Thinner by design ProTherm Quantum PLUS+

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100-Liverpool-Street.Environmental issues influence the construction industry at every stage of the building process. Government legislation and the Building Regulations have become more stringent with every update, requiring more sustainable approaches, and driving the industry to design, construct and deliver more energy-efficient buildings.

Building balconies and terraces over heated space is problematic for architects, designers and contractors: in new-build applications, stringent regulatory requirements and long-term economic viability have created greater demand for improved energy efficiency, while roofing designers and installers must strive to keep overall construction as thin as possible.

In order to meet the required U-values, the insulation will sometimes be installed both on top of and on the underside of the balcony or terrace. Not only can this be time-consuming, technically challenging and pose a condensation risk, it can also add unnecessary costs and increase the overall thickness of the construction.

There remains a huge industry demand for thinner and better performing products that will have a smaller impact on constructability and function in use. These limitations can significantly impact the ability to meet the requirements of Approved Document Part L Approved Document Part M and NHBC Chapter 7.1 when designing inverted roof constructions.  Here the demand to insulate above habitable space can make it difficult for a designer to meet the backdrop of increasing thermal requirements whilst meeting the desire to maximise the glass façade and cater for a level threshold.

ProTherm_Quantum-PLUS-Hybrid copyInverted Roofing System market leader Radmat Building Products developed the ProTherm Quantum Inverted Roof Systems in 2014 to tackle exactly these issues, and in 2016 the BBA Certified ProTherm Quantum VIP Inverted Roof Systems; making it the first Vacuum Insulated Panel system to achieve such an accolade.  Since then, ProTherm Quantum VIP has undergone continual development, resulting in the BBA Certifying ProTherm Quantum PLUS+ VIP Inverted Roof Systems in 2020.

ProTherm Quantum PLUS+ consists of a rigid Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP) robotically coated with an elastomeric waterproof coating, creating a robust ultra-high performance insulation panel with a Design Lambda value of 0.007 W/mK, potentially reducing insulation thickness to 72mm to achieve a 0.15 W/m2K U-value, as opposed to 220mm of Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) or 240mm of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

ProTherm_Quantum-PLUS-Pure copyProTherm Quantum PLUS+ can dramatically reduce the thickness of inverted roofing systems without compromising thermal performance whilst still achieving level thresholds.  Suitable for use in roofs, roof terraces, podiums, enclosed balconies over heated space, insulated walkways, green roofs and blue roofs ProTherm Quantum PLUS+ provides the thinnest and most robust state of the art insulation system for inverted roof construction.

Quantum-PLUS+-Architects-diagramWhether designing an inverted roof to achieve the lowest possible Surface Slab Level to Finished Floor Level (SSL-FFL) or rectifying unexpected slab of floor level issues, ProTherm Quantum PLUS+ provides the thinnest insulation solution for a given u-value in roof, roof terrace, podium and balconies over heated space.

Quantum-PLUS+-Step-diagramTo ensure every project achieves an optimal solution Radmat’s in-house Quantum Design Team provide a full service, from initial outline design and thermal calculation to pre-delivery site survey, providing a final design solution with layout drawings for sign off.  This comprehensive process considers the insulation thickness requirements early in the design process, highlighting potential threshold issues and providing the most cost effective solution to meet the target U-value.

Interior fit out solutions for fabricators

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MEDITE MR BathroomThere is a lot to consider when it comes choosing the right materials for interior fit outs. As well as understanding the client’s desired aesthetic, it’s also important to identify how these materials can withstand certain environments and boost the vitality of an interior space. Especially at a time when people are becoming more conscious about the buildings they occupy. So, what should fabricators use?

Over the years, MEDITE SMARTPLY has developed diverse, high performance panel products that provide, fabricators, designers, and architects with innovative solutions to everyday problems while offering greater design freedom.

The MEDITE MDF range includes technically specialised products ranging in everything from moisture and water resistance, to flame retardance and is suitable for a range of different applications, such as office fit outs, bathrooms, and kitchens, and even furniture.

