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Jaga UK, a leading manufacturer of heating, cooling and ventilation solutions designed with the environment in mind, has just launched pioneering hybrid radiator technology for the UK market.

Dynamic Boost Hybrid (DBH) has been specially developed to boost heat outputs and provide light cooling with renewable energy systems such as heat pumps and solar energy. It replaces Jaga’s well-known Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) product.

Jaga's Dynamic Boost Hybrid technology inside the radiator doubles the heat outputThe DBH technology utilises small electric thermal activators placed on top of the heat exchanger inside the Jaga Low-H2O radiator to force convection. This significantly boosts the radiator output by two to three times without increasing its size.

“When paired with a heat pump or other low flow temperature system, most emitters require a large surface area to sufficiently heat the room,” said Phil Mangnall, managing director, Jaga UK. “DBH allows you to substantially reduce the size of the radiator, freeing up valuable wall space and improving the aesthetics of the room. The system is almost inaudible and works with the majority of wall-mounted, free-standing, and trench solutions.”

Strada Hybrid ComparisonGiving users more control over individual room temperatures, DBH further reduces the need for unnecessary heating and overheating, significantly cutting energy consumption and bills. Easily installed during new construction or added during building retrofits, units can be programmed to run to their own automated schedules or set to respond to direct input. The DBH activators are triggered automatically whenever hot water flows through the heat exchanger and once the room reaches the desired temperature, water stops flowing through the heat exchanger and the DBH activators turn off, keeping energy consumption low.

Jaga's Heat Pump Compatible Strada Hybrid Radiator GraphiteThe key point of difference between DBH and Jaga’s former DBE technology is the ability to provide light cooling (non-condensing) with any heat pump that can supply cooling water. And if there is no cooling water, Breeze mode, where with the activators operate irrespective of water temperature, offers light air movement, ideal for a UK climate.

“As the demand for cooling increases, we wanted to come up with a more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient solution that can be easily retrofitted and doesn’t cost the earth,” said Mangnall. “Updating our proven DBE system to also provide light cooling, was the obvious solution and has already proven to be a huge success in Europe and other parts of the world. We’re pleased to be able to now offer DBH to the UK market in line with the rapid rollout of renewable energy systems to help reduce the environmental footprint of buildings across the country.”

For more information, please visit www.jaga.co.uk/dbh



Jaga are pioneers in designing innovative, ecologically sustainable heating, cooling and ventilation systems using less energy and fewer raw materials.

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