Cibes US Holding Inc., acquires the Southeast US’s leading provider of home elevators and accessibility solutions, American Elevator of Atlanta Inc.


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Cibes US Holding Inc., acquires the Southeast US’s leading provider of home elevators and accessibility solutions, American Elevator of Atlanta Inc.

american-elevator-new-2350x800-1Headquartered in Suwanee, Georgia, with a sales office in South Carolina, American Elevator of Atlanta has grown to become one of the main suppliers of home lifts in the Southeast.

“American Elevator was one of our dealers, and we were very impressed by their dedication, professionalism and strong customer focus. I am very happy that American Elevator is joining forces with us to grow our footprint in the United States”, says Lucas Moraes, Managing Director of Cibes Lift US inc.

American Elevator of Atlanta offers a wide range of home elevators, stairlifts, platform lifts and LULA elevators*, as well as installation, maintenance, and modernization services throughout the Southeast US.

“This acquisition will broaden our sales network, increase our geographical presence and strengthen our after sales services throughout the Southeast. We are delighted to welcome American Elevator to the Cibes family” Per Lidström, CEO & President of Cibes Lift Group, continues.

American Elevator of Atlanta was founded in 1997 by James Graff and has about 30 employees. At present, his brother Michael Graff, is President of the company.

“My brother and I have worked very hard to build a strong family business and we are very happy that our company has found the perfect partner to take our business to the next level. I am excited about our future together with Cibes”, Michael Graff, President of American Elevator of Atlanta, concludes.

Cibes Lift US Inc. acquires 100% of American Elevator of Atlanta Inc. The acquisition was effective as of October 5th, 2021.

*Limited Use Limited Application elevators

For more information, please contact: Per Lidström, CEO & President of Cibes Lift Group, +46 26 17 14 00 or visit

Addagrip EcoHeat Surfacing

Addagrip Terraco and EcoHeat Surfaces launch Addagrip EcoHeat Surfacing. Our latest innovation in Resin Bound Porous Paving

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Addagrip Terraco Ltd and EcoHeat Surfaces have joined forces to promote a unique surfacing solution – Addagrip EcoHeat Surfacing – combining Addagrip’s quality Resin Bound porous surface finishes with EcoHeat Surfaces patented innovation inlaid pipe system that connects to a renewable energy source, offering a reactive heat storing surface to suit our changing climate conditions.

How Addagrip EcoHeat Surfacing Works

Addagrip EcoHeat Surfacing is the ‘first of its kind’ green energy thermal heating surface system.

Addagrip-ecoheat-diagramIn colder weather, the surface senses temperature decreases and automatically warms the resin bound surface using a renewable heat source. With the EcoHeat pipework installed under the Resin Bound surface, Addagrip EcoHeat Surfacing takes heat out of buildings via an air source heat pump. Whenever temperatures drop to 0ºC this heat will be used to warm the surface area around buildings to ensure no ice or snow build up.

When the weather warms up, the Addagrip EcoHeat Surfacing will be heated naturally by the sun, and, with a heat pump installed, the heat from the resin bound can be harnessed to help supply hot water for the home or other buildings such as hospitals and schools. A source of free energy for hot water.

Addagrip EcoHeat Surfacing can also be linked with solar panels to make it even more energy efficient – no need for gas, thus making it very carbon neutral.

Addagrip-ecoheat-surfacing-drivewayThe resin bound surface is permeable so there is no surface water, and it is SuDS compliant when used on a porous base build up. The finish is seamless and has excellent slip resistance making it comfortable and safe underfoot, especially in cold weather when recycled heating will provide frost- and ice-free paving.  The surface is low maintenance, hard wearing and available in a range of colours (tbc) to maximise heat capture/retention?

Suitable for both commercial and residential schemes, Addagrip EcoHeat Surfacing can be used for all external areas such as playgrounds, footpaths, steps, slopes, light vehicle car parks, domestic driveways, patios, and paths. It is ideal for surfacing around hospitals, schools, universities, hotels, stations, sports venues and commercial buildings for energy efficiency and safety. For example, hotel car parks could be heated using stored heat from grey wastewater from showers, basins, and baths to create ice and snow free parking areas and perimeter paths.