In terms of versatility, MEDITE PREMIER is one of the more popular choices, thanks to its excellent machinability and consistent quality and thickness, and suitability for standard and bespoke applications. Its smooth face properties make MEDITE PREMIER suitable for the application of veneers, laminates, and surface coatings to achieve the desired result. This is ideal for furniture makers and bespoke craftspeople such as professional joinery company Richard Baker, who have used MEDITE PREMIER in creating bespoke pieces, such as a coffee bar, door profiles and bolection mouldings.

Its sister panel MEDITE PREMIER FR is ideal for applications where a Euroclass B or C fire rated panel must be used, such as in schools and public buildings.

For sensitive environments such as kitchens and bathrooms, MEDITE MR is also a popular choice. MEDITE MR is a moisture resistant MDF panel designed for use in indoor humid conditions and was the choice of product for Infinitus Bespoke Interiors for a client’s art deco-style bathroom. Its easy machinability provided them with great flexibility too.

In addition, we have the SMARTPLY OSB range. These engineered structural panels are manufactured with no added formaldehyde, which makes it safer for fabricators and builders to work with and contributes to a safer overall building. Exposed SMARTPLY OSB/3 panels can also have striking visual appeal. Hanson Architects installed OSB panels throughout their office and meeting room to create an uncomplicated, elegant space.

Like its MDF counterparts, the OSB range is sustainably manufactured and can help realise your clients’ BREEAM, LEED or WELL Standard credentials.

Discover more about MEDITE SMARTPLY’s extensive range of MDF and OSB products and how they can benefit your next project here: https://mdfosb.com/en/application/interior-fit-out

Dani Alu

Barrial Roof Edge Protection – The Safe Option for Any Roof Space

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Barrial_Autoporté_Premium_HDA few good reasons why your next order for edge protection should be for a Barrial Roof Edge Protection System.

Dani Alu (UK) Ltd manufacture and supply an un-rivalled range of collective roof and balustrade systems meeting a diverse range of project applications.  Barrial is the uncompromising range of aluminium roof edge protection systems www.danialu.co.uk/cat/guardrails .

Why Barrial?

Manufactured in aluminium, Barrial technically and aesthetically offers a superior choice in edge protection for flat roof safety.

Slimline look- Rectangular vertical posts of 20 mm wide result in a visually un-obtrusive system

Fixed versions – parapet, roof deck, slab, clamps for standing seams – all fixing possibilities

Freestanding versions – Post centres up to 2.5 m reducing number of posts and weights

Variable height adjustment – Handrail is always parallel to the roof edge

Green roof integration – Concealed base rails improves the finish and minimises trip hazards

Post options – Curved, bent or straight posts offering more design choice to suit the building

Colour choices – Mill finished aluminium or choose your RAL finish

Rooflight safety – Modular systems made to size – secure fragile rooflights quickly

What cost is compliance?

BSEN13374_Guardrail_Dimensions copyIMG_0252Did you know that a roof edge must have a parapet of at least 150 mm present for a standard system to meet compliance of 13374-A (100 mm for 14122-3).  If it is lower any systems must have a toe board installed.  Along with loading criteria, there are simple design rules to meet the current standards, but all too often projects are supplied without (why you may ask) and the building user left unaware.  Barrial is always specified correctly for the individual roof situation.  Every Barrial configuration can prove independent testing to the appropriate standard and every order follows a strict installation guide to guarantee conformity – the safest option to secure your roof space.

It doesn’t cost to do things right, more so when you don’t.  As for the price, well you might just be surprised that to do things right, doesn’t always come at a £££££ !

Why Dani Alu (UK) Ltd?

Barrial_Z_BentPost_1With over 40 years of experience in aluminium fabrication and system development, let us assist with your projects; advise on suitable systems; consult on roof requirements and constraints to make sure your projects receive the very best collective roof edge protection solution available.

Our advice is comprehensive and correct; our product is uncompromised and certified and we remain focused on achieving the perfect procurement experience for you from quotation to installation sign off.

Dani Alu will assist at all stages of the project to guarantee a safe, compliant and low maintenance system results.  Reach out to us at contact@danialu.co.uk, call 01865 595160 or visit www.danialu.co.uk to view our range of aluminium guardrail, glass balustrade and metal works.


