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Construction professionals can now easily specify Hörmann products for their builds and project work, following the leading door manufacturer’s decision to turn its tangible doors into digital ‘BIM objects’.

Hörmann logoBuilding Information Modelling (BIM) allows specialists to understand a building through the use of a digital model. Manufacturers create BIM objects, i.e. 3D digital versions of their products, which then go into a vast database for construction professionals to download and use in their projects.

From 2016 the Government has stipulated that all public construction projects are to be built using BIM, and as such, architects and specifiers are increasingly turning to digital platforms for their work. In order to further assist these professionals and improve working relations, Hörmann has opted to join the NBS National BIM Library, the fastest growing of its kind in the UK.

Each BIM object provides all the relevant technical data and requirements for designers to virtually install the product in such a way that it will be fully functional in reality. As such, BIM has the capacity to significantly reduce the potential for error during the construction stage of a project; for instance, using BIM for the development of the Leeds Arena prevented around 100 inaccuracies on site, saving an estimated £350,000.

By entering its products into the NBS National BIM Library, Hörmann will ensure that its doors and loading bay technology remain accessible to as many individuals in the industry as possible. With over 4,000 architectural practices and other companies already subscribing to NBS specification software, the library could also act as a valuable sales tool for the manufacturer’s products.

PrintDavid Newcombe, managing director of Hörmann, commented: “Joining the NBS National BIM Library will ensure that our product range is available to construction professionals in the necessary format for their specifications and allow us to forge even closer working relationships with them. The information that is attached to each BIM object also means that our products are more likely to be installed correctly from the initial planning stages of a project, saving time and money for everyone involved in a build.”

Hörmann’s sectional and high-speed industrial ranges are now accessible from the library, with digital versions of its rolling shutter and grilles currently being developed. The manufacturer will be looking to extend its BIM range in the coming months to include its loading bay technology and hinged doors.

Architects looking to gain further specialist training to help them identify the best style of door for their projects can also attend Hörmann’s RIBA CPD seminar, Specifying the Correct Door.

For more information about Hörmann’s BIM objects or training seminars, contact the team on 01530 513000, or visit www.hormann.co.uk.

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