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Discovering the perfect roof lantern for your space is made easy with our essential guide. Explore aesthetics, frame design, materials, impact on energy efficiency and installation tips!

Roof lanterns offer breathtaking sky views, providing the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of one’s interior while flooding the space with abundant natural light. What sets them apart from other rooflights is their distinctive architectural design. Not only does this design serve as a striking feature, but it also elevates the ceiling height of flat roof extensions, creating a sense of spaciousness and grandeur.

Choose from a number of frame options available within the Rooflights & Skylights range:

Frameless: Frameless roof lanterns employ cutting-edge silicone glazing techniques, integrating ultra-slim glass-to-glass panels with structurally bonded hip and ridge joints. This design distinguishes them among the slimmest systems on the market, ensuring exceptionally clear views.

Slim Aluminium Frame: Featuring super-strong yet lightweight aluminium box rafters, this design offers visual elegance and sharp minimalistic lines indoors.

Reinforced PVCu or Aluminium Ridge: With its robust ridge design and minimal sized rafters, it offers some of the narrowest sightlines available.

Energy saving benefits

The additional sunlight provided by a roof lantern diminishes the reliance on artificial lighting, thereby saving energy and decreasing a home’s carbon footprint. Our standard double glazing, featuring an argon-filled cavity, improves heat retention by 30 percent. Moreover, we provide optional triple-glazing for improved insulation, energy efficiency, and noise reduction.

To choose the ideal roof lantern for your project, consider options from the following brands: Brett Martin, Thermalight, Skylantern, Wendland, Lunaglaze and Korniche, all featured in our Free 2024 Roof Lantern Guide

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