Rockpanel metals range

New non-combustible A2 Rockpanel Metals create stylish facades

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Make your metal facade rock! The Rockpanel Metals range delivers the prestige and precision appearance of metal in two collections – Elemental and Advanced.

Setting new standards in design freedom and performance

Sample box imageThe new range offers ultimate design freedom to architects who are looking for the appearance of a metal facade, but with all the advantages of rock to perfectly combine aesthetics with superior fire resilience, durability, low maintenance and sustainability. Non-combustible A2 rated Rockpanel Metals ticks all the boxes – and more.

In common with all Rockpanel facades, the Rockpanel Metals range is made using compressed natural basalt, a sustainable and readily available volcanic rock which uniquely  combines the advantages of stone with the workability of wood. All Metals designs are non-directional to minimize waste and cut installation time.

Elemental and Advanced collections

20210127 RW-RP PHO 01440The new Rockpanel Metals range consists of two collections. Elemental Metals includes precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum along with other primary metals including aluminium, steel and copper. Advanced Metalsoffer expressive, characterful surface options to give your facade a distinctive look. Thanks to advanced technology, they achieve exceptional, aged, surface finishes that last for decades.

Rock solid benefits of Rockpanel Metals

20210127 RW-RP PHO 01455Rockpanel Metals panels are robust yet lightweight and flexible. They can be precision perforated or engraved to realise the most creative vision. Durable, dimensionally stable and impervious to all types of weather, they require no treatment throughout their long life. They have an officially confirmed lifetime of 50 years. They can then also be fully recycled into new, high-quality stone wool products.

Main imageThe A2 boards have an extremely high melting point (1000°C) and meet the most stringent fire regulations (Euroclass A2-s1,d0 – non-combustible). Several installation options are available, including concealed fixing and by invisible adhesive, all certified by the very stringent European Technical Assessment, ETA.

Discover the designs

Discover the new Rockpanel Metals range and order your free brochure and two set sample pack here:





Caroline Renwick Teal & Mackrill Export Champion 2021/22

Northern Power House Export Champion

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Export Champion 2021-22 NPH 4Col Logo[5] copyTeal & Mackrill Ltd, UK manufacturer of the Coo-Var and Teamac brands are extremely proud to announce Caroline Renwick has recently been selected to be a Northern Power House Export Champion for 2021/22 with the Department for International Trade (DIT)

Caroline was employed in 2018 as their Export Sales Manager overseeing the Coo-var brand for specialist paints and the Teamac Marine and Teamac Agricultural brands.  As a business Teal & Mackrill have seen substantial growth in their Export markets over the past 3 years and have doubled their export sales, supplying 20 countries including France & Iraq.

T&M Export Champ ‘“I am delighted and honoured to have been selected to be a Northern Powerhouse Champion for 21/22 and looking forward to being involved with other businesses and share my experience, learning, challenges and passion to find the next new marketplace. There is never a dull day in export, it is a big wide world and full of opportunities!’’ States Caroline.

Teal & Mackrill Ltd are very much looking forward to this new journey in supporting other companies to consider growing their international business through exporting.

Caroline will be involved in speaking at export seminars or workshops and telling the story of how Teal & Mackrill has been successful; joining roundtables; contributing to developing Department of International Trade strategies and providing informal advice and encouragement to companies new to exporting.

For more information please visit or contact

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Addagrip new website

Addagrip’s New Website Is Live!

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After a few very busy months, we are delighted to announce that our new resin based surfacing solutions website is now live!

HOMEPAGEWe have built our new customer centric website to offer a great responsive design with a streamlined interface, to allow visitors to navigate the site more easily and find the information they need. With a systems and solutions approach, the site offers product information, an extensive portfolio of case studies, testimonials and technical advice to allow clients to make informed decisions about their choice of resin based surfacing systems.  From private driveways to airport runways, our website offers a paving solution to meet project requirements.

Build specifications with ease with our downloadable technical data, BIM, NBS and base build up recommendations or learn more by completing one of our new contact forms to book a RIBA certified CPDs.

We hope that you enjoy our fresh new look and invite you to visit us at

Profab Access Riser Doors

Don’t compromise on aesthetics for performance

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The release of the Draft Building Safety Bill, alongside the formation of the new National Construction Products Regulator, is paving the way for a new standard of compliance that ensures safety consistently remains the top priority throughout each stage of the design, construction and maintenance processes. 

 However, achieving these aims should not have to come at the expense of aesthetics. Here Mick Hill, Lead Technical Manager at Profab Access, discusses how architects and specifiers can secure specifications that achieve the highest standards of safety and adherence with latest legal requirements, without having to compromise on style.

Kings Cross R6_1As riser doors offer convenient and safe access to essential services for ongoing maintenance, their primary motivation for specification is one of practicality and functionality, rather than visual appeal.

