Plasterboard work: reliable solutions to achieve a fine finish, faster

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As the use of plasterboard for interior lining becomes more and more popular in new build developments and large renovation sites, so does the process of taping and jointing for that smooth, ready-to-paint finish. And with all types of tradespeople involved in plasterboard work, from builders and drywall professionals to plumbers and electricians, finding versatile and reliable solutions for plasterboard finishing helps to ensure quality standards whilst still benefitting from time and cost saving benefits that plasterboarding provides.

There is a choice of accessories available for making the process of taping and jointing even faster, such as using an automatic taper to apply both joint filler and tape simultaneously. Or, where a paper tape is not specified, some cut down on time and effort further by using an adhesive scrim instead.

Whatever the method, having the right finishing product is also vital. Toupret’s Plasterboard Finishing Solutions take the company’s expertise and reputation for high quality and inject them into a range that’s been designed to build on the time and cost saving benefits of plasterboard work, without compromising on quality.

Toupret’s solutions include two powder-based products that act as both a joint filler and finishing filler, with a quick drying option that’s ready to paint in 3 hours. There’s also a ready to use filler for use as a joint filler or low-build finishing plaster, so you can opt for whatever suits your job.

If you do prefer to use an adhesive scrim on plasterboard joints, then Toupret’s finishing solutions also mean you can skim finish the entire surface in as little as one coat. Their website and app even include a skimming quantity calculator to help you work out exactly how much product you need for the surface to be covered.

Jointing and finishing is not necessarily the end of the job, however. Touch-ups and repairs are inevitable (no matter how careful you are with your ladder!), and not forgetting the work needs of plumbers and electricians; installing back boxes, light switches and pipework which all result in cutting into and then patching up the plasterboard.

That’s why Toupret’s Plasterboard Finishing Solutions also include two fillers. Patch & Repair Filler comes in a ready to use form, as well as a quick drying powder version that’s ready to paint in 3 hours.

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