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Phil Mangnall, National Sales Manager of Jaga Heating Products UK, discusses why trench heating has become an increasingly viable heating option across numerous applications – from the commercial, public and industrial sectors through to self-builders and homeowners.

UntitledGlass façades are a sign of our architectural times. With countless high-rise buildings being erected in our cities with every passing day, it has become surprising to see one which doesn’t feature a predominantly glass exterior.

But it is not just with these commercial mega-structures that glass façades have become the norm. Glass is increasingly common in contemporary council buildings, galleries, museums, schools, universities and more. Watch an episode of Grand Designs and it is clear that the material’s popularity is rising in residential and self-build scenarios too.

Quite simply, we love natural light in our buildings and glass is the obvious answer; the fact that it provides a desirable aesthetic dimension only strengthens its case. However, its many positive attributes are counter-balanced by one major flaw: glass façades are a source of significant heat loss.

It is for this reason that the Jaga team are almost continuously involved in projects focused around our trench heating technology, helping to prevent heat loss through glass façades.

As a technology, floor trench heating is the most practical form of glazed façade heating, and there are plenty of radiator and grille products available that can be fine-tuned for use in different scenarios.

Positioned parallel to the glass façade, it performs through creating convection currents designed to mitigate heat loss, prevent condensation and, of course, provide effective space heating that ensures comfortable temperatures for building occupants. In terms of energy, not only do they cut the unnecessary loss of heat, but with our Jaga Low-H₂O heat emitters they can dramatically cut the energy required to heat the building in general.

The added advantage is that trench heating is a discreet solution – or ‘hidden’ – because it is housed within the floor. This saves on valuable floor space, prevents obstruction of the façade, and with the prevalence of minimalist interior design nowadays, visually, they are barely noticeable.

Whatever the application, whatever the heat source, we strive to be as flexible as possible. It might be the full trench heating package for preventing heat loss while providing space heating; it might be trench heating to prevent heat loss whilst working in conjunction with an existing heating system. Furthermore, if there are unique construction or logistical challenges within a customer’s building, tailor-made products and services are available to help overcome the obstacles.

UntitledIf you would like to find out more about our solutions, you can download our Trench Heating eGuide or take a look at our range of Trench Heating Products.

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