Marley Ashdowne clay rood tiles Aylsham Mix


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Marley has launched an enhanced Ashdowne clay handcrafted range, following manufacturing innovations.  Thanks to advancements in processing technology, the new Ashdowne tiles feature subtle distressed edges and irregularities, replicating a hand-made tile aesthetic.

Marley Ashdowne clay rood tiles Aylsham Mix

Aylsham Mix

Aylsham Mix Close Up

Aylsham Mix

7Z6A3975 - small - Aylesham Mix

Aylsham mix







As pressures around project delivery, especially budgets, intensify, the evolved Ashdowne range offers specifiers all the aesthetics associated with a unique hand-made tile but, with all the benefits and cost effectiveness of a machine-made clay tile.

Stuart Nicholson, Director of Roof Systems at Marley, comments: “There has always been high demand in the market for unique, premium clay roofs that give instant ‘kerb-appeal’. The increased variegation on our evolved Ashdowne handcrafted tile enables specifiers to achieve this bespoke look in a more cost-effective way, allowing them to create traditional warmth and individual character on every roof.

Ashurst Close Up

Ashurst mix

Ashurst Rig

Ashurst mix

7Z6A3991 - small - Ashurst

Ashurst mix

“Following a period of uncertainty for the construction industry, it’s no surprise that specifiers are heavily scrutinising costs and looking to make more cost-effective choices where possible. With growing demand for traditional handcrafted tiles, our evolved Ashdowne range provides an ideal option to reduce project costs without impacting on the overall aesthetic of the roof.  With further developments to Ashdowne planned in 2021, specifiers have access to an even wider choice of clay plain tiles, with the supply and sustainability benefits from being manufactured in the UK and, part of a complete roof system, offering the reassurance of a 15 year guarantee.”

Marley’s Ashdowne handcrafted tiles have variegations and distressed edges, giving each tile a unique character. Available in two colour options – Ashurst and Aylesham Mix – the tiles can create the warmth and character of a traditional hand-made roof.

For more information, or to request a sample, visit

Cistermiser Easyflush no-touch solutions

No-Touch Toilet Flushing Solutions

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BPi Newsletter Cistermiser Easyflush no-touch solutionsBPi Newsletter Cistermiser Easyflush Direct Walkaway toilet flushing infrared sensor for commercial bathroom copyInfrared technology has started to consign traditional toilet flush handles to history, firstly in commercial washrooms (with practical no-touch solutions such as the mains-fed Easyflush Direct from Cistermiser) and now in domestic bathroom settings. Tiny young or arthritic elderly hands might find lever handles difficult to crank or fiddly dual-flush mechanical push-buttons tricky to use. To overcome these problems, infrared sensor-activated WC flushing valves, such as Cistermiser’s Easyflush combined flush and filling valve, can be installed. With options for close-coupled or concealed cistern-fed installs, solutions are programmable in a variety of ways, giving full control over the volume of water used and whether the toilet flushing is activated by ‘touchless’ operation (with a wave of the hand), or ‘occupancy sensing’ operation (by simply standing up and walking away from the WC).

BPi Newsletter Cistermiser Easyflush Direct mains-fed toilet flushing schematicPositioning of IR sensors should be carefully considered during installation, to optimise no-touch toilet activation. Easyflush Wave sensors can be fitted onto front, side or most commonly the top of a close-coupled cistern (as mechanical push-button devices), or conveniently wall-mounted to one side of the toilet at typically 300-400mm distance from the centre line of the pan. Flush operation is activated by the user bringing their hand close to the infrared sensor. A dual flush mode enables the user to select either a part flush or full flush by the length of time their hand is held in front of the sensor.

Easyflush Walkaway occupancy sensors are best fitted directly centrally, just above the close-coupled cistern, so that the user’s proximity movement will always be detected. Toilet flushing is normally activated by the user standing up and leaving the cubicle, although it can also be activated by the user bringing their hand toward the sensor. Dual flush modes are factory-programmed to deliver a part-flush if the user departs from the cubicle within 40 seconds, or a full-flush if the user departs after 40 seconds or more have elapsed.

