High-Spec Electric Fires for Every Home

High-Spec Electric Fires for Every Home

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Eurostove has been working hard with electric fire brand iLektro to bring a smarter, more efficient, and easier-to-install product which is suitable for installations in every home.

Whether it’s a modern new-build without a flue, a studio apartment with limited space, a purpose-built flat with clean lines and a contemporary look or even a rural cottage that needs something quick and easy to heat up a living area, dining room or open-plan space, electric fires offer the perfect blend of sleek design and state-of-the-art technology.

Available in four sizes, the 950 aspect and three landscape models: 1250, 1650 and 2000 – with something to suit every space. Eurostove’s new and updated iLektro collection is ideal for homes with good insulation, where heating is required but also where a focal point feature fire is desired to give a room an instant wow factor and a cosy, welcoming feel at the touch of a button.

The Wi-Fi capability allows users to operate their fire from a smartphone or tablet, both iPhone and Android. This allows homeowners to turn their fire on before they get home and turn it off via their device if they forget before they go out. It also comes with a remote handset, an LED indicator inside the stove, six frame colour options, and a new two-level crackle sound for the authentic sound of a crackling fire. Users can also adjust the flame brightness and flame speed and choose from 10 fuel bed colours and 10 top light colours too. There is even a backlight option for external shelving as well as rotating options for the fuel bed to suit any space and desired effect.

The iLektro collection of electric fires from Eurostove also comes with a realistic chamber bed that can be fitted with Gas Quality Ceramic Logs, Vermiculite, Coal Pieces and Black or Amber Crystals to create the desired look and feel. A-rated for energy efficiency, each of the fires provides even heat distribution as well as the perfect ambience that can be app controlled both in temperature and visual effect from a smartphone or tablet. There’s no need for a flue, which makes installation quick, clean, and easy in any room. Perfect for media walls, homeowners can also match LED lighting around the TV or behind a bookcase to the colour of the fire for a complementary or contrasting finish.

All models are available as standard with the option to be single, double, or triple-sided with full-screen display, energy-saving LED Multi Flame technology, and the flame effect with or without heat. There is the option of front, left-hand, right-hand, and bay-orientated options with clear-vision, low reflection front glass and a unique side glass reflection. There’s also a seven-day programmable timer with a room thermostat, making the iLektro collection the ultimate in flexible, versatile heating to suit all spaces and all tastes.

Another Electric Fire from Eurostove includes their own Woodland Electric model from Mendip Stoves, with the look and aesthetics of the woodburning model. Perfect for homes where an installation of a solid fuel appliance wouldn’t be possible, the Woodland electric features realistic flame effects and can be run with or without the heating aspect to allow for enjoyment throughout the whole year.

For more information on these products please visit www.eurostove.co.uk .

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