The Supreme A Bespoke Electric Loft Ladder and Trapdoor

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The Supreme stairway with electrical operation are bespoke units made to suit the Customer’s specifications. The Supreme is available with a wide range of options making it the complete loft access solution.

A standard Supreme is supplied as a ready to fit unit, comprising of a concertina stairway manufactured from high strength die-cast aluminium alloy components contained within, and attached to, a laminated wood hatchbox and insulated trapdoor.

The trapdoor has a white finish to the underside.  30 minutes or 90 minutes Steel fire resistant trapdoors are also available. Made from two layers of 1.5 mm steel infilled with 38 mm of mineral wool for the 30 minute and 75 mm for the 90 minutes. The trapdoor also has a U-Value of 0.58W/ m2K tested in accordance with EN ISO 12567-1, and is Airtight Class 4 tested to EN 12207. There is a 29mm wide lip to the bottom of the lining around the external edge which is designed to butt up against the ceiling to help prevent flame and smoke ingress. Similarly, a lip to the bottom of the steel trapdoor extends to within 15 mm of the lip on the lining.

The stairway is manufactured to EN 14975 with a load bearing per tread of 200 kgs. The stairway is operated by a 24 volt low noise motor with an emergency power supply supplied by two standby batteries. The loft ladder also has an automatic stop mechanism should it come into contact with an obstacle during it’s descent. Other optional accessories can include a telescopic handrail to one or both sides, remote control, a lock switch to prevent unauthorised and so on. Supreme is also available with an optional weatherproof roof hatch in order for it to be a means of access to flat roofs.

Minimum opening hatch opening lengths and widths apply which are subject to the floor to ceiling height.  The floor to underside of ceiling height is up to 4300 mm and there’s a minimum opening length requirement of 780 mm, which varies according to the floor to ceiling height, and a minimum width requirement of 595 mm.



Bespoke Access and Step-Over Solutions from Safesite

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Today’s congested roofs and changes in level mean that safe access to and around the roof can often be problematic.

Safesite is able to offer a more versatile solution to traditional, off the shelf safe access products such as ladders and portable access platforms with Bespoke Access Platforms and Step-Overs.   Constructed from tube and fittings to provide a robust and durable solution the platforms and step-overs can be tailored to meet virtually any configuration, height and width.

Bespoke access platforms and step-overs are modular in design and can be designed to provide safe access over pipework, plant equipment and conduits and can easily accommodate changes in level or direction.   The modular design has the added benefit of ease and speed of installation.  The structures are simply installed with a hex tool and tube cutters overcoming the need for specialist workers or equipment.  As no cutting, welding, threading or bolting is required installation time is quick and the integrity of the coating is not compromised. Any changes in design can also be made easily on site if required.


Units are available in galvanised steel or aluminium and are designed to comply with current regulations and standards such as the Work at Height Regulations, BS5395: Part 3 and EN: 14122.




Hewi – Washbasin Solutions

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Design freedom

The washbasins made of high-quality mineral composite have a convincingly aesthetic and ergonomic design. They satisfy the highest loading capacity and hygiene requirements. They are also designed to be wheelchair accessible. Thus maximum comfort and convenience are provided through an accessible design.



Customised lengths

HEWI offers two washbasin models whose lengths can be defined individually.

The basic design has a fixed depth of 415 mm and a minimum width of 850 mm. The washbasin can be widened to a total length of up to 2800 mm. Asymmetric versions are possible. HEWI also offers a washbasin solution that meets the requirements of DIN 18040 with a depth of 550 mm.

The models have an oval basin and front-mounted support rails, which can also be used as towel rails. With the tailored washbasins, precisely fitting solutions can be implemented. The washbasins are produced accurate to the millimetre, so that the washbasins can be perfectly fitted in the sanitary area.


New washbasins M 40

From May the product range will be added to with new design washbasins. With washbasins to match the system furniture M 40 (available in the late summer 2015) HEWI offers new possibilities in bathroom design. The washbasins can be combined with matching base cabinets of the system furniture M 40 or wall mounted. Four sizes are available to choose from depending on the space available.






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Ease and speed of installation, combined with outstanding versatility, make Kee Klamp® fittings from Kee Safety ideal for use in rail environments. Offering a flexible and convenient solution for the construction of tubular structures, Kee Klamp® fittings are suited to a range of guardrail applications.

