Your guide to finding the right insulated loft hatch and ladder

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According to the Energy Saving Trust, an uninsulated home loses one quarter of its heat through the roof. Insulating your loft/attic could therefore save you hundreds of pounds in energy costs. Furthermore, insulating your loft/attic is relatively quick and easy to do.aluminium-lady

However, the cooler air in an insulated loft can result in draughts through gaps in the insulation, such as an ill-fitting and poorly insulated loft hatch and ladder. The Energy Saving Trust recommend fitting an insulated loft hatch. They also advise you to use draught-excluding seals around its edges.

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How to choose an insulated loft hatch and ladder






There are three important factors to consider when choosing an insulated loft hatch and ladder:

  1. The amount of thermal insulation provided by the loft hatch

Thermal insulation is the reduction of heat transfer through objects of differing temperature. A well-insulated loft hatch therefore reduces the heat loss from the warm room into the cooler loft space above.

  1. Air permeability through the loft hatch box

Air permeability of loft hatches relates to the amount of air that will travel through the hatch while in its closed position. An insulated hatch is of little use if the trapdoor does not prevent warm air from escaping through gaps around its edges. This may sound obvious, but not all loft hatches offer a tightly closing sealed door.

Designo insulated loft hatch with 6-point locking mechanism for an air tight seal

  1. Air permeability around the outside of the hatch box

Now you have a well-insulated and sealed loft ladder hatch. The final challenge is to minimise the amount of air that escapes around the outside of the hatch box.

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