Epic Insulation Profix Panel


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Epic2The Profix™ Panel is a revolutionary new pipe retention panel designed for use with warm water underfloor heating systems incorporating pipe from 10mm to 12mm diameter.





epic3When combined with a quick drying self-levelling screed compound the system provides a very low profile (as thin as 15mm) high heat output floor heating solution suitable for both new build and retrofit projects.




The system can deliver high heat outputs even at low water temperatures making it an ideal solution for use with heat pumps.

  • Very low profile
  • High heat output
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal with heat pumps
  • Apply floor coverings in just 24 hours

Epic Insulation Ltd

Tel: 01923 725180

Email: mailto:sales@epicinsulation.co.uk

Web: www.profixpanel.co.uk

0032 0478 391 327

Alfresco Floors – Exclusive UK importer of Ebema concrete paving products

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0032 0478 391 327

Established in 2013, Alfresco Floors is the UK’s leading specialist in design, supply and installation of exterior tiled floors.  Alfresco Floors now supplies an extensive range of design led porcelain and Ebema concrete pavers, specifically designed for external applications.

With over 70 years’ experience in the development and production of concrete pavers, Ebema have supplied products for commercial and domestic sites across Northern Europe.

0032 0478 391 327

Carreau concrete pavers

Ebema recently invested €20m in a brand new 7,000 SqM manufacturing and storage plant in Belgium.  In addition to some significant technical innovation (including an automated ‘5 minute’ mould exchange system) the new factory includes a Colour Laboratory where clients can choose from over 200 different materials to mix unique colours for their own bespoke pavers.

Ebema Rockstone Paving

Rockstone concrete pavers

The Alfresco Floors range from Ebema is a very design conscious collection and features two surfaces, Carreau and Rockstone, with a large range of tile sizes all the way up to 1200mm long and 80mm deep.  Standard tile options are held in stock at the new factory, so deliveries to the UK can be made within days of placing an order.

Catering for diverse projects across the domestic and commercial sectors (on flat roof, balcony and ground level installations) Alfresco Floors supply anything from porcelain tiles and concrete pavers only, right through to our ‘Airscape’ raised floor system – which allows clients to specify a complete and coordinated ‘one product’ solution of pavers, Buzon pedestals and acoustic/protective pads.

For more information please call 020 8977 0904, email info@alfrescofloors.co.uk or visit www.alfrescofloors.co.uk

Buzon Mexico City Torre Glorieta Roof garden

BUZON Pedestals – we’re all over the world

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Mexico City Torre Glorieta Roof gardenSoaring above the vibrant city of Mexico City stands Torre Glorieta, a recently-constructed eco-friendly tower building consisting of commercial and some residential space.

The raised outdoor roof garden area was built using the Buzon pedestal system with variable heights between 15mm and 485mm.

Buzon pedestals are particularly suitable for use on external terraces thanks to the patented slope corrector, which is capable of compensating for slopes of between 0 and 10%.


In the Torre Glorieta project, the pedestals were used to support 2cm thick exterior porcelain pavers extending along all the roof garden walkways and paved areas, creating an aesthetic result that is consistent with the location and the high visual quality of the entire area.

Mexico City Torre Glorieta pedestals on roofBuzon pedestals are the only fully tested and verified pedestal available, capable of live loads exceeding 2 ton (2000 kgs) per pedestal.

Specified on projects all over the world, Buzon pedestals guarantee high dimensional stability, exact height adjustments, a long lifetime and maximum resistance to weathering and UV radiation.

For more information please call 020 8614 0874, email sales@buzonuk.com or visit www.buzonuk.com

Axis sliding doors Spire Hartswood 4435

Stanley Dura-Care Doors for Spire Hartswood Hospital

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Five Stanley Dura-Care 7500 telescopic sliding doors have been installed by Axis Spire Hartswood 4435Automatic Entrance Systems at the Spire Hartswood Private Hospital in Brentwood Essex.  Halliday Meecham Architects were looking to replace timber doors on the 5  patient “pods” used in the recovery area for day-case procedures.

The previous doors restricted access for moving beds in and out of the rooms and also created a very closed and detached environment. While researching alternatives they found the Stanley Dura-Care door range featured on the Axis Automatic Entrance Systems website. The fully glazed doors create a much brighter and attractive ambience in the recovery rooms and the breakout facility makes moving beds around much easier. Four of the doors  consist of one fixed leaf 765mm wide and two sliding leaves that combine to give a clear opening of 1450mm in a full width of 2215mm. The fifth door is slightly smaller but of similar proportions.

