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Layout 1More and more businesses are seeking instantaneous hot water systems combined with energy efficiency – but the two don’t always go hand-in-hand. However, the Zip InLine system uses the very latest German technology, including bare wire heating, to ensure hot water is delivered instantly, with maximum efficiency.

Unlike traditional instantaneous water heating products where the heating element is enclosed in a heat exchanger, bare wire products such as the InLine see the heating element directly immersed in the water flow path. This allows heat to be transmitted directly to the water, giving significantly greater efficiency and a much quicker heat- up time, typically less than two seconds.

New ES in situ copyMost traditional elements and heat exchangers absorb a significant amount of energy before water is delivered at a usable temperature. This energy is allowed to dissipate after use or can cause temperature spikes when more water is drawn off. Bare wire technology prevents this issue from occurring and provides the most energy efficient means of heating water electrically.

In addition, because it only heats water as it’s drawn off, there is no standing heat loss – just an unlimited supply of instantaneous hot water. This also reduces the risk of legionnaires’ disease-causing bacteria being present within the system, as there is no water held at an elevated temperature.

Other benefits include easy and flexible installation, compatibility with standard tapware, a neat and compact design and tangible water savings.

Zip will be on stand M950 at FM Show (21-23 June).

Please visit or call 0345 6 005 005 for more details.

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