Features and Benefits

  • Decorative hardwearing seamless surface
  • SUDs compliant & permeable
  • Slip resistant
  • Provides free green energy – harvesting energy from the sun
  • Prevents ice and snow build up
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Produces cost free hot water up to 50 degrees
  • Ideal for commercial projects and new domestic self-build developments
  • Can be retro fitted to existing properties
  • Life expectancy of 25 years
  • Bespoke design service

List of Applications

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Airports and railway stations
  • Universities and schools
  • Hotels and hospitality venues
  • Sports venues including football terraces
  • Supermarkets and retail units
  • Outdoor swimming pool surrounds
  • Domestic driveways, patios, paths
Learning with Eurocell

Learning with Eurocell

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Since its establishment 40 years ago, employees and organisations across industry have committed personal time and company resources to accessing the benefits delivered by continuing professional development – better known as CPD.

Using a structured, practical, methodical, and proactive approach to lifetime learning is enabling thousands of professionals to enhance their skills, identify knowledge gaps, grow individual expertise, and keep abreast of the myriad changes that constantly influence their industry.

Organisations who see the value of CPD and provide staff with the time and access to continuous learning opportunities, find themselves better able to retain key employees and are in a stronger position to support them as they focus on developing the skills necessary to maintain a sustainable and competitive advantage.

CPD benefits

Construction-related CPD seminars and training courses offer numerous benefits to employees and companies. Staff can proactively expand their understanding of the industry and keep up-to-date with the latest regulation changes and newly emerging product developments and solutions.

For their part, smart organisations can use CPD initiatives to ensure standards across the company remain consistently high, staff potential is maximised, and a strong environment of support and learning-based development is fostered.

Many construction institutions require that members undertake CPD as a condition of continued membership (examples include RIBA, CIOB, RICS, RTPI, CIAT, ICE, IStructE), and for some professions, it is a statutory requirement.

To maintain membership of their designated professional body, members must demonstrate they have engaged in a set number of hours of educational participation aimed at improving their knowledge and skill. The activities in which they partake are then CPD-rated and CPD certificates, or ‘Points’, are issued for each activity.

As an example, the annual CPD obligations as a RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Chartered Member, include undertaking at least 35 hours of learning per annum; that half the CPD is structured with learning aims and outcomes, and is taught, face-to-face, online or by distance learning; 20 of the 35 hours must cover the ten mandatory RIBA core curriculum CPD topics; members acquire at least 100 learning points and that they record and keep track of CPD activities.

Specifiers and CPD

Change is often the driving force behind the evolution of an industry. As new techniques and product solutions are exposed to the market, it is important that pivotal roles such as specifiers – charged with recommending and selecting material and product choices that drive project efficiencies, value, and the design vision – are constantly making informed selections based on up-to-date market knowledge.

CPD enables this to happen and is a vital tool in educating specifying professionals and for developing relationships across the supply chain.  Continuous learning provides opportunities to demonstrate how innovating products can deliver value added solutions to design, legislation, sustainability, logistic and on-site challenges that the majority of construction projects face.

The old adage says it’s never too late to learn.  CPD is at the forefront of driving up industry standards, helping professionals to develop enhanced expertise on a continuous basis and delivering the highly skilled workforce the construction industry and the nation requires.

Eurocell CPDs

We offer 3 face-to-face or webinar-based seminars to help support the construction industry understand more about PVC-U fenestration solutions and sustainability:

  1. The past, present and future of PVC-U windows
  2. Value engineering and sustainability
  3. Sustainable use of PVC-U windows to maximise ROI

To find out more or to book, please visit


ACO Building Drainage

ACO drainage channels, gullies and Access covers in stock now for your project

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If you need drainage that is available off the shelf and easy to install for a wide range of project applications then the ACO range is ideal.

105176dtest2 ACO hygienic gully_157_fixed_height_200x200_H_DN100ACO Modular channels are manufactured from a minimum of 70% recycled materials and are fully pickle passivated to guarantee high quality performance and durability.

Whether it is hygienic channels for a kitchen or food production area, modular channels in advanced materials that can withstand a swimming pool environment or linear channels for a shower or washroom the ACO range can accommodate all this and more. Click here to view the product options

Hospital floor cover image B lo resIf your project needs point drainage rather than linear then the ACO range of stainless steel gullies can cater for a huge variety of flow rates. So whether you need to drain a lot of surface or a little, we have the gullies to take care of this. Matching a product to your floor finish or height easy with the ACO range click here to learn more

For internal access covers the ACO range provides solutions compatible with a variety of hard and flexible floor finishes.  Aluminium, galvanised steel and stainless steel options are available in either standard or bespoke sizes tailored to meet your individual project needs.  Now available on a 3-5 day lead time click here to view our range of covers.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Woodland Electric Stove from Mendip Stoves

The Woodland Electric is perfect for the modern home

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Woodland Electric FinalThe new Woodland Electric Stove from Mendip Stoves is the perfect combination of style and substance. It’s ease and convenience, which is quick and efficient too makes it ideal for modern homes.

