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NDC New 2015 website  New Website
The National Domelight Company, a specialist supplier of domelights, rooflights, skylights, smoke vents, AOVs and roof lanterns, has launched a new look website:
The newly designed website is both mobile and tablet friendly enabling trade users to access detailed product information and installation tips whilst on the move or on-site. The new site also hosts a growing collection of case studies, a new roof lantern section plus a series of product videos for easy viewing by both trade and end-user customers.

The National Domelight Company has created a set of 6 product information videos designed to help trade customers find the right daylight solution for their project. The brands covered include: Thermadome and Stardome polycarbonate rooflights, Astroglaze, Solarglaze and Starglaze glass rooflights, and it’s recently launched Skylantern a glazed roof lantern system for flat roofs. So whether you are looking for a budget polycarbonate dome, a bespoke glass rooflight or roof lantern, finding the right product is now even easier!

National Domelight Company’s ‘Skylantern glazed roof system’ is ideal for orangeries and lantern roofs where a larger, more even pattern of daylight is required – maximising aerial views. SkyLantern is beautifully designed to be minimal yet functional.
Its super-strong but light aluminium box rafters deliver visual elegance and a superior thermal performance with a U-value of 1.5W/m2K, which is twice as thermally efficient as its nearest competitor. A stylish, lightweight rooflight for traditional and contemporary homes with self-cleaning glass as standard.

Please see our website for further information or alternatively one of our technical sales team would be more than happy to assist you with any rooflight or skylight requirements on 01276 451555 or email us at

Howe Green Provides Easy Access to Essential Services at Southmead Hospital

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Southmead_34B6553Over 100 of Howe Green’s Visedge access covers were installed at Bristol’s £430million state-of-the-art Southmead Hospital. With the floors of the new super-hospital facing foot traffic from millions of visitors and staff each year, a heavy duty, hygienic and tamper-resistant solution was required to provide access to under-floor drainage and services. The Visedge range provided a cost-effective and low maintenance solution and AC Flooring carried out the installation for main contractor Carillion.

Howe Green’s Visedge covers are double-sealed to meet the highest standards of hygiene and security. The range was developed specifically for use with flexible sheet flooring systems. Unlike similar products, Visedge allows sheet flooring, including PVC or linoleum, to be locked into the cover and frame by hot welding to a pvc section sealed to the surface. This creates a permanent joint and eliminates water ingress and peeling.

Howe Green manufactures a comprehensive range of access cover solutions for floors, walls and ceilings. Their 7500 Series stainless steel access covers were also supplied for the Southmead project. These were installed in ground floor areas of the hospital, where a heavier loading for service vehicles and bulky medical equipment was needed.

Crittall solution for listed Lidl development

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Successful supermarket chain, Lidl, faced an unusual challenge with its plans to develop a store on the Lower Bristol Road, one of the main routes into the city of Bath. Occupying the chosen site was an empty and vandalised single storey industrial building circa 1966.

IMG_1935 (2)Lidl invariably plumps for new-build stores but, having split the acquisition of the site with a property developer, the new owners’ demolition plans were thwarted by an unexpected Grade II listing.

The reason for English Heritage’s attention was the mode of construction of the otherwise unremarkable structure. The 57,000 sq ft. building was the first example in the UK of the use of the Mero Space Frame. This German system, incorporating solid steel tubes of standard length connected by spherical metal nodes, was designed to support the roof with the minimum number of columns thus creating a relatively clutter-free space for manufacture, in this case high-end furniture for customers such as Harrods and the Cunard shipping line by well-established local firm Bath Cabinet Makers.

Birmingham-based Lapworth Partnership, which has designed a number of Lidl’s new stores, was engaged to meet the challenge and worked with Bath and North East Somerset Council’s conservation officer and English Heritage in the South West region to arrive at an acceptable refurbishment and upgrade of the building.

‘The technology at the time the original building was constructed was restricted. So it was modular panels with single glazing with louvres,” says architect Michael Lapworth. “It was a very basic industrial structure with no insulation in the walls and continuous glazing to show off the space frame.”

Having achieved listed building consent the firm set out, in Lapworth’s words, to create “a modern version of the existing.” In order to replicate the slenderness of the original aluminium fenestration a steel window system was selected for all the continuous high-level glazing.

“The only choice for this was the W20 frame system from Crittall,” says Lapworth. The company supplied banks of coupled W20 and MW40 section fixed frames, double glazed in long runs. These were interspersed with bespoke insulated pressings both internally and externally to allow a link between upper and lower level windows, roof and internal services.

