applications including steel framed structures or tied directly into concrete floors using projecting reinforcement.

Sustainability – Precasting allows the repeated use of formwork, whereas in situ concrete pouring results in the formwork being disposed of on each project, increasing wastage. All our manufacturing machinery and yard vehicles operate on HVO biofuel – a sustainable alternative to regular diesel.

It’s all in the details…

4. Kallisto-Aspire_Luxury_Properties_Kings_Chase_OxshottManufactured utilising leading European technology, Kallisto stairs can be designed and adapted to meet all design requirements at a surprisingly affordable price. Whatever your design, a finished Kallisto stair adds value and character to your project, providing a spectacular central feature.

Each staircase is completely bespoke, with the rise, going, and width able to be customised to suit an extensive range of projects and applications. From lavish spiral staircases in prestigious properties with generous space, to winder staircases in town houses where space is of a premium.

6. Kallisto finished in Italian MarbleIn addition to the adaptability of the moulds, the ability to manufacture off-site makes for a highly cost-effective solution for even the most elaborate staircases, along with benefits to both quality and efficiency.

Bringing an element of sophistication and elegance to any property, the versatility of precast concrete means that not only is a Kallisto stair resilient, solid, and durable, but can also be attractively finished in a material best suited to the property i.e., wood, marble, stone, or tiles.

Let’s work together

To ensure we can give you our fullest attention, we see clients by appointment only. To arrange an appointment, please contact our office on 01787 220564 or by emailing us: info@kallistostairs.co.uk

For further information, please visit our website www.kallistostairs.co.uk


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