Managing the interface between buildings with structural glass

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Structural glass specialists Ion Glass discuss why a bespoke glass linkway is often the best solution, especially with heritage and listed buildings

Linking older or heritage buildings with a modern extension can cause a number of problems: current building techniques are very different from those used in the past and some heritage organisations and planners often stipulate a visual separation between old and new.

The bespoke structural glass linkways built by Ion Glass create an interface between buildings of different ages and styles, providing an effective physical and visual divide.

  • A linkway can be constructed from channel set glass panels with minimal footings, overcoming issues relating to disparate foundations and building techniques.
  • The glass linkway will allow for some movement between two buildings of different ages and structure.
  • Specifying either single or double glazing allows a choice between a simple weather resistant glass corridor or an integral element of the building, fully compliant with heat loss requirements.
  • Use of structural glass fins or beams can achieve a minimal result without visible fixings
  • Ion Glass technicians will assist with design and specification to ensure the optimum result, meeting all requirements for you or your client.

Each Ion Glass linkway is individually designed, manufactured and installed to meet the precise requirements of the client.  Check out these projects:

A glass linkway makes a separate extension an integral part of the property:

A modern family room extension was linked to an original listed heritage building with a structural glass linkway.  Use of glass beams in the construction gives an exceptionally stylish and contemporary result with minimal fixings, meeting all the requirements of both building control and  listed property approval. A glass door in the structure opens onto the terrace, making this an effective porch space as well as a link between the two structures.

This suspended glass linkway with a non-slip glass floor connects the original heritage building with a new extension.  Ion Glass installed the linkway at first floor level to overcome locational differences in height and to allow a continous ground-level walkway around the house with access to the garden.

Linking two buildings to create a congruent living space

A recent barn conversion developed a number of farm buildings around a central courtyard to create a luxurious living space.  The deceptively simple L-shaped structural glass linkway Ion designed and installed is made from double-glazed panels to make it an integral element of the home, retaining warmth as well maximising the light.

Custom glass linkway facilitates commercial expansion









A firm of London solicitors expanded into the building next door and required a substantial structural glass link with maximum light flow for the new reception and meeting space. Ion Glass installed a series of double-glazed glass roof panels combined with double-height glass panels at either end and huge structural glass windows to add to the feeling of light and space.

A glass linkway can provide an effective option for modern homes too!









The passageway between the house and the garage on this modern property was previously a draughty wind tunnel.  Ion Glass enclosed it with a glass linkway to create a weatherproof space without the need for additional footings.

Take a look on our website for inspiration on many other reasons to choose Ion Glass for your residential, commercial, heritage or ecclesiastical project.

 Our expert team will discuss your individual requirements and provide a full technical support and installation service whether you are managing a project for a church or heritage building or commissioning structural glass for leisure, residential, or commercial properties.

For more information on glass linkways, glass doors,  glass screens, internal or external balustrades,  structural glass porches,   or other architectural glass installations call us on 0345 658 9988,  send us an email via or click on the enquiry form on our website.

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