6 reasons why the specification is so important within construction

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“In our experience, you cannot underestimate the value of a comprehensive specification. It has the ability to minimise risk and uncertainty, improve compliance, as well as saving time and money.”

James Fisher, MD Bilco UK & Howe Green

Circular Access Cover insitu copyCall into either of our offices in Bury St Edmunds or Ware and we guarantee you will hear the “S” word before the kettle has finished boiling to make you that welcoming cuppa!

The specification, and being specified, is fundamental to our ongoing success. Everyone in our team knows and understands that fact.  And, they fight hard to ensure that the Bilco and Howe Green brands are in the frame whenever it comes to the specification of roof hatches, smoke vents, safety ladders, floor doors and floor access covers.

When you are a well-established brand with a track record for quality products and innovative solutions it is easier to get your product specified.  Throw into the mix the depth and breadth of speciality access expertise within our team and you can tick another box off the credentials that architects, specifiers and building services professionals are looking for when it comes to deciding which products to specify.

Why is the specification so critical in our industry?

There are many reasons why buying decisions are based on specification but in our experience these can be distilled into 6 main areas:-

  1. Clarity

Developing a specification provides clarity and precision on exactly what is required. A good specification will have taken into account the desired performance, suitable material, usage of the product, aesthetic appearance, installation environment, life expectancy, life cycle impact and cost.

  1. Minimise risk

An accurate specification helps to minimise the risk of dispute and the potential for legal action on a project further down the line if anything goes awry. As it is an intrinsic part of the contract documentation the specification is legally binding in the event of any dispute or litigation. According to a report by Arcadis the “ value of disputes within the UK construction and engineering industry grew by around a third during 2016 to an average value of £27 million.”

  1. Improve compliance

Statutory compliance is essential to avoid legal implications and penalties. For example the specification can outline which Building Regulations or Health and Safety legislation with which a product needs to comply.

  1. Peace of mind

Given the level of disruption caused when something goes wrong with a project, in terms of time and money, it is surprising that there are still those in the construction sector who do invest in producing a detailed specification. An accurate specification provides an audit trail for a project and can provide peace of mind for stakeholders. The end client has the assurance that due diligence has been followed in the selection of the product.

  1. Enhanced efficiency

A clear and accurate specification enhances efficiency in all aspects of a construction project – from improving channels of communication to providing clear instructions to the team responsible for the delivery of the project.

  1. Saves time and money

Accurate, well-constructed specifications make life easier for everyone involved in a project.

A right first time approach ensures that costly errors and delays can be avoided.

Need some help with your specification?

Pick up the phone and talk to our technical team, we are always happy to help.  If you are specifying roof hatches, smoke vents, safety ladders or floor doors then please speak to the Bilco technical team on 01284 701696.

If you require help with specifying floor access covers, wall hatches, linear drainage, tree grilles or bespoke architectural metalwork then you need to speak with the Howe Green technical team on 01920 463230.

Alternatively take a look at the Downloads and External Resources sections of our product pages to access BIM Objects, NBS Specifications, CAD Drawings, Submittal Drawings, Technical Data Sheets, Installation Guides and Brochures.


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