Toupret unveils new branding – making it easier to find the right filler

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Toupret has launched a major refresh of its company branding and product packaging to target painting and decorating, building and construction professionals.

The brand already has the strongest product line up across all categories of any filler brand in the UK. With the goal of making a great quality filling job simpler and quicker for professionals, Toupret also wanted to make it much easier for them to choose the best product for their task.

With that in mind, the product range has been completely restructured to ensure crystal clear communication, reflecting the main uses of each filler for the professional customer. This reorganisation started with research talking to professionals to find out exactly what they want from a filler; the entire range has been built around results from these surveys and focus groups.

Exclusive Mockups for Branding and Packaging DesignMany of the products have been renamed to make their application really stand out – for example ‘TX110’ becomes ‘Quick Dry Filler’. The new clean-cut pack designs are also much clearer at explaining use and type of job application in detail, making it simple for professionals to find the right filler for a seamless application. However, Toupret knows it has a loyal customer base and so the old product names remain on the pack to ensure they are still recognisable.

Colour-coded categories for interior, exterior, wood and problem surfaces highlight the main types of projects, plus two quality levels make it easy to find the best product for a job.

Other important features, such as drying times and filling depths, are also highlighted on the front of every product as part of the re-brand. For premium products, icons clearly communicate additional quality benefits, whether ‘Ready To Paint in 30 Minutes’, ‘Highly Flexible’, ‘Extremely Durable’, or ‘Controls Damp’.

Toupret_Find_Your_Perfect_Filler_A4_land_template_CMYKFor the last 80 years, Toupret has been on a mission to supply better quality fillers to professionals by striving to be a reliable, expert, and supportive brand that produces practical and innovative product.

Mark Squire, managing director at Toupret UK said of the rebrand: “The key objectives for the pack re-design were to have a clear differentiation between the categories plus an explanation of what each product is and what it does. On top of that, it was vital we conveyed strong communication of the key product features and benefits, plus reflect the quality choice to professionals giving them relevant choices for the tasks they do.

We are proud of the work we have done over the past 18 months to relaunch Toupret as a modern and dynamic filler brand. Whilst revitalising our pack design to make Toupret even easier to spot on the shopfloor, we have remained steadfast in producing the same class-leading filler that professionals can rely on for optimum results.

Whatever the job, whatever its size, whatever the surface, our complete range of high-quality fillers has the practical answer. Here at Toupret we offer the widest range of fillers in the UK and that is something we want to shout about this year”.



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Wavin AS+ portfolio overview_96dpi_2480x3508px_X_NR-52347Noisy pipes present a challenge in multi-storey buildings all over the world. Whether hospitals, hotels, residential developments or offices, pipe noise can be far costlier to fix post-build than if addressed during planning. Building on the successful 30-year plastic low-noise legacy of the Wavin AS system, the new and improved Wavin AS+ solution provides advanced noise reduction in soil and waste systems.

This new product significantly improves on the existing AS range, with AS+ now reducing the noise level of soil & waste systems better than any other plastic pipe currently in the market. The new solution has a compact design ideal for small and narrow spaces, a unique material composition that delivers perfect sound absorption, and a patented blue seal that enhances leak and failure-proof installation. All of these advancements aid the pipe’s ability to minimise noise pollution, as well as make installation as easy as possible.

Key features of Wavin AS+:

·       Super-easy installation

o   A sculptured spigot significantly reduces push-in force and the self-lubricated blue seal ensures both quiet performance and super-easy installation.

·       Patented blue seal

o   With integrated lubrication, both the composition and shape of Wavin’s blue seal supports a leak-free, easy and failure-proof installation.

·       Wavin Soundcheck Tool

o   To support the planning process, Wavin’s new Soundcheck Tool provides an easy six-step way for meeting the latest in noise regulations, by simulating system acoustics in final installation.

AS+5Karen Stables, marketing manager at Wavin said: “We’re extremely excited about this latest evolution of our AS range. We’ve invested a great deal of time effort in developing exactly the right materials and design. The Wavin AS+ represents a whole new level of performance for plastic low-noise soil and waste systems and an ideal solution for engineers and installers.”.

