The Platform Lift Company is a leading supplier and installer of commercial platform lifts featuring top-quality lifts from renowned manufacturers such as Motala and LiftUp.

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The Motala 2000 is the best vertical platform lift available and is suitable for travel between 1.5m and 15m. This unique lift uses a reliable, controlled chain drive with a lifetime guarantee. The chain drive requires little or no maintenance and operates with minimal noise, making the Motala 2000 the quietest platform lift on the market.

If you’re looking for a narrow platform lift, the Motala 2000 is the perfect solution due to its small footprint. Installation of this vertical platform lift, which comes with its self-supporting shaft, can be easily achieved within 2-3 days without significant building work. The lift shaft can be fitted with glazing on all sides, which gives it an attractive appearance.

Not only is the Motala 2000 a reliable and convenient platform lift, but it’s also environmentally friendly, with energy consumption only a third of most comparable products and no oil changes required during servicing.

The Motala 2000 installed at Wenlock Works London as part of an office refurbishment.

Easy to install low-rise platform lift

The EasyLift, from the Danish manufacturer Liftup, is one of the most popular low-rise platform lifts offered by Platform Lift Company. It is well-liked by architects and specifiers because of its sleek design. The lift has an elegant appearance, with clean lines and a durable build that makes it ideal for commercial and public buildings that need to be future-proofed.

The EasyLift can reach up to 1.25m, making it an excellent choice for bridging the gap between two levels. Its discreet design makes it a popular choice for refits, especially within office refurbishments; it is also easy to install.

Easy lift installed at Scale Space, a new business innovation centre in White City

An ingenious 2 in 1 step lift

The FlexStep is a unique innovation from Liftup that offers stairs and a stairlift for commercial spaces. The Platform Lift Company has installed this space-saving access solution in traditional and modern buildings. The FlexStep discreetly fits into most environments because of its design flexibility and variety of finishes.

The FlexStep product has been upgraded with an automatic onboard barrier and an active ramp to create the ultimate user experience.

What the Platform Lift Company offers

The Platform Lift Company provides the bespoke design of the Motala 2000, EasyLift, FlexStep and other platform lifts from the full range. Experienced and qualified platform lift engineers carry out the installation. The Platform Lift Company is a certified distributor and provider of parts for Liftup and Motala in the UK.

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