Sustainability and Significant Cost Savings with Celcon Foundation Blocks in Shrewsbury

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H+H_Logo_w_payoff_Green_CoatedH+H Celcon Foundation Blocks have been used in a new residential development in Shrewsbury. Sweetlake Meadow is well under construction, where a total of 175 new homes with two, three, four and five bedrooms are being delivered.

Shropshire based developer SJ Roberts Construction Ltd wanted to make sustainability a key priority for the project. It was their aim to make the new houses as environmentally friendly as possible, with enhanced thermal properties to reduce the cost of heating for the homeowners at Sweetlake Meadow.

IMG_0804Company Buyer Oliver Heighway explained: “The sustainability of H+H’s Aircrete Blocks speak for itself and aligns well with our inherent focus on ecological benefits: from sourcing of materials through to whole lifetime costs to the end user with reduced energy running costs.

“We’ve worked closely with H+H UK for many years and have established a good working relationship. Communication has always been a key part of this relationship, especially given previous supply issues with Aircrete products.

IMG_0819“Specifying H+H Ltd Celcon Foundation Blocks was therefore an easy decision, with guaranteed allocation from the manufacturer and stock locally, H+H can fulfil supply requirements through a number of avenues, which is imperative given time constraints of any development.”

Aircrete is often overlooked as a foundation material due to misconceptions about its load-bearing properties, however H+H Foundation Blocks are capable of comfortably supporting a three-storey residential building. Constructing foundations with aircrete can also deliver significant savings for the contractor.

An independent Cost Comparison Study by property and construction consultancy firm Calfordseaden found that simply changing the foundations to aircrete could reduce total build costs for a typical UK semi-detached three-bedroom property by almost 25%.

IMG_0770This is achieved through aircrete’s naturally quicker build speed which leads to reduced labour costs and the solid construction means that fewer materials are needed.

As the UK’s largest manufacturer of aircrete, H+H is able to provide full technical support throughout the lifetime of a project for specifiers and contractors. To find out more, visit the H+H website:

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