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mvhr-from-airflowAirflow Developments has released the next generation of its MVHR ventilation units – the Adroit MVHR range. Ideal for high-end housebuilders and property developers, these Passive House certified units are equipped with the latest smart technology that allows air flow settings to be controlled within the home or remotely by PC, Tablet or Smart phone.

Leading ventilation manufacturer Airflow Developments has launched its Internet capable Adroit MVHR range for the domestic market. Utilising mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR), the systems recover valuable heat that would typically be lost as part of the ventilation process from wet rooms and use this energy to pre-warm clean, fresh air that is constantly brought in from outside and circulated within the home.

Crucially, the units are equipped with the latest interactive smart technology that provides homeowners with real-time monitoring and control of indoor air environments – at home or on the move. Once registered to the Adroit Cloud Service, the air flow settings of the unit can be controlled via a computer or mobile device. Moreover, the unit is also able to connect into house automation through the Modbus, or be controlled via a fixed controller.

Easy to use and with an intuitive colour display, the control panel is a responsive, portable interface, which provides a step-by-step guide on how to successfully manage the ventilation unit. Designed with four different profiles to choose from – Home, Away, Boost or Fireplace function, users are able to programme the units according to their personal routines and preferences. For example, setting ventilation to ‘Away’ during workdays will avoid unnecessary air filtration into the premises and therefore reduce energy costs and wastage.4adroit

For those wanting to offer additional benefits to potential homebuyers, there is also the option to install two external switches. For example, one switch can be set to ‘Boost’ profile within a kitchen or bathroom to accommodate for fluctuating indoor atmospheres, and another can be programmed to alternate between ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ profiles. Cooker hood boosting is also possible when a compatible recirculating cooker hood is in place.

“The highly sophisticated Adroit MVHR range is a complete whole-house ventilation solution that not only effectively delivers fresh, healthy air into the home but can also be controlled, monitored and managed by portable devices,” said John Kelly, Marketing Manager at Airflow.

“Over 15.3 million homes in the UK are estimated to be at risk of Toxic Home Syndrome; and with homebuyers becoming more aware of the dangers of poor indoor air quality it is more important than ever for housebuilers and property developers to specify efficient, eco-friendly ventilation solutions. Additionally, with the development of smart homes and increasing pace of innovation, it is also imperative to consider tech savvy solutions. The Adroit MVHR range is a cost-effective Internet capable solution that will also contribute towards optimum build performance.”

The Adroit MVHR units also incorporate low energy/noise EC fans, a triple filter system to reduce airborne pollutants, automatic frost protection, a 100% bypass facility and also has an intelligent temperature and humidity sensor inbuilt. An optional carbon dioxide sensor makes it easier to monitor and maintain internal comfort levels.

For more information on Airflow’s extensive range of ventilation solutions, visit:, or follow @airflowD

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