Airflow Developments – New LOOVENT eco Delivers Low Energy with Multi Function Ventilation

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Complementing its existing range of “ecoair” ventilation solutions, Airflow introduces the new LOOVENT eco fan.

A completely new re-design of the million selling Loovent, the fan features exceptionally quiet, two speed intermittent extraction up to 31 l/sec, or, at the flick of a switch during installation, a choice of five speed, continuous (dMEV) ventilation.
Versatile for portrait and landscape orientation, either recessed or surface mounted, the compact design represents the smallest footprint in its class.

Operating from just 2.8 watts it is economical to run and with a specific fan power of just 0.21 w/l/sec on low speed (0.41 w/l/sec on high speed), it is significantly less than the 0.5 w/l/sec for intermittent flow required by the 2010 Building Regulations.
A low energy, ball bearing, DC motor ensures long term reliability with minimal maintenance making it ideal for Social Housing applications where asset pay back is a priority.

From just 25 d(B)A it is also extremely quiet in operation and perfect for both through the wall and ducted installations. Designed with the same mounting chassis as previous Loovent models the replacement of older versions is quick and easy.
Control functions include user selectable, Delay start option, Timer, Humidity and Motion sensor

LOOVENT eco dMEV models are designed to meet the requirements of SAP Appendix Q, and feature continuous ventilation operation. At the time of installation, a constant flow of either 7 l/sec for toilets, 9 l/sec suitable for en-suites, bathrooms and utilities or 16 l/sec, suitable for kitchens, may be set to meet a whole house decentralised continuous ventilation strategy (d-MEV) for dwellings with a low air infiltration rate. An “On -Demand” boost speed enables rapid ventilation when required.

John Kelly, Marketing Manager from Airflow, said: “The Airflow Loovent brand has been a by-word for quality and reliability for decades, and this latest model range is designed to provide a quiet, low energy, multipurpose ventilation solution. It is perfect for replacing existing Loovents and for specification to reduce the carbon footprint as part of a whole house ventilation strategy, for cost effective extraction in increasingly well sealed dwellings”

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