National Domelight Company Rooflights

NDC turns customer’s distress to delight with bespoke Stardome polycarbonate rooflights

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The Distress…

Having recently purchased a three-bedroom, three-storey terraced house, Laura of Wokingham was dismayed when she discovered the property’s two existing rooflights leaked during the first downpour. With both rooflights being well beyond repair and no desire to make structural changes to the existing roof openings, replacement units of the same size were sought.

The property’s two existing rooflights were located on a flat roof, with one sitting above the bathroom and the other over the second/third-floor stairwell. With the rooflight replacements being an unplanned purchase, alternative rooflights of the same size were requested to avoid more costly structural changes. However, upon closer inspection it became clear that the existing rooflights were not stock sizes and bespoke units would be required.

The Delight…

IMG-20200721-MasterWith a wealth of experience in delivering both standard size and bespoke solutions for residential and commercial properties, NDC was able to provide advice and recommendations over the phone. Due to the size and position of the rooflights in the centre of the flat roof of the three-storey home, NDC’s Sales Exec, Jessica, recommended bespoke polycarbonate rooflights as a cost-effective replacement solution.

The Stardome polycarbonate rooflight with thermally enhanced PVC adaptor kerb and manual hinged ventilation was selected, which is designed to give outstanding natural light transmission and be thermally efficient.

To maximise natural daylight into the property, the rooflight in the stairwell was specified with a clear finish. Meanwhile, to ensure privacy for Laura and her family, the rooflight over the bathroom was specified with a diffused finish, which also ensures an even dispersion of light throughout the room, even on a dull day.

IMG-20200722-WA0004Both units were made to order and were delivered to site when the roofing contractor was ready to install them on the same day.

Despite not planning the purchase, Laura is pleased with her new bespoke rooflights, and in particular the support and reassurance she received from Jessica and NDC when making this distress purchase:

“When I moved into my property, rooflights weren’t a consideration. Yet, when my roof leaked two weeks later due to the existing rooflights, they suddenly became my highest priority. Having a bespoke product made can be quite terrifying, especially when it wasn’t planned, but I soon felt reassured thanks to the support of Jessica at NDC. She was knowledgeable and completely calm about something that was absolutely terrifying to me. I’m delighted that I’m now an official owner of bespoke rooflights and love the finished products.”

IMG-20200722-WA0005“We stock a vast range of products in a wealth of sizes, but sometimes bespoke is the only option,” explains Jessica Smith, Sales Executive at NDC. “It can be daunting for a customer without prior experience of such a project, but I’m glad that we were able to produce the perfect product for Laura. We worked with her roofing contractor to deliver on a day that ensured the product was fitted straight away, and gave Laura the final finished result that she’s pleased with.”

For more information about Stardome polycarbonate rooflights, please click here




Actual Product Supplied:

Bespoke Stardome  UV protected polycarbonate dome with a MK2 vertical thermally enhanced PVC adaptor kerb, 120mm high to underside of flange complete with manual hinged ventilation including portable winding rod. This is designed to be installed on a flat roof with a pitch of no more than 17.5°.

Bathroom: 1 x Diffused Glazed Rooflight to suit an existing roof opening size of 830x1250mm and an overall kerb size of 930x1350mm.

 Stairwell: 1 x Clear Glazed Rooflight to suit an existing roof opening size of 830x1290mm and an overall kerb size of 930x1390mm.

Dani Alu Barrial aluminium roof edge protection system

Dani Alu (UK) Ltd – The Collective Company

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Newsletter image - Barrial_ShoeZd_AnnotatedWith all our manufacturing facilities up and running, Dani Alu are supplying an un-rivalled range of collective roof and balustrade systems meeting a diverse range of project applications.  Not only manufacturers of the Panorama balustrading range (including the unique freestanding glass systems), but also the uncompromising range of Barrial aluminium roof edge protection systems.