Spire Hartswood 4439The Stanley Dura-Care 7500 is a manual sliding door system designed to meet the specific needs of hospital intensive and cardiac care units (ICU/CCU). This telescopic door is available in 3 or 6 panel packages and those installed at Spire Hartswood Hospital feature emergency breakout on the leading sliding leaf, positive latching and are a trackless design to provide completely unimpeded access.  The 6.4mm laminated glass panels have made the whole area much brighter and lighter and are proving very popular with patients and staff alike compared to the previous unglazed doors. Frosted film has been applied to parts of the glass to give privacy without reducing the overall brightness.

Project Manager Kevin Hill of M&O Building Contractors was also impressed with the service provided by Axis, particularly the way problems were overcome and the final completion date strictly adhered to.

Spire Hartswood 4474 aSpire Hartswood Private Hospital, Brentwood, Essex is part of the Spire Healthcare hospital network that offers a comprehensive range of private hospital services. With a catchment area covering Brentwood, Billericay, Basildon, Romford and surrounding areas of Essex and East London, Spire Hartswood offers NHS “Choose and Book” services plus a range of treatments and procedures to insured and self funding patients. The hospital holds the Macmillan Quality Environment Charter Mark for chemotherapy and breast care pathways.

The Stanley Dura-Care range of ICU/CCU doors offers a selection of sliding , swing, folding and bi-folding door configurations. They have all been designed to maximise clear space openings and have many features ideal for healthcare environments including smoke and draft controls, positive/negative pressure environments and anti-microbial protection. Electronic privacy glass can be fitted that instantly turns from clear to opaque with the flick of a switch for patient privacy.

Stanley are the world’s leading automatic door manufacturer and Axis Automatic Entrance Systems are the sole UK distributor of Stanley automatic door equipment.

For further information call 01604 212500, email sales@axisautomatic.com or visit www.axisautomatic.com

Addagrip - Horatio's Garden

Addagrip Case Study – Horatio’s Garden

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Addagrip Case Study     

Horatio’s Garden – Scottish National Spinal Injuries Unit, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow.  

Installed by Addagrip approved contractor: Resarf Flooring Ltd

Product: 650m2 Terrabound Resin Bound in 3mm Chocolate Buff

Completed: September 2016

Horatio's Garden 2Addagrip are honoured to have been involved in the project to bring Horatio’s
Garden to the Scottish National Spinal Injuries Unit at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow.

Horatio’s Garden is a charity, set up in memory of Horatio Chapelle, which creates and looks after beautiful gardens in NHS spinal injury centres. The latest Horatio’s garden, designed by acclaimed garden designer and RHS judge, James Alexander-Sinclair, has been created at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow.

Horatio'sGarden TerraboundThe garden is divided into six distinct areas including a therapy garden, a main courtyard garden brimming with colourful planting and sheltered areas, all providing a
stimulating and comforting space designed to ignite the senses and promote a sense of wellbeing. As part of the design, the pathways required a smooth, porous surface that would be welcoming, comfortable underfoot and flow seamlessly to echo the curves of the garden.

Addagrip approved contractor Resarf Flooring Ltd were appointed by Endrick Landscapes to install
BBA approved Terrabound Resin Bound porous surfacing in a 3mm Chocolate Horatio'sGarden 3Buff blend to the courtyard and pathways, providing an attractive, low maintenance surface incorporating natural aggregates which will allow access to the garden all year round.

The garden can also be seen from the wards and communal rooms offering a life-affirming view for patients and visitors. The planting will encourage birds, butterflies and bees, adding a dimension of interest for patients who can be on bed rest for long periods of time.

For further information about the Addagrip range of BBA approved Resin Bound porous surfacing systems visit http://www.addagrip.co.uk/3/external-surfacing

Jaja Indoor Air Quality

UK air pollution and its impact on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in schools

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Jaga image013.jpg@01D28E7E.E3B2B910

The UK – alongside Germany, France, Italy and Spain – have been issued a final warning by the European Commission for failing to address breaches of air pollution limits for nitrogen oxide. EU Member States have been repeatedly asked to implement air quality plans to safeguard public health, but the requests have fallen on deaf ears.

