Indoor Air Quality concerns impact specifications for Paints and Coatings; Graphenstone

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Mineral and graphene technology paints company GRAPHENSTONE, are reporting sharply increased demand for their sustainable range of air-purifying, CO2 absorbing, VOC free hygienic paints.

The negative health ramifications from toxic petro-chemical, plastic based paints is becoming more widely recognised.  Historically, the area of key interest from consumers was purely colour, with most not appreciating the ecological and health implications of this most basic of selection criterias.

Heavily polluting paint production processes, in addition to the highly negative impact in homes and offices of toxic fumes on Indoor Air Quality from solvents and VOC’s went unrecognized.  After painting, are you aware that the VOC levels in your space can increase by up to 1000 times?  Manufacturers did react to some of the most damaging issues of the past decades, by for example removing lead content and some of the worst offending VOC heavy products, as regulations tightened.

Recently however, events are forcing changed at a much faster pace.  The widely publicised ecological crisis, so effectively documented by David Attenborough, Greta Thunburg and others, and now boosted by the recent Covid pandemic, are forcing much quicker developments.

Up until now, there was typically a compromise on performance in the selection of more ecological products.  Also, many manufacturers have attempted to climb aboard the ‘eco-friendly’ marketing bandwagon.  The majority of these brands have no genuine, independently verified certifications to support their claims which has resulted in an inevitable ‘green-washing’ backlash,… who can we trust?

Graphenstone have now secured more than 20 of the most recognised ‘harm-free’ certifications from the most eminent of product evaluation specialists globally.  These include Cradle to Cradle (certified Gold and Silver), Eurofins (Indoor Air Comfort Gold), Ecolabel and many others.

Cradle to Cradle Institute for example dig deep into all aspects of your product, for example down to 100 parts per million in respect to ingredients, the sourcing of materials, the efficiency and renewability of water and energy use in production, local social responsibility, as well as how the products die out; it’s a thorough, demanding and expensive process.

Graphenstone’s paints are also BREEAM, WELL, and LEED compliant and benefit from EPDs (European Product Declarations).  The firm has developed a unique profile in the paints market.  The range has no toxicity.  In fact these products actively CLEAN and PURIFY the air, the pure lime based ranges removing CO2, SOx, NOx and other pollutants.  What a total 180 degree turnaround from the polluting, toxic plastic based paints so widely specified in recent history.

Highly breathable, anti-bacterial (inhibiting all micro-organisms), Fire-proof (A1 EU, Class ‘0’ UK), Vegan, VOC free, Class 1 strength and in a range of over 1000 colours, we’ve created a beautiful matt lime based paint reinforced by graphene technology, a form of carbon which is the strongest material on earth.  With no smell as well as quick drying, these paints contain no chemicals, plastic, microbeads, solvents or preservatives, with no traces of MIT or BIT.  They are the Kings of Healthy and Sustainable paints.

To make the sustainable, environmental claim, the regularity of painting is crucial.  Consequently, strength is a fundamentally important asset in more ways than one.  Mineral products wouldn’t normally compete in respect to durability and life-cycle with synthetic-binder based paints (such as vinyl or acrylic).  And this would typically result in a negative footprint ecologically, given the requirement for more regular repainting.  However, via the introduction of graphene technology, providing structural support at the molecular level to the minerals, Graphenstone’s range offer Class 1 strength like an acrylic.  But with none of the negatives in production or application, ensuring clean air in homes and offices.

Once applied, our paints could stay on your wall in a healthy and sustainable condition, for decades!

The Graphenstone pure limes can absorb up to 5.5Kg’s of CO2 per 15 litre pot!  This offers the genuine concept of converting your walls into a natural air-purification system!  Acrylic, VOC heavy options offer only a constant emitter of toxic fumes, impacting on the health and respiratory systems of all those living in these spaces.  Graphenstone’s option can be compared to ‘painting trees’ into your house or office!