Another element was a narrow metal fascia running at roof level around the building. This was recreated in steel together with its specially designed fixing system to replace the original aluminium and asbestos sill.

A further aspect of the original design is a series of large louvred panels that originally had been attached to internal plant but which were an important visual element of the external elevation. Crittall reproduced these metal louvres.

The result is a ‘new’ building that still exemplifies the use of the Mero Space Frame that stirred widespread comment in the construction and architectural press 50 years ago.

Lidl Property Director James Mitchell, said:

“Lidl are delighted to have completed the refurbishment of the Grade II listed former Herman Miller building on Lower Bristol Road, Bath. This project has had many challenges at every stage not least the physical refurbishment of the building. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and the feedback from our new customers has been excellent. The Crittall supplied window system has perfectly recaptured the spirit and rhythm of the original building whilst at the same time bringing it in to the 21st century. We now look forward to serving our new customers in Bath and hope to work with Crittall Windows again in another project soon.”

Opened in April 2015 the store, one of Lidl’s largest, occupies some 60% of the interior.

Project data

Location:                         Lower Bristol Road, Bath

Client:                                    Lidl Stores

Architect:                        Lapworth Partnership

Main contractor:            Sturminster Construction

Completion:                        February 2015

Time guard – Time to Shine

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Retrofitting an outside light isn’t the trickiest tasks most contractors will face. However, it can be fiddly and at times a little time consuming. To see how straight-forward it can be, we followed the installation of a 5W LED Energy Saver PIR Bulkhead Light from Timeguard. Positioning the unit was simple, the instructions on the box indicated 1.8m high, and the homeowner indicated whereabouts he wanted the unit.






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Glixtone External – HIGH PERFORMANCE SMOOTH MASONRY PAINT (AC1) is probably one of the best products available offering everything in one can that you need giving incredible protection for up to 30 YEARS on all types of properties. It’s coverage and ease of application has won a loyal following by many professional Decorators, Architects and Specifiers.

Glixtone AC1 High Performance Masonry PaintIt’s silky smooth flow rate and opacity will speed it’s application whilst giving the end user the confidence that their property has the best overall protection available. This includes UV Stability, Dirt Resistance, Moisture Vapour Permeability, Salt, Alkali and Acid resistance, whilst being Elastomeric and protecting against Fungal and Algae attack.

The range of Glixtone products are all manufactured by its parent company Carrs Coatings at their ‘State of the Art’ Factory in Redditch Worcestershire. We are very proud that our Factory was designed and built to be environmentally friendly giving a zero impact on the environment. This also means that all of our waste materials are recycled for use in other industries.

All of our products are manufactured to British Standards 9001 with an extremely robust Quality Control System in place. This means that at every stage of manufacture our products are tested by our in-house Laboratory Quality Control team. This coupled with the fact that we only use the highest quality raw materials available ensures that our customers receive only the best quality products.

Please see our web Site: for full details of the Glixtone range or contact us on 01527 599 470 for further information, help or advice.


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Easi-Dec, the working at height safety specialist, is helping to eliminate the possibility of roof top accidents with its range of safety solutions for those accessing fragile industrial roofs.

“With various weak spots and uneven surfaces, industrial roofing is prone to being fragile, making it an unsafe environment for workers undertaking roof top maintenance” explains Soni Sheimar General Manager at Easi-Dec “Easi-Dec has developed its range of products to ensure that it can provide a safety system that is suitable for all requirements and simplify short duration roof work.”

Board-WalkEasi-Dec’s range of roof access equipment includes Board-Walk, a portable mesh walkway. Running from the eaves to ridge, the system spreads the weight across the support battens, allowing the workers to confidentially move along the full length of the system. Made of high grade aluminium, the structure is lightweight, easily transportable and can be used on roof pitches up to 30 degrees.


Roof-WalkRoof-Walk is a fully guarded rolling platform, mounted on twin racks to allow workers to move up and down the roof on a secure and level surface. Requiring no penetration, the structure is easy to assemble and take down, and is possible to transport quickly to other parts of the roof.A 4.6m platform comes as standard, with a 2.5m alternative also available. This moves along a linking track which is fitted with safety mesh and battens to provide further support.