For many, it may seem as if air pollution isn’t a threat to the UK. After all, smoke-spewing furnaces and coal mines have wound down considerably in recent years. However, just because we can’t physically see air pollution, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t present.

In a survey of 1,670 adults, 58% believed that the current levels of air pollution in the UK are either harmful or very harmful to overall health. The issue of air pollution has been felt particularly acutely in the capital. Just one month ago, it was recorded that the air in London was far worse that in the notoriously polluted Beijing for the first time.

The issue of poor air quality mustn’t be ignored

Areas which display high levels of air pollution are located close to several London schools, which is particularly problematic as the young are more susceptible to health complications concerning air pollution. Summed up nicely by London Mayor, Sadiq Khan:

 “Every child deserves the right to breathe clean air…it is a shameful fact that more than 360 of London’s primary schools are in areas breaching legal pollution limits.”

JagaTo better safeguard pupils, schools have been advised to ban playing outdoors in some of the more serious cases, as well as introducing ‘no idling’ zones to prevent drivers leaving their engines running while waiting for children on the school run.

This polluted air, present in the UK’s major towns and cities, infiltrates buildings that house vulnerable occupants such as children in schools unless sufficient care is taken to install ventilation and air quality management systems that are able to control the volume and quality of air brought into the building. Management of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is an important issue, not just for health but for performance and behaviour too.

Photograph: ilikecleanair.org.uk

Causes of poor IAQ

Poor IAQ is caused when there is a build-up of pollutants inside a building due to little or no ventilation, or as a result of pollutants being directly brought in through open windows or unfiltered ventilation systems. Pollutants can arise in the school environment from various sources such as furnishings, IT equipment, bio-effluents, or from external pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. In addition, CO₂ levels can become dangerously high just through the concentration of children in a poorly ventilated classroom.

Impacts of poor IAQ

Being inside of a school building doesn’t mean that the pupils are protected from poor air quality. It is crucial that the conditions inside are conducive to a healthy and productive environment. If poor air quality is evident in schools, it can have a wide-ranging impact.

  • Due to high levels of pollutants, the UK has the highest prevalence of asthma in the world[1].
  • Poor IAQ can lead to an increase in cardiovascular illnesses[2].
  • Lung irritation can occur, symptoms which can be exaggerated in school children as their lungs are not yet fully developed[3].
  • Proven correlation between inadequate ventilation in schools and poor pupil performance. A study by the University of Reading demonstrated that the attention span of school children is significantly slower when the level of CO2 in classrooms is high[4], which could have an adverse effect on pupil attainment


Considerations when looking at the different solutions

Naturally, the solution would be to invest in a ventilation solution which can combat the problem and provide the optimum indoor air quality (IAQ) for school pupils. However, opening a window, a form of manual natural ventilation, is not recommended. Firstly, this method does not take account of demand and therefore cannot effectively control CO2 levels, and secondly opening a window will let in polluted unfiltered outdoor air. This can make the school environment harmful to pupils and staff.

Jaga 2Mechanical Demand-Controlled Ventilation (DCV) systems provide the best solution to these problems in schools. Intelligent controls detect and predict rises in CO2 levels in a room, reacting instantly to draw fresh filtered air in whilst the stale air is extracted in a balanced way to avoid unnecessary draughts. This also avoids wasteful over-ventilation, especially in winter, thus reducing heating bills for the school.

It is critical that the quality of air surrounding school buildings is considered, and its impact on IAQ in city schools is really important. Implementing effective ventilation solutions is vital if the health of our children is to be safeguarded. Breathing in clean air shouldn’t be something which is desirable for school pupils, but as Sadiq Khan correctly said, it should be every child’s right.

[1] Howieson

[2] UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering

[3] UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering

[4] University of Reading


NVELOPE – Price isn’t everything

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image 3 copyimage 4 copyYou’re the buyer – We understand that price per unit or m2 is important to you. Bracket for bracket we may not be the cheapest (although often we can be). However, the superior quality of our product offers you multiple savings in other areas:

image 1Savings through strength

NVELOPE brackets are superior in design and engineered to be very strong. Stronger brackets means fewer brackets per m2 – often saving you over 10% vs competitors.




image 1bSavings through time

NVELOPE brackets are pre-loaded with isolators, meaning efficient onsite assembly. Plus, fewer brackets mean fewer holes to drill on site – again increasing efficiency.