However, latest industry advancements are paving the way for a new generation of riser doors that deliver the highest standards in fire certification and performance, yet have simultaneously been designed and manufactured to help enhance the project’s interior aesthetic.

Kings Cross R6_2Achieving this optimum balance between style and substance can be facilitated through the specification of steel riser doors that seamlessly integrate into masonry walls, shaft walls and drywall partitions to deliver an unobtrusive finish, without impeding the ease of access for engineers.

Taking this theme one step further, by specifying riser doors that offer the ability to create bespoke facades, architects and designers can actually utilise the riser doors to complement and enhance the surrounding interior, rather than detracting from the chosen visual appeal.

8000 Series St James Square-1For example, steel riser doors that can be clad in a range of additional materials, including stone, ceramic, marble and tiles can support the creation of a unified aesthetic that completely disguises the riser door, without affecting its fire combustibility or overall performance, as permeant means of access to mechanical and electrical services is unaffected.

This type of riser door is a popular choice for busy commercial applications, including reception areas and public washrooms, due to the facade being the exact same material as the surrounding walls.

While cladding a riser door in different materials may present initial concerns with regard to the combustibility and fire performance of the overall installation, professionals can ensure compliance and provide the highest levels of protection and suitability for the entire lifecycle of the building by specifying riser doors that have been third party tested.

In line with the recommendations outlined within the Draft Building Safety Bill and in accordance with the guidelines shared by the National Construction Products Regulator, by choosing riser doors that have undergone extensive evaluation, are independently certified and supported by comprehensive test certification, architects can demonstrate a clear trail of due diligence in accordance with relevant regulations.

20 Fenchurch Street-3 (4)Throughout the specification process, architects should also ensure the riser doors they are choosing are smoke sealed and Airtight in accordance with Part L. In the event of a fire, the riser doors will maintain their integrity for up to two hours, limiting the spread of fire for this period of time.

By selecting riser doors that are also equipped with an intumescent smoke seal, it ensures occupants will be able to safely exit in the event of a fire, whilst also minimising potential damage to the rest of the building.

When specifying these components, architects should work closely with manufacturers that provide extensive information, including BIM and CAD files, alongside technical evidence to document the suitability of the product for its chosen application. This will ensure the installation is fit for purpose for the entire lifecycle of the building.

By taking an alternative approach to the specification of riser doors, professionals can achieve an installation that enhances, rather than detracts, from the chosen interior design scheme, without having to compromise on the overall performance and compliance of the product.

For further information on Profab Access and its range of access panels, riser doors and steel doors, call +44(0)1827 719051 or visit

Dulux Trade Occupant Centred Colour and Design hub

What is Occupant Centred Colour and Design?

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When it comes to design and colour, ‘what looks good’ is no longer enough for clients. People are thinking more deeply about the spaces they live and work in, and they want those areas to feel good too.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise.

As people return to public spaces after the Coronavirus lockdowns – they’re all in agreement that they want indoor spaces that improve their health, their happiness, and their wellbeing.

If you want to help your customers achieve the outcomes they have in mind, it’s time to think about what we call Occupant Centred Colour and Design.

But what is Occupant Centred Colour and Design?

Occupant Centred Colour and Design creates harmony between spaces and people

OCCD Hub copy2Occupant centered design is all about taking the needs of the person using a specific space – the occupant – and putting them at the heart of building design and product choice. Choosing colours and layouts that enhance wellbeing, and using sustainable products that preserve our planet’s natural resources.

Dulux Trade has launched an Occupant Centred Colour and Design hub to inform how expert colour and design application, with the occupant at the heart of the brief, can have a positive impact on wellbeing across a range of sectors, including healthcare and education.

Let’s start by examining how colour affects occupants.

Occupant Centred Colours

The colours used on projects can have a real effect on how people work and live within spaces. Whether it’s by creating a calming space with subtle gradients and pale blue colours, improving concentration and productivity with vibrant greens, or even adding a touch of fun by mixing up colour combinations, there’s a lot that can be achieved with the right colour scheme.

Windrush Academy copyTo see how it works in practice, take a look at how the Dulux Trade Commercial Colour Consultants helped the Windrush Academy tackle behavioural issues with occupant centred colour schemes right here.

But with thousands of Dulux Trade colours to choose from, how do you create the colour scheme that’s right for your project?

By using our tools including the Dulux Trade Colour Schemer and Interior Design Moodboard app. They bring together our design expertise and evidence-based research to allow you to offer inspiring, sector-specific colour concepts every time.

Products for Occupant Centred Spaces

The colours you choose are only one piece of the Occupant Centred Colour and Design puzzle. You also need to consider the impact of the products you specifiy, so whether it’s for working or living spaces you are selecting ones that minimise the impact on the occupants themselves.