 While the new AS+ range is perfect for multi-residence projects, it is also suitable for a variety of other applications. Like other Wavin plastics, the material used is durable, corrosion-resistant and able to withstand the chemical attack of all kinds of aggressive waste waters, meaning that more complex settings, such as commercial, healthcare and manufacturing projects, can also benefit from the low noise capabilities of the system. 

 To find out more about Wavin’s new AS+ range, visit http://www.wavin.co.uk/


Smart in the bathroom – sensor-controlled products from HEWI

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Hygiene and sustainability are becoming increasingly important in people’s minds. With the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Fridays for Future movement, the demand for hygiene and sustainability has increased. Especially in public and highly frequented areas, the demand for implementation is high. With sensor-controlled products, HEWI offers functional and design-oriented solutions that make the bathroom experience even smarter and create added hygiene and sustainability.



Touch-free disinfection dispensers enable hygienic hand disinfection

HEWI fittings are well thought-out down to the smallest detail and are characterised by a high level of operating convenience, easy cleaning, hygienic design, safe use and ease of maintenance. The HEWI Sensoric fittings enable a new way of washing hands without touching. A hand movement is enough to start the water flow and a preset time interval to let it end automatically. In this way, there is no contact and the transmission of germs is stopped. The build-up of germs inside is also prevented thanks to the integrated hygiene flush. The time of the flush is adjustable via an app. In this way, water resources can be saved and hygiene in sanitary rooms can be increased. In addition, the cleaning effort for the fittings is reduced. The sensor-controlled fittings are available with matt and glossy surfaces.



Sensor-controlled HEWI fitting

HEWI offers a wide range of sensor-controlled dispenser systems that meet the highest demands in terms of design and functionality. In addition to sensor-controlled soap and disinfectant dispensers, the range also includes sensor-controlled paper towel dispensers. They can all be perfectly integrated into any room concept thanks to different surfaces. There is a choice of polyamide, antimicrobial polyamide, powder coated models in black, grey and white and stainless steel versions. They all reduce the risk of infection through their non-contact use and ensure greater hygiene in sanitary rooms. The possibility of individual adjustment of the amount of soap and disinfectants allows resource-saving and sustainable action


Clark-Drain Technodrain


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Climate change is subjecting us to more rainfall – and it’s set to get worse.

This raises urgent issues for the building profession and its drainage practices, since it’s not only the volume of rainfall that is set to increase (10% more per year on average by the end of this century, compared to 1986 – 2005) but also the frequency of individual heavy rainfall events.

And, this, of course, means significantly increased flooding risk – threatening everything from housing, to parking, retail and commercial sites, industrial developments, critical transport infrastructure, and everything in between.

In short, the deluge is coming, and the growth in housing and urbanisation is accelerating it.

Clark-Drain-Logo-editAlthough our industry alone can’t stop it, it can reduce the risk associated with it – both now and in the future – by adopting a new generation of innovative surface water design and management tools.

John Carter, Head of Sales and Marketing at Clark-Drain, explains what these solutions look like.


Drainage is at the heart of this strategy, and the obvious requirement in an era of increased rainfall is for increased flow capacity.

But this isn’t just about installing larger drains; it’s also about installing drains that manage the flow more intelligently.

So, the use of a linear drain with a sump, for example, not only filters out debris prone to cause blockages and decrease flow efficiency, it also enables the outflow diameter of all channels to be significantly increased.

Likewise, specially designed internal geometry in the drain can actively minimise inert deposits that can clog the channel and reduce flow, or indeed cause or exacerbate flooding.

Critically, incorporating various forms of these intelligent features across a ‘family’ of drainage solutions that are each certified to BS EN1433:2002 means that the same benefits can be delivered – but scaled up where necessary – across every environment, from a house to an airport.

As technical experts in linear drainage, we know that more water demands more than just a bigger channel – it demands a more efficient journey, too.


