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There are many cladding finishes on the market, but the warm tones and textures of brick ensure it remains a firm favourite. The benefits of brick slip cladding mean it has grown in popularity over the years, something which Eurobrick Systems can attest to as the first company to introduce brick slip cladding to the UK over 30 years ago. They have seen first-hand how the market for brick slips and brick slip cladding systems has grown, supplying a wide range of sectors including residential, commercial, public sector, education, leisure and hospitality projects throughout the UK. Over the last 30 years Eurobrick have developed their systems to meet changing demands, and currently have four different systems with a range of benefits.


The original system, X-Clad, combines the benefits of thermal insulation with brick slips and has a lightweight, slim profile. Suitable for external installations up to 11m high on residential (including dormitories, hospital wards, hotels etc) and up to 18m on commercial (offices, retail etc), X-Clad is ideal for new build, modular or retrofit projects. It can be supplied with a backer panel thickness to provide 17-100mm of insulation and has an installed weight starting from just 36kg/m2. X-Clad can be fixed to most substrates including masonry, concrete, timber or light gauge steel framed walls, SIPS and ICF, with or without a drainable cavity and can be retrofitted without additional foundations or groundworks. As well as transforming the appearance of a property, it will help save energy, reduce bills and carbon emissions and improve the interior living conditions of older properties.

View project: Renovation at the Cotton Exchange. 


P-Clad provides an external rainscreen and is designed to be fixed directly to battens or bracket and rail systems, ideal for modular construction and new builds constructed with a steel frame substrate. The total system depth starts from just 25mm with an installed system weight from 53kg/m2. P-Clad is suitable for installations up to 11m high on residential (including dormitories, hospital wards, hotels etc) and up to 18m on commercial (offices, retail etc).

View project: Rainscreen at Godiva Place.


I-Clad was developed specifically for interiors with a slimline system profile starting from just 28mm which can help to minimise loss of valuable interior space when adding a real brick finish. It can be fixed to battens or timber/light gauge steel stud walling systems and has a system weight from 45kg/m2.  Popular with retail and hospitality, I-Clad is suitable for commercial and domestic interiors.

View project: Loft Style interiors at The Hoxton. 


Ideal for small renovation projects, V-Clad is Eurobrick’s economy system. It has a system depth starting from 35mm. It can be fixed to masonry, concrete, sheathed timber or light gauge steel framed walls, SIPS and ICF. V-Clad is lightweight, with a system weight from 32kg/m2, and is easy to handle and fast to fix.

Once installed, Eurobrick’s systems are virtually indistinguishable from traditional brickwork, providing a low maintenance, durable brick finish. To find out more, please visit or you can discuss your project requirements in more detail and speak to Eurobrick’s technical team by calling 0117 971 7117.

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