Achieving Sustainability, Durability and Safety through Quality by Design

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Glasdon is an industry leader in designing products that combine sustainability, durability, and safety. Our reliable waste management solutions, communal seating, road & highway safety systems and versatile buildings & housing products are all crafted to help you build your spaces with eco-friendly intentions in mind.

Eco-friendly design is essential to the manufacturing industry of today, which is why we have incorporated this ethos into our own manufacturing processes; prioritising the use of recycled and recyclable materials that boast durability and safety, wherever possible.

However, our dedication doesn’t stop there; this commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of our company, from our day-to-day activities as a responsible member of the local and global community, to our search for new sustainable technologies that inspire our research and design team. With Glasdon, you can rest assured that you are getting top-quality products that are always environmentally conscious.

To assist your organisation with implementing your own responsible recycling practices, our large selection of indoor and outdoor Litter and Recycling bins will ensure your areas are kept tidy and litter free. Available in a wide selection of styles, sizes and colours to suit all requirements, there’s a solution for every organisation.

Segregation is vital when disposing of waste materials correctly. Cross-contamination of waste continues to be one of the most damaging problems for the recycling process. Counter this issue in the simplest way possible with the Nexus® Evolution City, an entirely adaptable, external container that can capture up to four separate waste streams in one single unit. With three models, five configurations and over 50 interchangeable apertures available, the Nexus Evolution City is one of the most flexible recycling bins on the market.

As an indoor alternative, consider the Nexus® Stack Recycling Bin, the ultimate space-saving recycling system with single, double and triple-stack configurations to allow a total of six individual waste streams. Combine battery, glass, food and paper waste into one complete unit; simply choose what apertures and graphics you require.

Create inviting spaces and enhance your outdoor settings with our high-quality, low-maintenance Benches and Seating that emanate sustainability at first glance, manufactured with recycled and recyclable polymers, like our Enviropol® material; produced from post-consumer polyethene and polypropylene. From British heritage, traditional cast-iron styles suited to town centres, to contemporary wood-effect designs that sit naturally in open green spaces, we provide an array of styles for all environments.

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