Wet or Electric? You Decide!

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Gaia Underfloor HeatingThe key question when it comes to underfloor heating, whether to opt for a wet (hydronic) system or an electric system?

When specifying heating in commercial buildings, underfloor heating is increasingly seen as the system that offers the levels of energy efficiency and comfort required. In design terms, underfloor heating provides the added benefit that, unlike radiators, it does not have an impact on interior aesthetics and layouts. However, which do you choose, wet or electric?
IMG_2329Both offer advantages and disadvantages. Our wet underfloor heating systems circulate water heated to around 45-50ºC through loops of pipe laid into the screed of solid floors or the joists of suspended timber floors. The low temperature of the water used makes these systems energy efficient and ideally suited to use with air or ground source heat pumps or district heating systems.


Devi UK images (144)Our electric systems use a continuous cable, either laid within the screed or supplied as a mat which is laid above the subfloor. Frequently thought of as the first choice in the retrofit market, because of the availability of systems that are less than 4mm thick. This allows them to simply be laid on top of existing floors, and installed near the surface to offer the advantage of a much shorter reaction time.

With market leading warranties being offered, such as the 20 year complete floor guard warranty for electric products, and a 30-50 year manufacturer’s warranty on the wet underfloor heating pipe. Our confidence in the products ensure complete peace of mind for the consumer.

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  1. Caitlin

    This is a great post, there are clearly benefits to both wet and electric heating. Looking at the depth of your flooring is something else to consider; electric wires tend to be thinner and water ones thicker. Though water pipes tend to heat more quickly, the thickness of the tubes might not be viable for every property so that’s something to consult whilst you’re making your decision!

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