Supporting the Greenprint, a vision for a fairer, more sustainable UK.

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Mark Harris, Head of Technical at Radmat Building Products and Chair of the Green Roof Organisation outlines the companies’ support for Hubbub’s Greenprint and the drive to ensure no roof is unused.

Radmat Building Products have joined forces with The Green Roof Organisation (GRO) and National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) in support of Hubbub’s Greenprint, a 10-point policy plan that is asking the Government to support 5 key themes which, if adopted, would contribute to a green recovery and reduce inequality in communities across the country.

Radmat will be joining GRO in the specific support of the Changing the way we use space theme, and specifically the policy of Ensure no roof is unused.  This policy aims to drive the use of green roofs, using neglected roof spaces by covering them with plants and vegetation, which bring a number of excellent benefits for both the home and environment. Government backed small grants to help businesses and households green their roofs with plants and mosses and wherever possible combine with solar panels would help transform urban centres, by increasing their biodiversity and building resilience to climate change.

To highlight this policy, and launch the 2021 Green Roof Code of Practice, GRO and Hubbub are looking for a location in Manchester where green roofs can be installed to highlight the benefits to the local community, businesses and Government.  The project could include accessible green roofs, a roof level market garden, a biodiverse wildflower meadow for butterflies, bees and insects and possibly a convalescence garden.

The project will also aim to engage and empower the local community to take ownership of their green roofs through local partnerships and multiple volunteering opportunities for Manchester residents. This will help build and sustain capacity in the sector and local area, support job creation and retention, as well as develop skills in the green roof sector, including teaching installation and maintenance. Local schools and universities will be encouraged to use the green roof spaces as part of primary, secondary and tertiary education in a variety of subjects including geography, art, mathematics, environmental studies etc.

Hubbub is an award-winning charity and social enterprise that inspires ways of living that are good for the environment – disrupting the status quo to raise awareness, nudge behaviours and shape systems. Their aim is to revolutionise communications with the public about environmental issues – using everyday language and good design to make environmental actions desirable and tapping into things people are passionate about such as food, fashion, homes and neighbourhoods. This innovative approach saw Hubbub win the Charity of the Year Award at the prestigious Charity Times Awards in 2020.

Hubbub’s Greenprint is seeking to change the way we:

  1. Live, by creating greener homes and connecting our communities.
  2. Eat, by creating ‘Community Food Hubs’ and introducing mandatory reporting on food waste by major food companies.
  3. Travel, by creating ‘Community Cycling Hubs’ and helping consumers make the switch to electric vehicles.
  4. Use Space, by ensuring no roof is unused and creating on-the-go recycling in green spaces.
  5. Dress and shop, by supporting textile innovators and introducing a single-use clothes levy.

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