Renovate lime render without the need to remove and replace

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Lime render repair is usually a tricky job. Traditionally, it requires having to completely strip the wall of the existing render and replace it with two or three coats of new. However, fillers can provide a revolutionary solution.

Lime render is often found on older properties, and was used in the past to cover up the various different materials used in construction, such as stone, bricks and rubble. But the lime also allows the substrate to breathe, and protects against the weather. There is also an aesthetic element to its design, especially with certain decorative finishes that can be achieved with sponging or brushing and so, for these reasons, lime render remains a popular exterior finish.

Lime render renovation can be a complicated task, as it requires an initial scratch coat to assist with the adhesion of further layers, which are then covered with a finishing top-coat. With a drying time of several days between each coat, it can be a lengthy process, requiring much skill. And this is where an exterior filler can revolutionise the work.

If a complete covering of the lime render is required, an exterior filler for skim coating can be used, eliminating the need to entirely strip back the old render. Toupret offers two products, Skimcoat Filler and Ready To Use Skimcoat Filler, that can be used to cover over the damaged render to achieve either a smooth finish, with the use of a trowel, or a textured finish, when also using a brush.

Of course, diagnosis of the surface must first be carried out, as it is essential that it is hard, cohesive, clean, sound and dry for a filler to adhere to and perform efficaciously.

If any repair work is required before covering, other fillers can also assist, and still relieve you of the need to remove the existing lime render. For example, all Toupret exterior fillers can be used to fill non-structural holes and cracks in the render and can then be covered with a skim coat filler. Some fillers can adhere to old paintwork, some even to damp, and some can even be used to perform skim coating jobs to localised areas of the render.

The versatility of exterior fillers therefore enables repairs to be made, as well as offering a complete renovation solution that saves time and effort, and makes lime render repair no longer feel like such a difficult job.

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