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According to recent figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), falls from height were the main type of fatal accident for workers between 2021/2022.

Architects can mitigate the potential for falls from height by specifying compliant roof safety products at the beginning of a building’s design to provide maximum protection for contractors when working at height.

Bilco UK’s portfolio of roof safety solutions includes:

Fixed vertical ladders

Fixed vertical ladders can be utilised across a diverse range of commercial and residential applications and can be installed on the exterior of a building or internally with a roof access hatch or smoke vent.

Manufactured from corrosion-resistant aluminium to meet the requirements of BS4211: 2005 + A1: 2008, the Bilco UK TYPE BL industrial Fixed Vertical Ladder is available in standard sizes for floor to ceiling heights of 2 – 6 metres.

If the ladder is to be mounted externally to provide access to a roof, it must be fitted with a safety cage and guard rail to ensure safe and secure access.

If designed to sit below a roof access hatch, at heights above 3 metres, a safety cage is required. Manufactured in aluminium to meet BS4211: 2005 + A1: 2008, these additional safety features prevent individuals from falling backwards or sidewards and ensure compliance with Building Regulations.

Additional protection can be achieved with the specification of Bilco UK’s unique Ladder Up® Safety Post. The telescopic post mounts permanently to the top two rungs of any fixed ladder, providing a secure hand-hold and enabling the user to enter or exit the opening in an upright and balanced position.

Companionway ladders

For permanent access via a roof hatch where the rise is less than 3 metres, companionway ladders provide the highest standards of safety and compliance.

 Manufactured from aluminium to meet BS EN ISO 14122-03 2001 + A1 2010, BS 4211-2005+A12008 and BS 5395 Part 3, the Bilco UK TYPE BL-COMP companionway ladder is manufactured in four height ranges up to 3 metres.

BilGuard® 2.0

The BilGuard® 2.0 Fixed Roof Hatch Railing System provides a permanent means of fall protection around the top of roof hatch openings and has been developed to exceed OSHA Fall Protection Regulations (29 CFR 1910.23). The aluminium rail construction and non-penetrating attachment allows quick and easy installation on new or existing roof access hatches and smoke vents with capflashing. The self-closing and latching gate feature ensures the opening is protected at all times.

Bilco UK can assist architects in successfully meeting the unique requirements of their project, whilst providing maximum fall protection and compliance.

For further information on its complete range of roof access solutions, visit: or call 01284 701696.


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