Barrial_ESL_RooflightProtection_AnnotatedManufactured in aluminium, Barrial technically and aesthetically offers a superior choice in edge protection for flat roof safety.

Slimline look- Rectangular vertical posts of 20 mm wide result in a visually un-obtrusive system

Fixed versions – parapet, roof deck, slab, clamps for standing seams – all fixing possibilities

Freestanding versions – Post centres up to 2.5 m reducing number of posts and weights

Variable height adjustment – Handrail is always parallel to the roof edge

Barrial_GreenRoof_Integration_AnnotatedGreen roof integration – Concealed base rails improves the finish and minimises trip hazards

Post options – Curved, bent or straight posts offering more design choice to suit the building

Colour choices – Mill finished aluminium or choose your RAL finish

Rooflight safety – Modular systems made to size – secure fragile rooflights quickly

Barrial_VariableHeight_AnnotatedThe most comprehensive range of aluminium guardrail and balustrade systems, always supplied and installed to meet the specific national standards for the application, Dani Alu will assist at all stages of the project to guarantee a safe, compliant and low maintenance system results.

With over 40 years of experience in aluminium fabrication and system development, let us assist with your projects; advise on suitable systems; consult on roof requirements and constraints to make sure your projects receive the very best roof edge protection solution available

Delta Membranes cavity drain membranes (Type C)

Basement Waterproofing: How to Install a Basement Drainage System

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Type C waterproofing system (cavity drainage)

Basement drainage and protection

Gas protection and waterproofing

If using a Type C waterproofing system (cavity drainage) to waterproof a basement, cellar or any below ground structure, a basement drainage system will be required to manage the evacuation of any water ingress which breaches the integrity of the structure.

Cavity Drainage ProductsThe principle of a Type C waterproofing system is to manage and control water ingress.  A basement drainage system will work with the Type C waterproofing system to keep the environment dry.

For the majority of projects, the two systems need to work together – a Type C system without suitable drainage will not keep a basement, cellar or below ground structure dry and a basement drainage system without a Type C system will not adequately keep a basement, cellar or below ground structure dry.

A basement drainage system is made up of four key components, a sump pump, drainage channel, a high-water level alarm and battery back-up.  On occasion the requirement for sump pump, high-water level alarm and battery back-up will not be required if there is a natural drainage to the structure, but this will be specified by the Waterproofing Design Consultant to that specific project.  With structural waterproofing solutions not one system fits all.

Basement Drainage Channels

Basement 2Drainage channels are water collection conduits designed to control water ingress.  These channels are installed around the perimeter of a basement, cellar or below ground structure. They feature a number of holes (preformed holes) that allow any water from the Type C cavity drainage system to enter the channel, then drain into a sump pump (submersible pump station) or suitable discharge point.

Once collected in the sump chamber, the groundwater can then be pumped to a safe evacuation point, often referred to as a ‘sump pump system’.

Drainage channels are available with or without upstands, and are supplied in durable straight lengths, the use of T-junctions, corner pieces, straight connectors, jetting eyes, end caps and access ports.

When designing basement drainage and channels, consideration should always be given to future maintenance. As with all drainage systems, it must be maintainable!

Basement Protection

A high-water level alarm and battery back-up are beneficial to the end user (homeowner).

A high-water level alarm will alert the homeowner when there is a potential fault with the sump pump system or if the sump pumps require a service.

A battery back-up will keep pumps running in the event of mains power failure.

val des portas 6 - Basement waterproofingInstalling basement drainage channels

Drainage channels are embedded into a preformed recess/gully at the floor wall junction of the structural slab.

When correctly installed, groundwater drainage channels will work with the Type C cavity drainage system to mitigate any hydrostatic water bearing against the structure (basement/cellar).