Whilst drainage innovation is a key weapon in our industry’s fightback against the effects of climate change, it’s of course entirely legitimate to ask what these novel solutions are going to cost, compared to conventional drainage methods.

neofinepaginaDEF (1) copyOur view at Clark-Drain, though, is that innovation – however firmly it is ‘grounded in expertise’, as our own slogan has it – also has to be firmly grounded in the economic reality of our customers’ industry. In other words, it has to pay its way.

The good news is that we see plenty of evidence to suggest that it can. Innovations like our Technodrain solution, for example, help minimise costs in so many ways:

  • The use of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), combined with an external reinforcing structure, makes for units that are light and extraordinarily robust, so they are cheaper to transport, require fewer workers to carry and install them, and are immune to extreme temperature change and chemical attack from hygiene and road surface substances.

They are therefore cost-efficient from the start, but last longer and so offer low life-cost as well.

  • Easy installation features (tongue and groove joints, preformed lateral and vertical channel outlets) enable rapid connection of multiple channels with a ready-mounted grate, and also provide quick and easy connection to both new and existing discharge pipes.

The time, effort, and therefore expense involved in installation is thus kept to a minimum.

  • Flexible configurations and connections (tee- and cross-section joints) mean that the drainage line can be easily adapted, enabling rapid, on-the-fly improvements to be made.

This makes it possible to enhance the accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the whole drainage system.

magnum city c 250 copyTechnodrain is just one of the innovative technologies we create for linear drainage systems.  Our leading portfolio of channel and grate assemblies, monocast, heavy duty and high capacity drainage systems have the design versatility to be used across all construction environments – both residential and commercial – each expertly designed to provide the optimum solution in surface water control.


Climate change means we face challenges – but the fightback isn’t feasible if drainage becomes a financial sink-hole for our industry.

Drainage must become more efficient. It must become more intelligent. It must become more cost-effective.

And we believe it has.  To find out more, please visit clark-drain.com


External insulation for warmer, more efficient housing

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eifs before after

Retrofit of ProRend EIFS external insulation

With the UK due to commit to a dramatic reduction of CO2 emissions, one area of focus is how we heat and insulate our homes more efficiently. External insulation is a solution for housing that achieves thermal efficiency, whileproviding an attractive façade for a property and protecting it against the elements.

ProRend EIFS (External Insulation Finishing System) is a complete solution for renovating properties, both residential and community buildings. ProRend EIFS, from UK company SAS Render Systems, adds a new, breathable outer envelope to the building, comprising of modern external insulation under a durable and decorative render finish.

Improving energy efficiency

If a building has solid walls, is poorly insulated, costs too much to heat or suffers from damp, then retrofitting external insulation can solve the problem. The Energy Saving Trust reports that external wall insulation can reduce annual heating bills by an average of £225 for a gas-heated semi-detached home.

ProRend EIFS gives compliance with Building Regulations Part L- Conservation of Fuel and Power, achieving the current thermal conductivity requirements for walls. There is also choice for the homeowner of colours and finishes.

External insulation retrofit project


Recent ProRend EIFS retrofit project

This renovation project shows retrofit external wall insulation to an existing cottage.

Retrofitted ProRend EIFS rendered wall insulation improved the appearance and thermal efficiency of this home, ensuring low energy running costs for the future.

The render finish is ProRend Colourtex render, that comes in a wide range of standard colours, or can be custom-coloured to match existing buildings.

Some of the many benefits of ProRend EIFS external insulation:

  • EIFS can be applied retrospectively with homeowners in place
  • Does not reduce the floor area of the property
  • Reduces heating bills
  • Reduces internal condensation
  • Gives a new finish to outer walls
  • Solid block insulation will not break up and release fibres
  • Seals draughts and cracks in brickwork
  • Prevents water coming in
  • Adds soundproofing
  • Render gives a durable protective finish
  • Contains biocides to prevent algae to the surface, so is easy to maintain
  • 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee

A housing association retrofit of ProRend EIFS this year

The ProRend External Insulation Finishing System (ProRend EIFS) has a long-lasting, highly water-resistant rendered facade. Unlike internal insulation, it can be applied without disruption and does not reduce the floor area of the house. It renews the appearance of outer walls, filling draughty cracks in brickwork, adds soundproofing, and protects the walls from further exposure damage. The insulation system will reduce condensation on internal walls and prevent water ingress from the outside.

