Bilco UK’s Roof Safety Range Puts Compliance and Safety First

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A leading manufacturer of roof safety products, Bilco UK, offers an extensive range of complementary solutions for residential and commercial developments with its Roof Access and Safety Range, which features a variety of ladders and fall protection products.

Designed to provide construction professionals with high quality products to mitigate potential falls from height, the range complies with all relevant legislation and safely and successfully meets the unique requirements of a range of developments.

The Roof Access Range includes:


Fixed vertical ladders can be utilised across a diverse range of commercial and residential applications to provide permanent access to a roof area. The ladders can be installed on the exterior of a building or internally via a roof access hatch or smoke vent. Available in standard sizes for floor-to-ceiling heights of two – six metres, with bespoke sizes also available on request.

Companionway ladders provide permanent roof access across commercial and residential applications via roof hatches where the rise is less than three metres. These are manufactured in four height ranges up to three metres. Bespoke options with rest platforms can be supplied for heights greater than three metres.

Retractable ladders are suitable for use with larger access hatches up to 1500mm in size and for commercial applications such as schools and hospitals where the floor area must be kept clear at all times.

Roof safety systems

The Bilco UK BilGuard® 2.0 Fixed Roof Hatch Railing System provides a permanent means of fall protection around the top of roof hatch openings, with a non-penetrating attachment enabling it to be installed quickly and easily on new or existing Bilco UK roof access hatches and smoke vents.

The unique LADDER UP® Safety Post provides safe and easy ladder access through roof access hatches, floor doors and manholes across commercial and residential applications. It can be attached to the top two rungs of any fixed vertical ladder to enable the user to enter or exit in an upright balanced position with  a secure hand-hold.

Bilco UK’s Roof Edge Protection system provides a permanent or temporary guardrail around the exterior of a commercial or residential roof, without requiring mechanical attachment to the roof.

Stepover Units

The range also includes a variety of stepover ladders, which can be installed in freestanding or fixed positions to provide flexible access over obstacles on the roof over a range of widths and heights, whilst keeping the operative enclosed by a handrail on both sides.

Suitable for residential and commercial applications, Bilco UK’s stepover ladders can be manufactured to bespoke sizes to suit the requirement of any application.

Marcus Parnham, Commercial Director at Bilco UK, said: “We have a responsibility to ensure every access solution we manufacture delivers the highest standard of performance and compliance, whilst enabling safe means of access for the end user.

“With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, our in-house team of engineering experts can assist construction professionals in successfully meeting the unique requirements of their project, whilst providing maximum fall protection and compliance.”

For further information on Bilco UK’s complete range of roof access solutions, visit: or call 01284 701696.

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