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119383_Cibes_Office_Image 12-WebSize copyThe Cibes Lift Group, renowned for its space–saving solutions and modular platform lifts, is set to launch the innovative C1 Pure, a luxury cabin lift developed for both commercial and residential projects that have three-phase power.

Cibes will launch the C1 Pure globally on April 14, 2020, with its unique new design and as the world’s only screw-driven lift with premium comfort. Unlike most lifts, C1 Pure has no machinery above or beneath the lift, everything fits inside the shaft; making it very space-efficient and easy to install.

Per Lidström, CEO of the Cibes Lift Group said: “We believe that the Cibes C1 Pure fills an important gap in the lift market. While conventional passenger lifts provide a high level of comfort, they take months to manufacture and several weeks to build.

“On the other hand, the C1 Pure has a stunning design and offers a comparable level of comfort but can be delivered within weeks and installed in just a few days. We are convinced that this will appeal to many builders, architects and home-owners out there.”

119383_Cibes_Norwegian_Wooden_Home_Main-WebSize copyThe C1 Pure, manufactured in Sweden, differs from the A6000 and A9000 cabin lifts as it comes with an even greater range of choices and floor design options. It also features a new touchscreen control panel, LED light diffuser ceiling and touchscreen call button.

The  new lift  combines the smartest features of platform lift  technology with the convenience  of  conventional passenger  lifts, as Head of Research & Development of Cibes Lift Group,  Johan Strand explains  it:

“The  Cibes  C1 Pure  is equipped with one-touch operation  controls  and automatic sliding doors, just like a  conventional lift, but thanks to its smart,  modular concept and  space-saving design  the C1 Pure, requires  much less refurbishment.

“This new lift is the result of a fantastic team effort and we  are particularly proud of our  new  sliding doors, which  have the lowest top height on the market and are manufactured  in  our factory  here  in Gävle.”

119383_Cibes_Hotel_Closeup 1 (1)-WebSize copyTo adapt to  the requirements of different  users,  buildings and architectural styles,  the  new lift  is available in a wide range of colours and materials.

Erik Baumgarten, Development Engineer at Cibes Lift Group, said:

“The challenge given to the industrial designers was to  create  a  timeless  and typically  Scandinavian  lift  design  with great flexibility in terms of colours, materials and accessories.”

Due to its modular design, the lift can be installed in as little as 3-5 days, depending on the project size.

Regular servicing ensures that your lift remains at optimal function and reduces the risk or unnecessary wear and tear, which can create costs for replacement parts and service visits.

We recommend all lifts are serviced twice a year. Depending on your usage we may advise more, contact our service department for more information on 0800 058 0269.

For more information on the C1 Pure Cabin Lift, get in touch with our team via email at


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