Landmark Refurbishment Project Made Possible with Charisma Vertical Sliders

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  • Renovation transforms neglected property into upmarket apartments for commercial and residential use
  • PVC-U windows used as a credible solution to meet local planning and building conservation legislation
  • Heritage features achieved using Charisma Vertical Sash Sliders, an alternative to timber framed windows
  • Modus windows replicated the aesthetics of aluminium windows, providing clean sight lines and low U-Values

Located in Liverpool, close to Lark Lane/Aigburth Road which is located in a lively area with trendy restaurants and bars, stood the imposing, but neglected property of 44 Parkfield Road. Originally built as a residential home, this property adapted to the needs of the area, becoming a mixture of commercial and residential, before falling into an unmanageable condition. However, this condition presented an opportunity to restore this stunning building. After the property was auctioned, Ballpark Developments, specialists in building and renovation, were the successful bidders. Seeing beyond the tired interior and exterior, the decision was made to rejuvenate the property into upmarket apartments. This was the perfect choice for this busy, cosmopolitan area.

The Challenge

As with most buildings of this age, careful consideration needed to be taken to ensure conformity with local planning and building conservation legislation. This legislation governs the materials and building techniques that can be employed.

The building had historically been fitted with timber-framed vertical sliders which the architect and conservation planning, were specifying a replication of these aesthetics. The challenges were combined not only with aesthetics, but also the energy efficiency and acoustics levels with this being on a busy main road with late night bars contributing to noise pollution. Timber frames posed their own challenges, with difficulties in achieving both energy and acoustics ratings, alongside cost and lead times.  There was the added request from the Conservation Office to specify in the extended part of the building aluminium windows and doors. This proved to be an expensive option with long, undesirable lead times.

It was here that Ballpark Developments reached out to local specialist Warwick Developments, who, along with their long-standing reputation for commercial window and door expertise, also have a firm partnership with Eurocell.

Our Solution

After specification review and consultation, Warwick Developments presented Eurocell Charisma Vertical Sash Sliders as an alternative for the timber framed windows combined with Modus windows as an alternative for the aluminium window.  Utilising the contemporary clean lines and U-Values as low as 0.7, made Modus the obvious choice. With both offering an added cost benefit, energy efficiency and aesthetically pleasing result.

The Result

This project shows how PVC-U windows are increasingly becoming a credible solution in areas with conservation measures. This landmark change can help set the future standard, enabling properties governed by conservation or listed status to now benefit from leading Eurocell window and door technologies.

Tony Ditchfield, Owner of Ball Park Developments comments: “It has been fantastic to work collaboratively on this project and bring the property back to life. The use of innovative and durable products helps reduce waste and the need for constant maintenance and replacements, which is of great importance as we work toward net zero. We look forward to seeing the building let with new tenants and for further projects with this team.”

Kelly Hibbert, Head of Commercial Sales at Eurocell commented: “Our wide variety of windows provide fabricators and developers, customisable solutions to suit projects of varying demands, including those that involve sensitive restoration like this development in Liverpool. PVC-U is an energy efficient, durable, safe and highly technical choice for residential properties and we look forward to working on similar projects in the future that require sustainable and forward-thinking fenestration options as we continue to lead the market.”

John McDonough, Warwick Developments commented: “It is thought of as unusual to install PVC-U windows in buildings under conservation rules. However, due to the intricate, customisable design options of Charisma Vertical Sash Sliders, as well as Modus, we have been able to present a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing option which both have low maintenance and cost effective benefits, whilst not compromising energy efficiency.

“We have worked on several similar projects in areas with conservation restrictions within Merseyside, that have seen PVC-U vertical sliders as the credible option. This meant that we had case studies the conservation team and architect could review for inspiration and guidance on specifying for Parkfield Road. The addition of being able to manufacture with sash horns and a deep bottom rail to align with the heritage features secured the decision.”

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