The Airflow Air Academy is an NICEIC Approved Training Centre

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Bircan Tulga Photography 2016You can train to become an NICEIC accredited ventilation installer at the Airflow Air Academy in High Wycombe. The 500m2 state-of-the-art training facility uses the very latest in ventilation and building management technologies to showcase the health and financial benefits of using energy efficient ventilation products that perform when installed.

NICEIC Ventilation Installer training sessions take place twice a month in the Air Academy with Airflow’s accredited instructor. During the two-day training scheme, you will learn about:

  • The importance of effective ventilation in the home
  • The current UK Building Regulations affecting residential ventilation
  • The four main ventilation systems outlined in the Building Regulations, including:
    • Intermittent extract fans
    • Passive Stack Ventilation
    • Continuous Mechanical Extract Ventilation systems (both decentralised MEV and centralised MEV)
    • Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)
  • Why you should consider installed performance
  • How to correctly install, commission and test a system

Acceptable alternative means of ventilating a property that you may come across in the field will also be discussed during the course of the training scheme.

You will also undergo a practical test where you will test and balance a typical residential Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery system in-line with best practice and in accordance with Approved Document F1: Means of Ventilation of the 2010 Building Regulations.

Bircan Tulga Photography 2016When you’ve successfully completed the NICEIC Ventilation Installer course, the qualification you’ll receive provides you with significant added value to your credentials. This will highlight your competency and skill to prospective clients; reassuring them of your quality as a ventilation installer.

Once the two-day training session is completed, you are then eligible to join the NICEIC Competent Persons scheme – the only scheme of its type with a £25,000 guarantee. The scheme is designed to offer a safety net to clients that if the work undertaken is substandard, then it will be rectified through NICEIC’s Platinum Promise; adding further reassurance to prospective clients that the work you’ll undertake will be quality.

Click the link to learn more about the NICEIC Ventilation Training scheme as well as all the training services on offer with Airflow:


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