In conclusion, our message to designers is to carefully evaluate what product you specify.  Is it genuinely in the interests of the people who’s lives will be impacted by that selection.  Also, it’s a fundamental requirement now to check that the claims made by those brands you choose to work with can be independently verified and that the impact of your final decision is truly ‘harm-free’ for both, Nature, People and the Environment.

The future of clean, durable, advanced and sustainable paints is in fact available today.

OMNIE Underfloor heating system


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A development of three detached, five-bedroom homes in the market town of Raunds near Northampton is utilising renewable heat packages featuring air source heat pumps, delivered by whole house systems specialist, OMNIE, part of the Ridgespear Group.   The solution, for Tophaven makes use of quiet running heat pumps positioned at the rear of each home, with OMNIE’s Staple underfloor heating system installed over Cellecta Tectris insulation on the ground floor slabs with the manufacturer’s versatile LowBoard panels and pipework serving the bedroom levels.  All of the installation has been carried out by the developers in-house team, with OMNIE completing the commissioning work. The founder of Tophaven, Ian Johnson, commented: “We hadn’t made use of whole house underfloor heating systems before, because we were mainly building smaller houses, but with larger properties like these and the general move towards more sustainable and low carbon heating systems, we got back in touch with OMNIE to consider their heat pumps solutions. I feel that taking a complete package is definitely the best, where you get everything sized correctly for the building’s requirements based on the heat pump’s output. OMNIE’s technical side has always been very good and not only are we pleased with the outcome here, we’re just starting another project with a similar set up.”

Tony Sexton of Tophaven commented: “This is my first experience of installing the OMNIE underfloor heating systems, but I think the systems are exceedingly good with well-designed diagrams for each floor and the LG heat pumps are also more straightforward than the other two types of air source I’ve previously fitted.  Although these are quite large, five bed properties, it was taking two days to lay the Staple system across the ground floor and four to five days for the upstairs, installing the LowBoard across the main decking and fitting the pipework into the channels before connecting up to the manifolds and then laying the plywood finish “

“The layout drawings were easy to follow and where I did have any issues the OMNIE engineer, Dave Thomas, provided answers immediately.  The residents who have moved into the properties are all very pleased with the output and comfort.”

While the Staple system is covered by a conventional screed, the LowBoard circuits are being overlaid with 6mm plywood, ready to take either laminate flooring or a rubber underlay in the areas being carpeted.  The LowBoard panels are a widely specified and very popular product within OMNIE’s Ultralow offering with an overall panel depth of 21mm, accommodating 12mm diameter pipe runs.  This offers low water volume, while the relatively small diameter pipe is also easy to push into the precisely routed board profiles.   OMNIE underfloor heating systems are ideal for delivering efficient and comfortable warmth within well insulated, new or refurbished buildings, while helping ensure its various ground or air source heat pump options, or other renewables, run at optimum efficiency.

OMNIE can provide consultants and contractors with a full specification, design and supply service for projects in the domestic, commercial and other sectors.



TEL: 01392 363605       FAX: 01392 364871

EMAIL:       WEB:

DuPont™ AirGuard® A2 FR

Dupont Tyvek AirGuard® A2 FR AVCL – A fire retardant AVCL with European Fire Classification A2

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DuPont AirGuard® A2 FR enhances the building fabric in terms of airtightness, energy efficiency and moisture management, improving indoor air quality and providing exceptional fire safety to the building and its occupants.

DuPont AirGuard® A2 FR

Surpassing the Fire Regulations

Today the fire performance of materials used in buildings is under closer scrutiny than ever before and the regulations continue to be updated. DuPont has introduced a step change in their building membranes offering: a fire retardant AVCL with European Fire Classification A2.

Membrane & Tape System – Independent Classification: A2-s1,d0

For DuPont AirGuard® A2 FR AVCL to provide effective airtightness and vapour control it is crucial that all laps, junctions and penetrations are sealed. In order to give assurance that a complete system is ‘fire-safe,’ a full system test, including horizontal lap sealing with Tyvek® 2060M Tape has been successfully tested according EN 13501-1 at the Prüfinstitut Hoch -> Classification Report, KB-Hoch-200148, 4th March 2020.

