Announcing Balconette’s Aerofoil Infinity Privacy Screen!

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Balconette 2True advances in balconies and balustrading are rare, so Balconette is very excited to present its unique, breakthrough innovation – the Aerofoil Infinity Screen.

For too long, customers have had to compromise their designs for the sake of privacy and safety. Adding a privacy screen or extra height to regular glass balustrading had meant relinquishing that perfect design.
Balconette 1

But that’s all history now. Balconette’s team of design engineers have worked tirelessly to create a pass through privacy screen that effortlessly complements regular glass balustrading.



balconette 3Despite its ground-breaking appearance, this unique pass through glass balustrade system works very simply. Instead of being supported by a network of angled rails and posts, it cuts straight through the aerofoil handrail, providing privacy and protection from the elements without compromise of design.




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