Fewer brackets = fewer fixings to rails

Fewer brackets = fewer primary fixings


Fewer brackets and fewer primary fixings gives huge thermal benefits to your build.

Working for you

  • High-quality products for the best value
  • Rail length optimisation (cut to length off site)
  • Split boxes for precise numbers of brackets, when required
  • Next day delivery available
  • Installer-friendly systems that are tried and tested and fast to install
  • Project specific price quotes turned around superfast
  • 3D thermal output
  • Anodisation and polyester powder coatings available for brackets and rails
  • NVELOPE is BIM Level 2 compliant and ours were the first bracket products to have achieved BBA certification

All backed by a second to none full service proposition. You can buy with complete confidence.

Whatever your needs, contact our friendly customer services team on 01707 333 396 or email them at project@nvelope.com — we’re here to help!


Eurocell BP Index February 2017 BIM 2

BIM in a basket from Eurocell

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Pix: Shaun Flannery/shaunflanneryphotography.com COPYRIGHT PICTURE>>SHAUN FLANNERY>01302-570814>>07778315553>> 2nd November 2016 Eurocell Equinox Roof The Incline Cottage Bedlam Clee Hill SY8 3PW

Eurocell – the UK’s leading manufacturer, distributor and recycler of window, door, conservatory and roofline products – has reimagined the way designers and specifiers access its BIM models. The result is the BIM Centre, where finding and downloading the right BIM models is quick and fast, and updates are delivered automatically.

Users can sign up free to the BIM Centre in a matter of minutes and then use Eurocell’s new search and filter tool to find the models they need. Rather than downloading models one-by-one, they all go into a BIM basket to be downloaded en masse at the end of the process.

Eurocell BP Index February 2017 BIM 2The models downloaded by each user will also be stored in a personalised BIM Library for quick and easy access at a later date. And by signing up for automated updates, BIM Centre members will receive an email to let them know when models have changed.

If specifiers can’t find the model they need, the BIM Centre has a simple ‘Request a BIM’ function which will be handled by Eurocell’s technical support team – who will always on hand to help with queries. Eurocell will also be showcasing some to provide inspiration and know-how.

Eurocell BP Index February 2017 BIM“We know from talking to our customers that getting the right BIM models can sometimes be a frustrating and time-consuming experience,” said Eurocell Head of Marketing Chris Coxon. “The idea behind our BIM Centre was to make everything as hassle-free as possible, and to make sure that people always have access to the latest information.”

At the launch of BIM Centre it contained nearly 40 models covering Eurocell’s two most popular ranges Modus and Eurologik; that number will be growing all the time as new models are added.  The models are in RFA or Revit Family format, requiring Autodesk Revit software.

Pix: Shaun Flannery/shaunflanneryphotography.com COPYRIGHT PICTURE>>SHAUN FLANNERY>01302-570814>>07778315553>> 2nd November 2016 Eurocell Equinox Roof The Incline Cottage Bedlam Clee Hill SY8 3PW

The use of BIM – a 3D model with information attached to its various elements – is gaining traction across most construction sectors in the UK. This has been driven by the 2011 Government mandate that central government departments should require BIM Level 2 on all its projects from April this year with ongoing funding to push onto Level 3.

The goal for the implementation of BIM is that all the organisations involved in the design, creation and operation of a building or piece of infrastructure gain better understanding of the lifetime cost and performance of the asset and its elements. This should enable better decision- making and ultimately deliver better value.

Addagrip Anfield aerial view

Terrabound scores at Anfield

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Anfield aerial Virtual Planit copyAddagrip are delighted to have been involved in the completion of Liverpool Football Club’s newly expanded Main Stand at the existing Anfield ground with an installation of over 2,000m2 of Terrabound Resin Bound surfacing. With an extra 8,500 seats taking the overall capacity to around 54,000, the £260 million redevelopment of  the Liverpool Stadium main stand makes it one of the largest all seater single stands in European football. The expansion plan for Anfield has allowed the Club to increase capacity whilst remaining at its physical and spiritual home

Anfield2 copyAddagrip were approached by Planit-IE  Landscape Architects at the design stage to discuss the resin bound surfacing element of the project.  The requirement was for a decorative, hard wearing resin bound porous surface that would meet stringent performance requirements and provide low maintenance, seamless paving for the podium, concourse and stair landing areas of this premium public space around the new stadium.  Various natural aggregate blend options were considered to ensure the selected surface was in keeping with the new red bricked building and club colours.  The final choice was BBA approved Terrabound Resin Bound porous surfacing in Tuscan Pebble and Rhine Gold blends which provides a seamless low maintenance surface in keeping with the overall scheme.