For example, you can recommend water-based products – such as the Dulux Trade Diamond range or the Dulux Trade Quick Dry range – that are quick drying and low odour.

Or choose new Dulux Trade Airsure paints – which are 99.9% VOC free* , minimising the impact of paint on air quality.

Why Use Occupant Centred Colour and Design Methods?

Occupant Centred Colour and Design is simple enough. It’s a way of working that puts the end user at the centre of everything you do. It’s about the right tools and the right products, combined to give the best outcomes.

But why should you commit to Occupant Centred Colour and Design?

Because it’s what your customers want for their building users. It’s what they expect. It’s what they demand. And by helping to deliver it, you can put yourself ahead of your competitors.

A Wealth of Resources at Your Fingertips

Colour Palettes OCCD Hub 1080x1080px2The Dulux Trade Occupant Centred Colour and Design hub showcases industry leading initiatives, piloted alongside industry partners, with case studies, colour advice guides, product recommendations, compliance information, and relevant Dulux Trade tools and support services, all collated to make it easy to apply to an individual project.

So whether it’s for offices, healthcare spaces or schools, using Occupant Centred Colour and Design methods might just be the key to your future success.

For more information visit:

* Based on in-can VOC content, measured in accordance with ISO 11890-2:2013.

Crittall Windows - Globe Theatre

Crittall spans the Globe!

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Globe Theatre - James W. Fortune1A major live arts venue, that in its heyday hosted The Beatles, Buddy Holly, the Rolling Stones and Cilla Black, has been restored to its art deco glory with the help of Crittall windows.

The Globe, Stockton, is the biggest live entertainment venue between Leeds and Newcastle and will re-open shortly with a capacity of 1,650 people seated or up to 3,000 standing.

The re-birth is eagerly awaited as the theatre has been closed for the past 45 years. A major refurbishment and restoration programme has been led in recent times by Stockton-on-Tees Council, supported by grant aid from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Globe Theatre - James W. Fortune5The Grade II listed building dates from 1935 and was designed by architect Percy L Browne. Crittall windows were installed originally and these have been replicated in the restoration by the use of bespoke Corporate W20 profiles finished in Turkish Blue. Crittall cold form doors were also supplied.

Anthony Dillon, managing director of main contractor Willmott Dixon said: “It has been fantastic working on the restoration of the Globe Theatre, breathing new life into a really iconic building for the community. We look forward to seeing it become a cultural hub once again for future generations to enjoy.”

Globe Theatre - James W. Fortune3The theatre will play a central role of the Tees Valley Combined Authority’s ambition for the sub-region to be named City of Culture 2025.


Space Architects


Benton Park Road

Newcastle upon Tyne



Main Contractor:

Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd

Bebe House


Team Valley Trading Estate


NE11 0PZ

HEWI Mixer tap

HEWI fittings in matt black

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hewi-armaturen-in-matter-oberflaeche-hebelHEWI mixers impress with their design and quality. In order to increase the design diversity, fittings and HEWI shower thermostats in matt black now complement the range. In this way, colour concepts can be supported or refined with black accents. The matt finish is achieved by a special finishing process which creates a particularly deep black matt colour. The powder coating. In addition to a noble appearance, it also offers the highest level of corrosion protection and thus guarantees the longevity of the products.

HEWI system design

With their system design, they fit easily into any room concept and form a unit with other HEWI sanitary accessories, barrier-free products, washbasins and fittings. The new mixers are available as manually operated single-lever washbasin mixers or in the sensor-controlled alternative. The matching shower thermostats are available with HEWI SAFE TOUCH, among others.

hewi-system-armaturen-einhebelmischer-schwarz-matt1Convenience at the washbasin

HEWI fittings are designed for performance and heavy use. They therefore not only fit in perfectly in private rooms, but also withstand the high frequency of use in public sanitary rooms. Above all, their high ease of use, easy cleaning and ease of maintenance make them so pleasant to use. First-class materials also ensure the quality of the drinking water.

Please contact us for further information:

HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH

Postfach 12 60

D-34442 Bad Arolsen

Telefon +49 5691 82-0



hewi-armaturen-in-matter-oberflaeche-sensor hewi-system-armaturen-einhebelmischer-schwarz-matt


Brewers' bee activities

Help the honey bee!

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Getting Buzzy at Brewers!

In the months of July and August, Brewers Decorator Centres is adopting a bee for every litre of Albany paint purchased – which they anticipate could reach over 500,000 honeybees! To fulfil their pledge, Brewers are working closely with Gruffydd Rees from Gwenyn Gruffydd, a bee specialist based in the picturesque Carmarthen, South Wales.

Bees (3) copyThe idea behind the adoption plan is to give a helping hand in reducing the decline of these vital pollinators. In preparation, a number of beehives have been set up and will be well looked after by Gruffydd Rees, a beekeeper with over 10 years’ experience and member of the Welsh Beekeepers Association and DASH accredited by the Governments Bee Unit. In addition to the adoption, they are planting bee friendly trees in community spaces in South Wales to provide a valuable food source for bees and other pollinators in the local area.

