Creating glass linkways

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Structural glass specialists Ion Glass share their insights into the options available and benefits of a glass linkway for many homes and buildings.

A bespoke glass linkway with structural fins and beams fitted to a heritage property

Creating links between buildings can often raise some interesting challenges – especially when adding a modern extension to an older building, or connecting two quite disparate structures.

It’s not just the aesthetics of how the two buildings connect, but also the structural interface, especially relevant in heritage properties, or when the existing constructions have been built separately with no potential to join them with more traditional building methods.

As Peter Hazeldean, Managing Director of bespoke structural glass specialists Ion Glass points out: ‘Older buildings behave quite differently.  The foundations are likely to be more shallow, the structure itself more flexible and breathable.  If you build a modern extension directly against an older building there’s bound to be a difference in movement.   A structural glass linkway overcomes these issues – with plenty of opportunity for individual design to create a fantastic result!

A contemporary link between home and garage creating a usable space for the homeowner

We regularly install glass linkways in modern homes too…linking the garage directly to the property for instance, or connecting a new extension that couldn’t otherwise be an integral element of the original building.’

A glass linkway can have a positive lifestyle impact for property owners, creating a light, airy and weatherproof space that becomes an attractive element of the home.  The linkway can be installed without the need for footings and can be connected to the existing structures with little physical or visual impact, using a fully sealed channel set option for the glass wall panels to create a sleek, frameless appearance.

Ion Glass ( regularly design structural glass fins or structural glass beams to provide a minimal, yet robust and functional result with  no visible fixings. Any metalwork required in the construction of the linkway is individually commissioned or manufactured by Ion Glass for a project-specific result.

Depending on individual requirements, a glass linkway can be built in single or double glazing: single glazed construction will provide a fully weather resistant link whereas double glazing allows the linkway to also become an integral part of the structure of the building, fully compliant with heat loss requirements.

A glass linkway between a converted oast house and a modern extension

A choice of glass types offers an additional level of flexibility for every project.

Ion Glass offer individual, technical advice on every glass installation they undertake, from the appropriate fixing systems and  glass specification, to ensuring the installation meets all the relevant criteria, from heat loss considerations to the requirements of conservation groups.

Ion Glass work closely with homeowners, architects and builders on a wide variety of residential and commercial projects, in particular where the properties of glass as a structural material play a key role in the design to modernise, improve or extend the building.  They also have an unrivalled reputation in the heritage and listed property sector.  Specialist in frameless structural glass their work also includes glass doors,bespoke internal, external and curved balustrades, rooflights, glass screens and frameless glass shower enclosures.

To discuss your project with an Ion Glass experts call them on 0345 658 9988 or email

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