Anfield 3 copyAddagrip approved contractor Soft Surfaces Ltd were asked by Adana Construction, working for main contractor Carillion, to install over 2000m2 of Terrabound Resin Bound surfacing in July/August. Due to the onset of the football season all work had to be complete within a two week period with many trades competing for the same work areas, but the main challenge was getting equipment on and off the second floor podium each day via one small service lift.           With the help of some good weather, Soft Surfaces were able to install 1448m2 of 18mm Rhine Gold and 610m2 of 18mm Tuscan Pebble to the Podium, concourse and stair landings.

Principal Landscape Architect Georgina Baines is pleased with the end result:

 ‘Planit-IE worked closely with Addagrip to ensure that the finished surfacing to the concourse and podium areas met both our expectations and that of Liverpool Football Club. The chosen product, Terrabound, was required to meet rigorous performance requirements as well as achieving the correct aesthetic. The realised scheme has been met with approval from all parties including Club and fans alike and we look forward to working with Addagrip on future phases of the Stadium landscape’  (Georgina Baines, Principal Landscape Architect – Planit-IE)

Liverpool’s brand new Main Stand officially opened on 9 September 2016.

Airflow DV96 Adroit MVHR inside

Understand how MVHR can improve quality of life and save money in social housing settings

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Low income families are typically more affected by air pollution with children most at risk. The UK currently has over 40,000 deaths a year linked to poor air quality costs the economy billions a year. With indoor air pollution often 50% worse than outdoors and can contain up to 900 different pollutants it is imperative that a suitable system is installed to improve the health of the occupants as well as protecting the fabric of the home itself.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) is the process of continually preheating filtered, incoming fresh air from outside by warming it with the outgoing waste air which is created by kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms etc. Once the warmth is transferred, the now warm, clean air is the supplied to the living areas such as living rooms and bedrooms.

The following example will show the cost benefit of having a MVHR system installed in the property. This example assumes that both properties are 300m2 in size.

House A House B
Uses extract and trickle vents to ventilate the property. It has 2 air changes an hour and uses gas heating to warm the property Uses an MVHR unit with 71%* heat recovery. It has an air change rate of 320m3/hr (89 l/sec), assuming no infiltration and uses gas heating to warm the property
Heat loss from infiltration at 2 ach 14,164 kWh per year at a cost of £0.0359 per kWh = £508.49 per year Heat loss due to ventilation at 320m3/hr at 7677kWh with 71% thermal efficiency = 2226 kWh. With a cost of £0.0359 per kWh = £79.92 per year
Cost of running a bathroom and kitchen fan operating at 1 hour per day at 0.05kW = £2.08 per year MVHR with two fans running, operating 24 hours a day at 693 kWh = £104.70 per year
Total ventilation energy cost = £510.57 per year Total ventilation energy cost = £184.62 per year

Additional saving with 80% thermal efficiency = £16.54

Additional saving with 90% thermal efficiency = £34.90

All new Airflow domestic MVHR units have a thermal efficiency of 90% or greater so you stand to see up to a £355 per year reduction in your energy bills.**

*Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide Section 8 specifies a minimum thermal efficiency of 70%

**assuming a kWh price of £0.0359

An ideal MVHR system to be used in social housing settings is the Adroit

DV96-Adroit-_insideAirflow Adroit MVHR units can be set up during the commissioning process to limit the tenants’ access to the control system. This removes the issue of tenants changing the ventilation rates for the property as well as them switching the unit off, guaranteeing effective ventilation always takes place within the property; protecting the health of both property and tenants. Your tenants, however, will still be able to tailor their ventilation around their daily routine through selecting the relevant ventilation profile to suit their needs.

As landlords, you would be able to remotely monitor the performance of the unit and be notified of when maintenance, such as changing the air filters, is required and in turn prolong the lifecycle of your Adroit unit.

Furthermore, in our Adroit DV50 and DV80 models, you can have these installed above the entrance to the property, so maintenance can be undertaken to the unit without disturbing the tenant.

You can learn more about the benefits MVHR brings to social housing developments in this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8fMprlKHos