Find out more about Brewers’ bee activities or follow them on Facebook  or Instagram the latest bee news!

Bees (1) copy Brewers' bee activities Bees (4) copy Bees (7) copy Bees (6) copy

Balconette's Aerofoil Glass Balustrade System

‘We love our Balconette balustrade; we are the envy of all our neighbours!’

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20201201_112850_HDRProving you are never too old for DIY in your seventies, proud owner Mr Hazard installed this beautiful 14-metre-long Balconette balustrade on the back of a new kitchen extension with a little help from his wife.

“Everything fitted perfectly. It took a week to install by myself – partly due to the weather – and with a little assistance from my wife. Not bad for a first-time fitter of 70+,” he says.

image1_RT_HDRThe householder’s internet research led them to the Balconette website and the couple chose the company’s Aerofoil Glass Balustrade System with its distinctive wing-shaped handrail and base track in a Silver anodised finish to protect the 22-inch drop from the new decking area.

Mrs Hazard comments: “We liked the product and our son, who is in the building trade, approved.”


mms_img151844973_RT_HDRThe reason for their Balconette balustrade choice over other products was because Mr H preferred ‘the fact that each pane of glass did not need a separate post fixing and posts were not required at the corners’.

“We wanted as seamless a balcony as possible and the Aerofoil balustrade certainly achieves that,” he continues having always been a keen DIY-er, taking time to carefully think each job through before starting.

image0_RT_HDRHe found the installation was ‘relatively simple’, following the instructions at each step and emphasises how Balconette’s technical advice and drawings regarding fitting the fixing posts were ‘key’ to success.

“Balconette assisted by supplying detailed drawings of where each post plate needed to be fitted after we sent a detailed measurement plan to their engineer. Every measurement was absolutely perfect, and fitting was trouble-free.”

Barry Hazard - 1_RT_HDRAlthough the cost was ‘a little more expensive’ than they first budgeted for, the couple say on examining the product and viewing the completed installation, ‘it was worth it’. The balustrade worked out as half the total cost of the build.

Visitors are ‘extremely impressed’ with the balustrade, says Mrs Hazard, adding: “We love our Balconette balustrade, which hopefully will provide some shelter from the westerly winds. Over last winter we have had lovely patterns on the glass and pretty reflections from the outdoor lights.

“We are the envy of all our neighbours. We now have a fully accessible outdoor space with minimum steps to our large garden…just the place to enjoy a coffee and evening meal in the summer. We certainly recommend Balconette!”

Wavin AS+ pipe system


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Wavin AS+ portfolio overview_96dpi_2480x3508px_X_NR-52347Noisy pipes present a challenge in multi-storey buildings all over the world. Whether hospitals, hotels, residential developments or offices, pipe noise can be far costlier to fix post-build than if addressed during planning. Building on the successful 30-year plastic low-noise legacy of the Wavin AS system, the new and improved Wavin AS+ solution provides advanced noise reduction in soil and waste systems.

This new product significantly improves on the existing AS range, with AS+ now reducing the noise level of soil & waste systems better than any other plastic pipe currently in the market. The new solution has a compact design ideal for small and narrow spaces, a unique material composition that delivers perfect sound absorption, and a patented blue seal that enhances leak and failure-proof installation. All of these advancements aid the pipe’s ability to minimise noise pollution, as well as make installation as easy as possible.

Key features of Wavin AS+:

  • Super-easy installation
    • A sculptured spigot significantly reduces push-in force and the self-lubricated blue seal ensures both quiet performance and super-easy installation.
  • Patented blue seal
    • With integrated lubrication, both the composition and shape of Wavin’s blue seal supports a leak-free, easy and failure-proof installation.
  • Wavin Soundcheck Tool
    • To support the planning process, Wavin’s new Soundcheck Tool provides an easy six-step way for meeting the latest in noise regulations, by simulating system acoustics in final installation.

AS+4 AS+5











Karen Stables, marketing manager at Wavin said: “We’re extremely excited about this latest evolution of our AS range. We’ve invested a great deal of time effort in developing exactly the right materials and design. The Wavin AS+ represents a whole new level of performance for plastic low-noise soil and waste systems and an ideal solution for engineers and installers.”.

While the new AS+ range is perfect for multi-residence projects, it is also suitable for a variety of other applications. Like other Wavin plastics, the material used is durable, corrosion-resistant and able to withstand the chemical attack of all kinds of aggressive waste waters, meaning that more complex settings, such as commercial, healthcare and manufacturing projects, can also benefit from the low noise capabilities of the system.

To find out more about Wavin’s new AS+ range, visit