Axis Entrance Systems Case Study: Logan Construction for St George’s Hospital

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IR St Georges (40)INDUSTRY: Healthcare

CLIENT: Logan Construction for St George’s Hospital



The conversion and refurbishment of existing offices into a new interventional radiology department, consisting of; six enclosed recovery bays, a nurses’ station, and an accessible toilet.


IR St Georges (59)For this project Axis and the other contractors on site had the dual challenges of working within a ‘live’ hospital environment and the necessity for strict compliance with COVID-19 safeguards.

Maintaining noise, dust, and vibration controls in this ‘live’ hospital environment were vital throughout the project and epitomised by the fact that there was an operating theatre in constant use, on the floor above, directly over the new recovery bays.


IR St Georges (79) - CopyAxis was asked to help create bright, light recovery bays with options of good visibility or privacy, and the flexibility to separate each bay from surrounding bays and communal areas, to enhance COVID-19 safeguards, in this frontline healthcare environment.

Our solution for the doors was our own, award-winning, FLO-MOTION® DOORS – the extra low-friction, manual sliding door system.

The full width and height glass doors, which we fabricate using extruded aluminium profiles, include a self-supporting ‘goalpost’ frame, and feature recirculating ball guides on a low resistance linear track with damper mechanism. The doors can be opened and closed with fingertip control.

Each door for this project was fitted with interstitial blinds set within the glass for the visibility/privacy option.

“Logan undertook several projects at St George’s Hospital with a challenging programme and key to the successful delivery of these schemes were the sliding doors from Axis. Their professional approach from start to conclusion is recognised and it ensured these projects were concluded on time, to a high standard and in a commercially attractive manner. We look forward to working with Axis on future schemes.” Kevin Farr, Senior Surveyor


The new recovery unit has provided several significant benefits, including:

• A safer, brighter, more spacious, and flexible working environment
• Providing staff and patients with better visibility of each other
• Greatly enhanced patient experience

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