Valley-WalkCompleting the range is Valley-Walk, a lightweight mobile walking frame designed to provide safe access for one or two people when working along valley gutters. The outriggers arefilled with safety mesh and cushioned for comfort. This system can also be used to transport light payloads. Valley-Walk is suitable for typical symmetrical valleys, but can also be fully adjustable to suit uneven designs.


For more information on the Easi-Dec range, please visit full product information, pricing and specifications are available. For further details, please call 01767 691812 or email


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Altro has expanded its range of wall cladding with the introduction of new Altro Fortis™ – a system that provides seriously tough protection for walls, doors and corners. Altro Fortis keeps interiors safe from impact and scuff damage, and looking good for longer.

CF_01158_Student In Hallway_FT-206Altro Fortis has been developed to work with the popular Altro Whiterock™ range to create aesthetic consistency between hygienic and general areas. Where Altro Whiterock offers an ultra-hygienic wall protection system, Altro Fortis offers enhanced protection for areas where scuff and impact protection is the priority. Altro Fortis also combines perfectly with Altro’s 2.5mm safety flooring ranges, providing a complete, durable and fully-integrated system for hard-working areas.

As the name suggests, Altro Fortis has the strength to deliver long-term protection where high levels of impact are expected. It is ideal for use where walls, doors and corners are constantly knocked, such as school classrooms and corridors, non-clinical areas in healthcare, retail, and any busy public and service areas. In fact, anywhere that needs to work hard, but where appearances matter.

Whittington Health, in north London, is already using Altro Fortis wall protection in their Emergency Department (ED) ‘hot corridor’, and the system is proving robust enough to withstand the rigours of busy hospital life.

Estates Officer Jerry Burrell, says: “The ED corridor is very busy 24/7, with beds and equipment passing through, often at speed. Over the years this has damaged the walls, which was just single-skin plasterboard, and we really needed to rethink the area and upgrade to a more suitable wall covering that would give long term protection.

“Altro Fortis was a great choice for us – it really has transformed the corridor. The product is very resistant to scrapes and bumps and doesn’t show any marks. It looks good too, so it’s more than just functional. For these high traffic, general areas, Altro Fortis is proving the ideal wall covering.

“Cleaning is simple as well, just a wipe when it needs it, and maintenance is minimal. We are also looking at fitting it in our Clinical Decision Unit at the back of the ED.”

The new system comprises three options to offer protection exactly where it’s needed; Altro Fortis Titanium™ wall protection, Altro Fortis door protection™ and Altro Fortis corner protection™.

Altro Fortis Titanium is a highly durable, 2.5mm, uPVC semi-rigid sheet, which is a dense and impervious material resistant to bumps. It features a lightly textured surface, which camouflages and deflects scuffs, keeping the area looking better for longer. The product comes in a large 3m x 1.22m sheet, which means fewer joints to seal, plus easier transitions between areas. Sheets can be cut to any size.

Available in ten colours, including muted and vibrant shades, Altro Fortis Titanium matches many of the popular shades from the Altro Whiterock SatinsTM hygienic wall cladding range. This offers flexibility when it comes to design, making it a versatile solution across a range of areas. Bespoke colour options are also available to meet specific design requirements.

Like the Altro hygienic wall cladding collection, Altro Fortis Titanium has an impervious, grout-free, easy-to-wipe surface. This offers superior cleanability and ease of maintenance, which is a major cost and time saving advantage.

Altro Fortis door protection is available as either complete doorsets or door panels. Doorsets are a fully-clad, custom-made solution, providing optimum protection with the product covering both sides of the door and its edges. Door panels are ideal for protecting sections of doors where they need it most, helping prevent scuff and impact damage. These can be cut to any size from the standard Altro Fortis Titanium sheet.

Altro Fortis corner protection comes ready-made. Corners can also be thermoformed from the standard sheet for bespoke solutions.

Altro Fortis is installed the same as Altro Whiterock, which means it can be thermoformed into and around corners for a seamless installation. It can also be installed using the same adhesive as Altro Whiterock.

Choose Altro Fortis with confidence – it comes with a 20 year warranty, supported by the Altro Promise.

New HELIFIX BowTie HD Kit – for securing bowed building walls

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Structural repair specialist, Helifix, has launched a new BowTie HD Kit which contains the necessary components, materials and instructions a repair contractor requires for the rapid cost-effective restraining of bowed external building walls by securing them to internal floor and ceiling joists.

The kit is available in two versions containing either 5 or 10 No. 1 metre long BowTie HDs along with PolyPlus SF resin, an SDS Drill Bit, the BowTie HD SDS Driver and 2 injection tubes.