The Kee Klamp® system securely joins structural steel tube into almost any conceivable configuration across a variety of angles and is also capable of accommodating on-site variations. Designed with ease of installation in mind, the components completely eliminate the need for installers to weld or fabricate, resulting in significant cost and time savings as neither hot work permits, specialist labour, nor special tools are required. Kee Klamp® components can be installed using a standard hex key, with each fitting incorporating an internal set screw to lock the respective fitting safely and securely onto the tube to create a strong, stable and safe guardrail structure.

Vernon Barry, Product Manager at Kee Safety, comments: “Our off-the-shelf product range is one of the largest available on the market and we provide fittings for every possible application. They offer a versatile barrier system that is also cost-effective, straightforward to install and, most importantly, safe and secure.”

Kee Klamp® handrails and guardrails have been installed in various locations throughout the UK to provide safe access to pedestrians in and around railway stations, including Berkswell train station in the West Midlands. Kee Klamp® barriers were installed with mesh in-fill panels and all guardrails were powder coated. Kee Klamp® fittings can be colour-coated to any RAL colour in Polyester powder coated finishes.

Kee Klamp® fittings are also regularly used in rail settings to provide barrier solutions protecting passengers and safeguarding workers. On the East London Rail Line, Kee Klamp® fittings fulfilled the need for a 4km guardrailing system running between Shoreditch and Dalston Station, providing a safety barrier for passengers as well as employees working at height on railway bridges. Whilst on the Brighton mainline, Kee Klamp® components were chosen to create a handrail and fence safety solution to protect train depot staff. Both Kee Klamp® guardrails and Weld Mesh Panels were installed on the Brighton element of the Network Rail Thameslink programme to create a metre-high safety barrier from high voltage cables, whilst screening the train depot from litter.

Made of galvanised cast iron and manufactured to BS EN 1562 and 1563 requirements, each fitting is capable of supporting an axial load of 900kg and incorporates a safety factor of 2:1. The main fittings are TÜV-certified for strength, manufacturing quality and consistency, and are fitted with both Kee Koat® grub screws and Thredkoat® recess protection to ensure superior corrosion resistance, in addition to defence against signs of wear.

Kee Safety provides comprehensive customer service in support of its Kee Klamp® range, including free technical advice, site surveys and installation, to help with all aspects of a project. For further information, please visit

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Leading manufacturer of fibre cement roofing and cladding products, Cembrit has expanded and fully upgraded facilities at its Llandow depot, located in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales. The improvements made to the depot include an extension of its stockholding, a revamped reception area and an increased staff presence.

The depot’s reception has been re-designed in order to display a wide variety of Cembrit’s products and show them to their best advantage. The refurbishments include new slate display rigs, examples of Cembrit’s extensive corrugated sheet colour range and attractive graphics demonstrating the company’s comprehensive range of accessories and supporting accreditations.

Further improvements have seen the depot’s warehousing undercover being extended by approximately 30% to provide greater stockholding capacity to serve burgeoning demand for coloured corrugated sheet. Thanks to the extension, the depot now holds the largest roofing stock in the area. A fleet of specialist delivery vehicles including smart, liveried lorries offers flexible delivery of all volumes of product, ranging from one-off samples, to full loads, as well as collections.

“The upgrade of the Llandow depot has been an important investment for us,” comments Depot Manager, Rob Wallace. “We are proud to offer our customers in Wales and the Midlands an improved customer service experience. We can guarantee a wider range of products, kept in greater supply, faster and more flexible delivery, and excellent staff support are all readily available.”

A total of eight experienced staff members are on hand to offer customer service and technical sales expertise. This includes the newest member of the Cembrit team, Cerian Shaw, who has recently been appointed Assistant Depot Manager. With an impressive background in customer service working with contractors, engineers and installers, Cerian is ably qualified to ensure Cembrit’s customers benefit from excellent response times, rapid order processing and comprehensive sales support.

For further information, please visit

DAD Open for Business as usual!

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Following the successful merger with JU in Germany, the DAD Group is now able to manufacture banks of letterboxes 12 months of the year. At DAD we always listen to our clients and value their feedback, we understood that closing for the month of August was causing delays and in turn concerns for some of our clients when ordering multiple postboxes during the summer.

In order to continue offering our clients high quality letter boxes, machine shut downs and scheduled maintenance is imperative. However, by staggering these shut down periods between our factories, we can now offer a full 12 months letterbox manufacturing service. So Keep Calm and Continue to Order!