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The new Susurro, a ceiling mounted heat recovery unit from Airflow Developments, has been designed to provide continuous decentralised ventilation for both office and educational environments. Featuring a new generation of efficient, energy saving and ultra-quiet technologies, architects can be assured that the units meet all the necessary regulations, and provide a fresh and healthy indoor air quality for the occupants.

Susurro in a seminar roomA multitude of key features makes Susurro a high performance ventilation option for new and existing offices and school buildings. With an aluminium cross counter flow heat exchanger, the unit recovers up to 90% of otherwise wasted heat. In accordance with the ErP Ecodesign Directive, Susurro features a 100% summer bypass facility to prevent heat recovery from taking place in hot weather – reducing the risk of overheating.

Its unique capillary tube system at the air outlet ensures that fresh air is supplied into the room near the ceiling. This supply air then mixes with the ambient air, before slowly descending into the room, avoiding any uncomfortable draughts for building occupants.

1_0010_Background copySusurro is the ideal option for office and educational environments, helping to improve air quality and with a virtually inaudible noise level of just 35 dB(A) at nominal air flow, the units can contribute positively to an environment that aids concentration and productivity. All Susurro units comply to both BB101 and BB93 guidelines for educational premises.

John Kelly, Marketing Manager at Airflow Developments said: “Our new Susurro heat recovery unit is a testament to our knowledge and capability within the complex field of ventilation. It delivers precisely what is needed: a highly efficient, low energy, low noise heat recovery unit that can make a positive difference to the wellbeing of office workers and students alike.”

1_0004_Background copy (1)No air ducts are required and units are suitable for offices, boardrooms and educational facilities. For existing buildings, there is no need to design a detailed ventilation system, as it is simply mounted on the wall. With a digital touch screen controller and offering automated control to optimise performance – Susurro maximises energy efficiency and minimises heat losses with minimal input from the building manager.

Susurro is available with a three-year warranty, and energy efficient EC motors. The unit is available in two ranges: standard and design. With air flow rates of 400, 700 and 1000 m3/h, units will provide an ambient temperature range of +5°C up to 40°C.

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