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08732_WAV_BIM_Building Product Index Content1At last, BIM delivers on its promises of efficiency. Intelligent assistance in this advanced software combines with 100% accurate content to unlock the time and cost savings digitalisation has always had the potential to deliver. On-screen – in the hands of designers, or on site – in the hands of project managers and installers, BIM by Wavin puts a new level of productivity at your fingertips.

The on-screen advantages of BIM by Wavin

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100% accurate content

Wavin’s BIM content is the only BSI kitemarked drainage package in the UK. The Revit Families support both DN and OD pipe sizes, cover their full above ground product range and offer socketed and plain-end pipe options. 100% accurate content and accurate clash detection result in wholly accurate product representations in the 3D model. So, with Wavin, as designed is as built.

Intelligent assistance

Given the complexity of pipe systems, restricted void space and the range of junctions, reducers, tees and pipe lengths, inserting a pipe system into a BIM model can be complex. By automating key aspects, the in-built intelligent assistance greatly speeds up the process and removes the risk of costly errors. It’s also the only BIM system to feature a visual accuracy check.

Faster by design

Wavin BIM’s intelligent assistance also enhances the efficiency of design departments. Significantly faster to use than competitor packages, it means precise models can be created in a fraction of the time and fed into the project earlier. You can watch side-by-side comparisons with a range of competitor packages to prove Wavin’s superior performance at

The on-site advantages of BIM by Wavin

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Exacting design. Exact delivery

As each model is created, a Bill of Materials is automatically being created in the background to mirror it, detailing every product part and code you’ll need to build it. One click, and the Bill of Materials can be extracted for precise ordering. So, you only ever order what you need, reducing deliveries and the waste of over-estimated product quantities. This also eliminates expensive re-stocking charges.

Faster installation

With errors designed-out in the modelling phase, installation is made easier, faster and virtually error free. Piping is always one of the most complex and time-consuming phases of a build, so any efficiencies have a multiplying effect on labour costs and completion times. With assured accuracy in the model, prefabrication of sections also becomes a viable option to achieve further efficiencies.

Better modelling. Better collaboration

The cost of resolving problems and having to rectify mistakes on site can be eliminated by detailed and accurate Wavin BIM models. They provide a perfect collaboration tool to resolve issues early, value engineer solutions and de-risk jobs.

Fully supported

Wavin’s BIM Revit packages are free and can be downloaded directly online. They also have a wealth of training resources, manuals and video content to help every user reach proficiency quickly.

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