We recommend one sump pump system should be installed for each 50 linear meters of channel; the length of each channel running to the sump should not exceed 25m.

Basement drainage specialists

If you have any questions about basement, cellar or below ground structure drainage then contact our friendly technical team for free advice on 01992 523 523 or email

Addagrip Bracklesham Boat Club pathways

BBA approved Addabound Resin Bound surfacing makeover at Bracklesham Bay for the Bracklesham Caravan and Boat Club

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Bracklesham-Boat-Club-pathways-6aAddagrip approved contractor L A Kattenhorn and Partners Ltd was asked to install a decorative paving for the Boat Club at Bracklesham Caravan and Boat Club at Bracklesham Bay, West Sussex. The client was looking for a decorative hard wearing surface that would suit the coastal location and climate.  BBA approved Addabound, with recycled content, was selected in a warm Sesame blend to create a seaside feel and complement the coastal blue coloured wooden Boat Club building.

Over 150sqm of Addabound paving was installed to the perimeter pathway and entrance area to create a seamless walkway with good slip resistance that could be easily maintained. 

The surfacing installation was completed at the beginning of March 2020.

Bracklesham-Boat-Club-pathways-2a Bracklesham-Boat-Club-pathways

Toupret AIRSPRAY  Spray on plastering

Airless spray plaster for a better finish, fast!

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Toupret prides itself on its history and experience, but always looks forward when it comes to developing and finessing products. This allows Toupret to produce the very finest products for today’s construction and decorating industry needs, including the outstanding AIRSPRAY spray on plaster range – a series of pre-mixed high-tech finishes for use with any type of Airless machine and ready to use straight from the pack.

jobsite + G-2in1-JThese high standard jointing and finishing coats draw on the brand’s 80-plus years of product development, allowing them to marry knowledge and experience with progress and technology. AIRSPRAY products produce fine, first-time finishes with speed, efficiency and reduced mess and spillages. This makes them the complete solution for new-builds and redecoration alike, having been developed with partners in the sector.

As more specifiers and decorators realise the value of airless machine-sprayed plastering,  the system is showing its worth on sites more and more. Speed of application in large projects is a game-changer and can drastically lower labour costs. Reduced waste means efficiencies in product usage and added comfort for users in any environment also make for happy sites and happier end clients.

enduit tout pret mars 2015 © Julia Brechler / Bricolo Factory

AIRSPRAY G is a professional grade, ready-to-use high-build backing plaster with a bright white finish that gets the job underway fast. Right from the 25kg bag, it has excellent levelling characteristics and makes the perfect preparatory substrate base coat on uneven surfaces, before application of a finishing coat. It’s also easy to sand and finish.

The versatile AIRSPRAY 2 IN 1 is a levelling and skimming product that combines the stability of a backing plaster with the smoothness of a skim coat. This fine, white product can be sprayed straight from the 25kg bucket with no mixing. It is a great all-rounder, bringing quality alongside that flexibility, to provide you with a waste-free finish.

AIRSPRAY J is a fine finishing compound that can be used as a perfect top coat for AIRSPRAY G or AIRSPRAY 2 IN 1. The fine and smooth finish is also CE approved for plasterboard jointing and helps to speed up sanding on a job. It comes in a 25kg bucket.

Toupret can provide demonstrations and on-site guidance for these products, as well as bespoke training from our technical team. AIRSPRAY products and the rest of the Toupret range are widely available from leading building and decorators’ merchants across the UK.

For further information on the full Toupret range, see

Construction Specialities Expansion Joint CPD

CS Expansion Joint Cover CPD Now Accredited by CPD UK and available on Demand

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CS are excited to announce that our Expansion Joint Cover Specification CPD Presentation is now available to watch on demand, and has been accredited by CPD UK.