Designed to have both the look and feel of a traditional woodburning stove, the Woodland Electric is 570mm wide and can produce up to 2kW of heat. Its smart programmable feature allows users to set specific heat requirements, so there’s no more coming home to a cold house after work or trip away.

The Woodland Electric also ‘learns’ from experience for a fully intuitive heating solution. Its clean-lined contemporary design suits both modern and traditional interiors, the Woodland Electric features a large viewing window and authentic flame effect. The flames can be selected in multiple colours as well as offering the option of having them flickering at variable speeds to create a different ambience at various times of the day. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the stove is ideal for homes without a chimney, hearth or flue as well as those who require a quick and easy installation.

Electric stoves are so easy to fit, providing instant heat at the touch of a button. Added benefits include a lower price tag and installation cost as well as the flexibility of being installed anywhere with a power supply. Electric stoves are also 100% efficient and clean, heating up a room in an instant, making them the perfect heating choice for all types of properties and lifestyles.


Jaga's Dynamic Boost Hybrid radiator technology


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Jaga UK, a leading manufacturer of heating, cooling and ventilation solutions designed with the environment in mind, has just launched pioneering hybrid radiator technology for the UK market.

Dynamic Boost Hybrid (DBH) has been specially developed to boost heat outputs and provide light cooling with renewable energy systems such as heat pumps and solar energy. It replaces Jaga’s well-known Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) product.

Jaga's Dynamic Boost Hybrid technology inside the radiator doubles the heat outputThe DBH technology utilises small electric thermal activators placed on top of the heat exchanger inside the Jaga Low-H2O radiator to force convection. This significantly boosts the radiator output by two to three times without increasing its size.

“When paired with a heat pump or other low flow temperature system, most emitters require a large surface area to sufficiently heat the room,” said Phil Mangnall, managing director, Jaga UK. “DBH allows you to substantially reduce the size of the radiator, freeing up valuable wall space and improving the aesthetics of the room. The system is almost inaudible and works with the majority of wall-mounted, free-standing, and trench solutions.”

Strada Hybrid ComparisonGiving users more control over individual room temperatures, DBH further reduces the need for unnecessary heating and overheating, significantly cutting energy consumption and bills. Easily installed during new construction or added during building retrofits, units can be programmed to run to their own automated schedules or set to respond to direct input. The DBH activators are triggered automatically whenever hot water flows through the heat exchanger and once the room reaches the desired temperature, water stops flowing through the heat exchanger and the DBH activators turn off, keeping energy consumption low.

Jaga's Heat Pump Compatible Strada Hybrid Radiator GraphiteThe key point of difference between DBH and Jaga’s former DBE technology is the ability to provide light cooling (non-condensing) with any heat pump that can supply cooling water. And if there is no cooling water, Breeze mode, where with the activators operate irrespective of water temperature, offers light air movement, ideal for a UK climate.

“As the demand for cooling increases, we wanted to come up with a more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient solution that can be easily retrofitted and doesn’t cost the earth,” said Mangnall. “Updating our proven DBE system to also provide light cooling, was the obvious solution and has already proven to be a huge success in Europe and other parts of the world. We’re pleased to be able to now offer DBH to the UK market in line with the rapid rollout of renewable energy systems to help reduce the environmental footprint of buildings across the country.”

For more information, please visit



Jaga are pioneers in designing innovative, ecologically sustainable heating, cooling and ventilation systems using less energy and fewer raw materials.

Cistermiser Novatap infrared tap

Cistermiser Novatap delivers water savings and increased hygiene in COVID19 times for on-campus commercial washrooms

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Hygiene levels are a critical consideration for all commercial washrooms in today’s COVID19 environment. Washrooms are an essential provision for any campus and finding a way to significantly reduce the contamination and spread of pathogens is hugely important. The reduction of touch points in areas such as washrooms is a highly effective way of minimising this risk and the installation of infrared, no-touch taps is one of the best ways of doing so.

