Watch how the ACO Patented Blue Roof design can benefit your next project

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roofbloxx-green copyThe newly patented ACO blue roof attenuation system forms an independent tank that can be constructed on any new or existing flat roof where roof waterproofing has been applied. The system can be installed on a warm, inverted, or uninsulated roof using a single ply, cold or hot melt waterproofing system.

ACO have just launched a new series of animation videos to show how the system is built up and how it functions on a number of different roof types. The system provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces overall building risk by providing greater design resilience for all types of flat roof construction
  • Ensures compliance with Flat Roofing and Drainage building standards and The Building Regulations, allowing the system to drain slowly in normal use and quickly in extreme conditions.
  • Ensures compliance with The SuDS Manual hydraulic design guidance and planning conditions
  • Simplifies design responsibility
  • Is suitable for new build or retrofit schemes
  • Is ideal for use as part of a combined passive irrigation or active rainwater harvesting system and embraces the ambition of integrated water management

Kevin Bohea, Divisional Managing Director, stated ‘ACO is proud to bring this patented, market-leading system to the roofing industry. Using ACO RoofBloxx as the key attenuation product in the system, ACO can advise on the build-up of the system for projects and provide the hydraulic calculations needed for different roof types.’

Visit to learn more about the ACO System and watch the animations here . Call 01462 810421 for design enquiries

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