The main focus of this presentation is for the attendee to gain an understanding of how to specify the right expansion joint cover for the building’s use.

cpd-certified-logo-200x182 copyThis seminar aims to cover:

  • What expansion joints are and why they are required
  • What an expansion joint cover is and its function within a building
  • Expressing building movement in various ways
  • The different types of expansion joint covers available
  • Factors that influence selection of an expansion joint cover
  • How to specify

To watch the CPD on demand please click here or to book an in person or webinar version for you and your team please email or call 01296 794302


Smart WiFi tech – bridging the gap

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Timeguard has introduced a range of Smart Wifi Accessories covering everything from  hard-wired smart wall sockets to ‘out-of-the-box’ plug-in controls.

The thinking behind the WiFi Accessories range is that countless ”me too”  DIY gadgets have opened customers eyes to the possibilities of smart control, but also showed them all the downfalls. People are ready for professional help and for branded quality and reliability. No-one wants the hassle that comes along with poor quality, inadequate specification and instructions, and lacklustre support.

Timeguard and Tuya Smart – Worlds leading IoT Platform

thumbnail 2The Timeguard development team chose the proven Tuya Smart IoT (Internet of Things) platform for control of its WiFi Accessories range of Wi-Fi controlled devices.  Tuya works with Alexa and Google Assistant and the free app enables consumers to control all of their smart home devices from a single app, as well as any of the other 90,000 compatible products from other manufacturers.thumbnail

Not all Tuya devices are equal of course – it all depends what functionality manufacturers decide to build in to their devices and what control to offer users.  While the processes for tailoring the Tuya app and getting devices approved is quite robust, a quick Internet search will tell you that some device manufacturers have confused and disappointed end users, and that branded quality will have growing value. With Timeguard you know for sure that genuine Tuya chips have been used, and that good support (from online videos to real people at the end of the phone line) is provided

Tuya also takes the longer view: it’s going to be around for a long time, just like Timeguard, and is ready for other technologies. Just to remind you:  Bluetooth, generally used for data transfer from, say,  mobile phones to nearby  PCs or speakers over a range of 10m or less,  and  ZigBee, a lower-power wireless protocol mesh system ideal for continuous monitoring applications like as smart alarm systems. However, WiFi devices can connect to an existing network hub or router, which means that a PC doesn’t have to be left on to access a remote device like a camera or switches. It’s ideal for most home control applications.

What’s in the Timeguard WiFi Accessories range?

As ever, the Timeguard approach has been to look at the market, see what devices are available, and then apply lateral thinking to make them do more, and do it better!  The Timeguard WiFi Accessories range includes:

  • Indoor camera

The Timeguard difference: Highly-specified with high-resolution two-way audio, night vision, detection masking, and complete with a USB power supply adaptor, these cameras will get the job done. The choice of SD storage or easy upload to subscription based cloud storage.

  • Doorbell with chime

The Timeguard difference:  Wait for someone to press the bell or be notified as they approach the built-in PIR detector. Everything you need to get set up is supplied – you’d be surprised how many Wi-Fi doorbells come without a chime! Multiple chimes can be connected, and they plug in to any 13A socket. The doorbell has reliable, Panasonic-branded batteries and is easily recharged via its USB cable when needed (a single charge should last for four months.

  • Plug In timer adapter

The Timeguard difference: Small but mighty, these 13a (3kW) adaptors offer daily or weekly programming as well as countdown timing and overload protection. Power monitoring lets users see at a glance how much power a connected device is using. These are timers you can trust.

  • 3-way trailing socket with 2 USB

The Timeguard difference:  Pretty much all you need in a single device! Users can time and control each socket individually. Manual over-ride is built in.

  • Bayonet lamp holder adapter

The Timeguard difference: At last a lamp holder adaptor that will hold a standard BC/B22 bayonet lamp. Naturally daily/weekly and countdown timing are also provided by Timeguard.           