A recent project in Edinburgh in partnership with global commercial real estate services company, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), and procured through Wolseley, was undertaken by Project and Facilities Managers,  JLL with contractor, Integral UK Ltd, to upgrade and refurbish all washroom taps across the Lochside View campus to no-touch technology. As the washroom taps were considered a high-touch point, the purpose was to eliminate the need for any contact when washing hands and therefore aiding in the reduction of spreading COVID19 and other illnesses.

Copy of TMU 2021.09.23Over the space of two months, a total of 69 taps throughout the campus were replaced with the Cistermiser Novatap range which was selected by the central engineering team for all sites.

Matt Dixon, Cistermiser Technical Sales Manager, comments: “Cistermiser is delighted to have been able to solve the client’s problem of unnecessary touch points across their sites and increase peace of mind during COVID19 times and were also able to provide the additional advantage of reducing water waste: the Novatap is can only be activated when hands are placed in front of the infrared sensor which means there are no taps left running.

“This project has benefited all levels of the supply chain and has ultimately delivered exactly what the client asked for. Cistermiser is thrilled that the client is happy with the project and very glad to have been able to improve the hygiene levels and ultimately the safety for those using the Lochside View campus’ facilities.”

Profab Access PRECISION adjustable frame

Profab Access introduces industry first for fire integrity and installation

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Profab-Access-Medium-7-Sept-2021-009bProfab Access has launched a revolutionary certified frame system that sets a new standard for innovation, fire performance and functionality, making installation on site safer, faster and simpler.

The only product of its kind currently available, the expertly engineered PRECISION adjustable frame completely transforms the installation process for construction professionals and  streamlines the specification process for architects and specifiers.

This is achieved through the product’s unique construction, which enables the frame to be fully adjusted to meet the specific dimensions of each structural opening, not only ensuring the installation is fit for purpose by providing the highest standards in accuracy, but subsequently removing the requirement for plastic packers for a safer, faster and simpler installation process.

The patent pending PRECISION adjustable frame is now supplied as standard with Profab Access’ high quality steel INTEGRA 4000 Series Fire Rated Riser Door.

Profab Access 7 Sept 2021 057The PRECISION frame dramatically reduces fitting times and eliminates the risk of using non-compliant components throughout installation, which may not have been tested in conjunction with the riser door itself.

Factory applied intumescent strips to the outer frame also eliminate the need for additional intumescent mastic when installing the frame into a flexible or solid wall construction.

Profab Access is the UK’s first manufacturer to have its concealed Riser Doors bi-directionally fire tested and certified by an accredited third party. The PRECISION adjustable frame has also been bi-directionally fire tested as an entire doorset with the INTEGRA 4000 Series Riser Door for up to 120 minutes, receiving the CERTIFIRE accreditation for installation in unlined shaft walls and solid wall construction.

This provides architects, specifiers and contractors with a completely certified solution, as both the frame and the riser door have been bi-directionally tested as a single doorset and are supplied with comprehensive documentation to evidence their performance credentials and adherence to all relevant regulations, including BS EN 1634-1:2014 +A1:2018.

Profab Access 7 Sept 2021 016Marcus Parnham, Commercial Director at Profab Access, said: “As one of the industry’s leading manufacturers, we have a responsibility to push the boundaries of this product category and ensure every access solution we supply delivers the highest standards in performance and compliance.

“Our new  patent pending PRECISION adjustable frame represents a real step change for the industry, supporting professionals in fulfilling their duty of care by going above and beyond current legislation in delivering the highest standards of due diligence and achieving constant compliance for the entire doorset, including the materials used throughout the installation process. The frame is the result of our unwavering commitment to innovation and providing the built environment with the very highest standards in access solutions.”

The PRECISION adjustable frame is constructed with an all-in-one smoke, intumescent and acoustic FS1000 seal, eliminating the need for additional intumescent mastic when installing the frame into a flexible or solid wall construction. This cost efficient and sustainable material contains no halogen compounds and will not emit toxic gas when heated, ensuring the safety of building occupants in the event of a fire.

As an official Made in Britain member, Profab Access’ comprehensive portfolio of Riser Doors and Access Solutions are manufactured at its headquarters in Atherstone by its experienced team of design and engineering experts.

For further information on Profab Access and its range of riser doors, access panels, and steel doors, call +44(0)1827 718222 or visit

Knauf acoustic systems

Knauf acoustic wall and ceiling systems – ideal for all sectors

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Image 1The importance of good acoustic design in buildings cannot be understated. At home and in healthcare settings it creates a more comfortable, relaxing environment. In the office it can increase productivity, and in schools and education buildings it can create an environment more conducive to learning and concentration.