With easy, non-disruptive, external installation, the BowTie HD is a heavy duty stainless steel tie with a self-cutting tip. Once a clearance hole has been drilled through the wall, the BowTie HD is inserted and simply power-driven through the first two parallel timber joists to form a secure mechanical connection. Where there is a requirement to fix through the third timber joist, the BowTie HD in a 1.5 metre length is also available. The reduced diameter outer end of the BowTie HD is resin bonded to the masonry to prevent further bowing of the wall and is then hidden by patching the entry hole with matching materials.

Effective in all common wall materials and suitable for use with hardwood joists, the self-tapping design of the BowTie HD avoids splitting of timbers. With minimal disruption to the building’s  fabric or occupants, it is easily tested for security of fixing before being resin bonded and is fully concealed once installed, as it requires no unsightly external plates.

To discuss your project requirements or for more information on BowTie HD, please contact the Helifix team on 020 8735 5200. Helifix provides a comprehensive range of technical support services including site surveys, problem diagnosis and schematic designs. Helifix product datasheets, giving applications, installation procedures and technical specifications, and over 100 standard Repair Details, covering all common structural masonry faults, can all be found at


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The launch of Schueco’s Parametric Façade System by sustainable building envelope specialist, Schueco UK Ltd, offers architects a new level of dynamic design freedom. For the first time ever, geometrically complicated 3D façades can be designed as straightforward system solutions whose cost can be calculated with the certainty of a series product.

Like all Schueco systems, the Parametric Façade is highly insulated, with Uf values up to 0.5 W/m2K, and surface elements that can be transparent or opaque. Sunlight and shading, guided views and daylight optimisation can all be employed as active design factors. The system can also accommodate BIPV panels for solar energy generation.

Central to the Schueco Parametric solution is the continuous, closed digital process chain that operates in all phases of design, planning and fabrication. The result is that commonly encountered interface problems are eliminated and a uniform, consistent data model for every individual involved in the process is guaranteed.

Schueco parametric planning tools include a library of ‘intelligent’ façade modules for CAD programs that can be freely combined and incorporated into a parametric façade during the design phase.

Their use allows complex shapes to be progressively simplified, establishing rules and connections between individual design elements that can lead to extraordinary reductions in detailing time: for example, instead of the current norm of 24 hours per unit, use of SchüCAD Inventor slashes the per-unit time to a scarcely believable 8 minutes.

With the Parametric System, Schueco has made customer-specific, individualised mass production for free-form façades an affordable reality, combining in one package the economic benefits of industrial series production with clients’ desire for individual and exclusive products and solutions.

The system has won Schueco an Honourable Mention in the Red Dot Awards: Product Design 2015.

For further information on the Schueco Parametric Façade System, please email or visit


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Cembrit has developed a fibre cement slate guide to provide specifiers, craftsmen and trades people with the relevant information for the successful design and installation of pitched roofs with ever popular fibre cement slates.

The book demonstrates how Cembrit’s knowledge of all forms of double lap slating, combined with their knowledge of fibre cement technology, offers users peace of mind not available from other suppliers. The guide highlights the wide range of slates and accessories the company offers. The 80-page document, entitled ‘A Guide to Double Lap Slating with Fibre Cement Slates’ provides information on colour and format availability, as well as a full explanation on design considerations, technical specification and installation.

“Cembrit has been manufacturing fibre cement products for over 80 years” explains Ged Ferris, Marketing Manager of Cembrit.  “The content of the brochure draws on that depth of experience to offer detailed advice to anyone wanting to specify and install fibre cement slates.  Fibre cement man-made slates continue to grow in popularity, due not only to the cost and installation benefits over natural slates, but also their aesthetic advantage over concrete tiles. Our aim is to support this increase in popularity by providing a useful document that covers the key aspects of fibre cement specification.”

The Cembrit range of fibre cement slates includes Westerland, Moorland, Zeeland, Jutland and Diamond, all offering their own unique appearance.  The slates are complemented by matching fibre cement ridges, ventilation solutions and fixings. Manufactured to the highest European standards using Portland cement together with a formulation of superior blended synthetic and cellulose fibres, Cembrit fibre cement slates are finished with a high quality, semi-matt acrylic coloured coating to the face and edges and a tinted, high performance binder to the back face. Cembrit fibre cement slates are the most accredited on the UK market.

For your free copy, please visit and fill in the contact form.