  • Twin socket

The Timeguard difference: These 13A (3kW) sockets for professional installation also provided a handy USB port. Daily and weekly timing programmes and countdown timing are offered via the app, with each socket under individual control.

  • 10A in-Line connector

The Timeguard difference:  The functionality of the in-line adaptor is much the same as other products in the range. The big difference is that Timeguard actually thought of what installers need. Want to automate an existing luminaire?  Just wire this in and pop it through the ceiling aperture or in-line with power cord of an appliance.

So there you are: everything you need to supply smart home control that you and your customers can trust.  Check out the range at your wholesaler or visit

Bilco Roof Access Hatch installed at Brentwood Community Hospital

Staying safe: The successful specification of roof ladders

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According to the latest RIDDOR Report, 111 workers were killed between 2019/20, with the largest proportion of fatal accidents being a fall from height.

The appropriate provision of ladders is essential to ensuring the safety of all individuals, particularly with regard to roof access, and must be addressed at the initial stages of a building’s design to ensure long-term suitability and fulfilment regarding duty of care.

Here Tony Stevens, Technical Estimator for Bilco UK, explores the key factors professionals should consider when looking to specify roof ladders for upcoming projects and how to ensure compliance with the legislation outlined in Approved Document K.

Ladder location and usage

Bilco S-50T Roof Access Hatch installed at Brentwood Community HospitalThe first considerations that must be addressed when specifying a ladder to gain roof access is where the ladder will be mounted and the requirement of any additional safety elements to ensure the safety of the individual at all times when the product is in use.

If a ladder is to be mounted externally to gain access to a roof, it must be fitted with a safety cage and guard rail to ensure safe and secure access.

Where frequent access to the roof area is required for maintenance personnel, tools and equipment, a companionway roof hatch like the CS-50TB, which is a larger elongated access hatch, should be chosen.

The companionway ladder is a 75 degree angled, rigid ladder, which provides permanent access to a roof hatch of up to 2440mm.

For a small roof access hatch, such as the Bilco E-50TB, which has internal dimensions of 915mm x 915mm, a fixed vertical ladder should be specified. In this instance a retractable ladder would not be recommended, as the ladder angle would hinder easy access as an individual moved closer to the hatch.

ladder-wcage-video-screenshotHowever, retractable ladders are ideal for use in areas including schools and hospitals where the roof hatch is bigger in size and the floor area must remain clear at all times. The ladders can be mounted above a ceiling and are compatible with additional vertical backboards that include steps and a handrail for enhanced safety and security and have a maximum size of 1500mm. Dependent on each project’s specific requirements, the ladder can also be supplied with fire rating to meet relevant building regulations.

If access to the roof area via a smoke ventilator is required, such as the Bilco ESW-50REM, a retractable ladder is not appropriate. The construction and mechanisms of a retractable ladder would prevent the flow of smoke through the vent, making this style of ladder unsuitable for safe and clear access. A fixed vertical ladder is the only recommended style to use in conjunction with a smoke ventilator due to the small footprint.

Ladder height and suitability

When specifying a retractable ladder, it is essential that you know the height of the space between the ceiling and the roof, more commonly known as the roof void. This is to ensure the ladder box liner will fit inside the space once retracted.

Calculating the height of the floor to the underside of the roof access hatch should also be done at the initial stages to ensure the ladder isn’t too short or long. It may seem obvious, but this is an area that is commonly overlooked!

Importance of collaboration

Poledance 1 lowThere are a range of elements that must be addressed when specifying ladders, particularly when gaining access to a roof. To ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and to ensure the long-term safety of individuals when using the ladder, it is vital that all considerations are sufficiently addressed at the initial stages of a building project.

By working closely with manufacturers and taking a proactive approach, professionals can ensure the ladders specified are not only fit for purpose, but safely and successfully meet the unique requirements of each development.

For further information on Bilco UK’s complete range of roof access solutions, visit or call 01284 701696.