Studies have shown that a good acoustic environment can reduce stress levels by up to 27% and error rates by up to 10%. Furthermore, up to a 66% reduction in performance was found when people are exposed to distracting noises.

Knauf has a wide range of acoustic ceiling and wall solutions to cater for all sector projects. Moreover, demonstrating Knauf’s thorough understanding of acoustics, we have developed a new, RIBA-approved CPD, ‘Why acoustics matter and how to specify them’.

Colour , painted on site

All Knauf acoustic boards and tiles are manufactured using gypsum, with a significant quantity being recycled gypsum. Gypsum is recognised for its advantageous acoustic characteristics, and our acoustic gypsum solutions absorb up to 90% of the sound that hits their surface. Also, gypsum tiles are more durable and need replacing less frequently, meaning less long-term maintenance is required.

Additionally, it is important to note that, when installed as a full Knauf system, you will receive a full system performance warranty.

Traditionally, acoustics have been synonymous with mineral wool solutions due to their sound absorbent quality. However, Knauf acoustic systems are able to do more than this. Knauf acoustic walls and ceilings are able to diffuse through the perforations, reflect or reverberate noise, as well as absorb sound within a room through a fleece layer.

For example, Knauf Plaza acoustic ceiling tiles with Unity 3 perforation achieve up to Class A sound absorption.

Image 3Knauf Danotile creates a high performance hygiene ceiling, suitable for rooms with high cleaning and infection control requirements. The product is great for kitchens and food preparation areas, with the white foil-covered robust surface tolerating tough cleaning and disinfection agents as well as pH levels from 2-13. Knauf Danotile is also ideal for healthcare projects designed with both patient welfare and building maintenance in mind.

Knauf acoustic solutions are not just for larger rooms either. Knauf Corridor 400 acoustic ceiling is a unique ceiling solution for narrow rooms and corridors. The gypsum ceiling, with its distinct and unified look, installed without any cross runners or suspension hangers, is a self-supporting system. Therefore, Corridor 400 acoustic ceiling is extremely quick to install; up to three times faster than a traditional T-grid ceiling in a corridor.

Image 4It is also worth noting that the Knauf acoustic ceiling range comes, as standard, with an innovative air-purifying technology called Cleaneo. The Cleaneo feature within the gypsum core helps to decompose the harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are emitted into a room by everyday building materials, furniture and cleaning products.

We spend 90% of our lives inside buildings, so ensuring that we have good, clean indoor air quality is vital to designing a safe building.

In addition, the Knauf portfolio provides great design freedom as they come in different finishes and can be painted.

Whether you require a demountable, non-demountable, self-supporting or suspended acoustic ceiling board or tile, Knauf has you covered. Whatever the sector and design requirements, they can all be designed to achieve a range of different acoustic performances and aesthetics. To find out more, please visit

new i-Track from Dorma Hüppe

Dorma Hüppe i-Track transforms moveable wall functionality

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SMALL 5297-021©McAteerThe innovative new i-Track from Dorma Hüppe has been designed to make the moving of tall moveable walls both simple and safe for the operator.

Modular in design, the system employs a sequence of curves and internal track switches to allow the smooth and easy movement of large, heavy panels. Cleverly harnessing the kinetic energy created by panel movement, i-Track utilises that momentum to effortlessly facilitate a change in direction as each panel passes through the curves, into and out of the parking pocket. Track diverters are used to manually program the carriers to automatically move each panel to the correct parking location.

Clyde campus 2The i-Track really comes into its own where panel height exceeds 5000mm, when weight can become an issue with right-angled track. The use of curves not only improves overall functionality but ensures no point of collision, reducing wear and tear on track and carriers. This significantly extends the operational life of the moveable wall system, contributing to long-term sustainability and ultimately reducing maintenance costs.

Since the launch of the i-Track, Style, sole UK distributor for Dorma Hüppe moveable walls, has installed this comprehensive solution in a variety of locations from schools and conference facilities to hospitality venues.

“i-Track innovation really is a game changer for moveable wall systems with the days of wrestling oversized panels now a thing of the past,” said Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director.

“As the i-Track makes it easier and safer for the operator to quickly reconfigure multi-functional rooms, the likelihood of the space being used to its full operational potential all day, every day is greatly increased.”

If requirements change over time, the modular nature of i-Track allows the existing layout to be cost-effectively altered, rather than requiring an entirely new system.