SAS Render Systems can provide a quote to retrofit external insulation to your home, or support and supply long term projects to retrofit external insulation for housing associations. We provide the complete insulation system, including render and coordinating beads, delivered across the UK. SAS also have a network of applicators we can recommend to install the insulation, contact us for further information.

ProRend EIFS can be applied to timberframe buildings as well as solid wall, and there are several options for the insulating material, including A-rated options.

Contact us for more information about the ProRend EIFS system, whether you have one house to update or are looking for insulation solutions for a social housing portfolio.

Coo-Var Swimming Pool Paint 5L

Making a splash this Summer

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Swimming Pool Paint 5LCoo-Var launch a single pack Swimming Pool Paint

‘’We are often asked for advice on painting swimming pools. Whilst we can specify a system, we have never had a product available ‘off the shelf’ in our customers stores. After much time researching and developing our chlorinated rubber resins, we are happy to announce our new single pack easy to use Swimming Pool Paint. Available in the spring for sprucing up those pools in time for summer” says Danielle Dutton, Marketing Manager for Teal & Mackrill.

We’re optimistic that we get the great weather for a staycation in the UK this year!

Brockwell Lido completeCoo-Var Swimming Pool Paint is a carefully selected blend of chlorinated rubber, pigment and solvent. Designed for domestic and commercial Swimming pools for application to bare concrete and render or for pools previously painted with chlorinated rubber systems. It will withstand constant immersion in normal pool conditions providing both an attractive, decorative finish and a long-life protective finish. Painting your pool is no small feat. Always remember that a pool is a specialised structure and should not be treated as just another wall to paint. We strongly recommend you contact our friendly technical services team for guidance before making a decision. There is also a ‘how to’ guide and FAQ’s on the Coo-Var website.

Coo-Var products are recognised for their quality and Swimming Pool Paint will add to the range perfectly.

Features of Swimming Pool Paint include:

  • Provides UV Resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent scrub & chemical resistance
  • Extremely durable
  • Single pack
  • 5L tin available in white or a choice of three blue colours, Pacific Blue, Atlantic Blue and Azure Blue.

poolCoo-Var has been partnering with our customers for more than a hundred years and the result is a range of exceptional, problem-solving products – including their enduring, well-known floor paints – along with outstanding training and technical help.

For more information or technical advice on Swimming Pool Paint please contact the Technical hotline on 01482 328053 or email info@coo-var.co.uk.

To download more information or chat to us online, visit the Coo-Var Website at www.coo-var.co.uk.

Follow us on twitter, Facebook & Instagram for regular updates.



Resin Bound For Aircraft Benches In Wroughton Park

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Terrabase Rustic rejuvenates seating area with low maintenance resin bound paving to solve issue of migrating stone in Wroughton, Swindon.

Wroughton-aircraft-seats-terrabase-rustic-resin-bound-1Addagrip approved contractor Coatstone Surfacing Ltd was invited by Wroughton Parish Council to provide some decorative but practical surfacing to the base of these wooden aircraft shaped benches in Willow Brook Gardens in Wroughton, Swindon, as part of the community garden’s development plan 2018 – 2023.

Wroughton-aircraft-seats-terrabase-rustic-resin-bound-2The wooden aircraft benches which were installed in 2012 as a celebration of the local historical connections to an RAF airbase, were showing signs of damage. Much of this was due to grit from the bases on which the benches stand being transferred on users’ feet, to the seats, resulting in surface damage and erosion of the protective oil coating. The council were looking for a suitable grit-free replacement paving for the bases and resin bound Terrabase Rustic offered just such a finish.

Wroughton-aircraft-seats-terrabase-rustic-resin-bound-4The innovative minimum dig resin bound product was installed without an invasive base to offer a low maintenance, grit free surface with excellent porosity to ensure no standing water.

The upgrade to these seating areas was carried out just before the April Bank Holiday and as the installation was taking place the crew received plenty of favourable comments from local visitors who were pleased to see these lovely benches being upgraded and protected for many to enjoy over the years to come.

The installation was complete in April 2021.