Newton Waterproofing Helps Repair London’s Busy Limehouse Link Tunnel

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Newton Waterproofing, a leading supplier and designer of waterproofing solutions for large-scale commercial and infrastructure projects, teamed up with specialist contractor ASF Waterproofing to successfully repair leaks inside the Limehouse Link Tunnel in East London.

The 1.1-mile tunnel, a vital artery connecting The Highway to Canary Wharf in the bustling London Docklands, was experiencing water ingress that required immediate attention, and prompted the main contractor to call upon the expertise of Newton Specialist Contractor ASF Waterproofing, recognised for their proficiency in injection resins and structural repairs.

Understanding the critical role the tunnel plays in London’s infrastructure, ASF Waterproofing worked alongside Newton Waterproofing Systems to swiftly find a suitable solution, and following a thorough investigation, they opted for Newton’s PC Leakinject Uni 6816 E resin, specifically designed for sealing gaps, cracks or leaks in structures experiencing high levels of water ingress.

Adding another layer of complexity was the location of the leaks near the tunnel’s roof, necessitating night-time closures of the tunnel to ensure the safety of workers and minimise disruption to London’s traffic flow. With only a four-hour window each night between 11pm and 4am, the ASF and Newton teams utilised cherry pickers and scissor lifts to access the area and inject the resin.

“Despite the challenges presented to us with this project, ASF managed to successfully waterproof the Limehouse Link Tunnel using Newton’s specialist polyurethane injection resin” commented Shaun King, Director at ASF Waterproofing. “This resin was ideal for this project, due to its ability to react quickly with water to effectively seal the leaks.”

Newton Waterproofing’s Managing Director, Warren Muschialli, added: “The Limehouse Link Tunnel is a vital part of London’s transportation network, and we are proud to have played a role in its continued operation. This project showcases our ability to provide innovative solutions and expert support for even the most demanding infrastructure projects.

“With Newton’s comprehensive waterproofing solutions and ASF Waterproofing’s skilled application, the Limehouse Link Tunnel can now withstand the elements and serve London’s commuters for years to come.”


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