Features & benefits

Feature Benefit
Fire Classification surpasses all national building regulations and standards for construction materials used in walls in the UK and Ireland ·  Fire-retardant

·  Suitable for all building types, heights and proximities

Tested and classified for free-span, on mineral wool slab, gypsum plasterboard or fibre cement board ·  Suitable for all building types, heights and proximities

·  Suitable for high humidity buildings, such as swimming pool halls etc

Exceptional tear and tensile strength characteristics ·  Durability
CE Marking (BBA certification pending) ·  Independently certified, showing aged results

Download the Brochure: DuPont™ AirGuard® A2 FR Brochure








Naylor Clay drainage pipes


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Naylor Denlok 1After some 12 months of intensive engineering improvements involving significant cash investment, the Denlok Clay jacking pipe manufacturing facility at the Naylor Drainage Cawthorne site in Barnsley, UK has increased its capacity 3-fold to ensure the requirements of both the UK and Export markets can be fully satisfied.

The production facility revamp was undertaken after a full review of the Denlok production process and the investment was made to address various capacity constraints. Capital investments to improve the process included the installation of improved handling equipment, modernisation and refurbishment of pipe-end grinding machines, new coupling fitting machinery and improved product testing.

The good news outcome for No-Dig installation contractors is that as of 1 February 2021, DN150 to DN300 Denlok pipes in 1 metre lengths will be consistently available directly from stock. Other sizes will remain on a ‘made-to-order’ basis but with significantly reduced lead-times.


Naylor Denlok 2Denlok is a vitrified clay jacking pipe available in sizes from DN150 to DN600. Clay has high inherent strength and Denlok provides both high jacking strength and load bearing capability.

For example, a DN300 pipe has a crushing strength of 120 kN/m and a jacking strength of 4,245 kN. Denlok’s 5 bar rated end seals provide excellent resistance to root ingress and using clay as a sewer pipe material ensures pipeline longevity. Clay also has a high degree of chemical resistance to effluents as well as ground conditions that could corrode other materials.

As well as revamping the production facility, Naylor has also introduced a new management and sales team to support the Denlok product. MD Richard Edwards’ involvement in clay follows senior roles in businesses manufacturing Ductile Iron and latterly Plastic pipes.

Denlok Product Manager Stuart Steel has spent the last 6 years at Naylor working with technical products including Denlok. His previous experience included 10 years working with technical products in the construction sector, providing relevant project support to consultants and contractors. Reece Hargreaves has taken on the role of managing enquiries and orders for all existing domestic and international customers.

Naylor Denlok 3Commenting on the successful re-establishment of the Denlok product process, Stuart Steel said: “Naylor has been involved in trenchless technology since the very early days of its development. We have been conscious of the need to invest in this area to keep up with increasing demand and the production facility overhaul has allowed us to raise our game and service the market with high quality products available from stock.”

Richard Edwards added: “Having a history of working with various pipe materials, the benefits of clay in trenchless pipe installation are quite clear to me. Our new commitment to holding significant stock and providing excellent and consistent delivery performance will ensure our customers are able to provide the best solution on-time.”

The final word goes to Barnsley-based Trenchless Solutions Ltd, a leading No-Dig contractor with a wide range of guided auger boring capabilities. Steve Varley, MD commented: “We have worked with Naylor over a number of years, from when we initially started as a company to the present day. We have always had an excellent relationship with Naylor and have received first class support when required. Naylor’s plans to increase stockholding will help us further and ensure we will be able to utilise Denlok jacking pipes on more projects in future.”


Profab Access Series 4000 Riser Doors

Profab Access rises to the top at Aungier Street Student Accommodation

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Situated in the heart of Dublin just a short walk or cycle from Trinity College, Royal College of Surgeons Ireland and University College Dublin, Scape Aungier Street is a new state-of-the-art student accommodation complex.

Offering a diverse range of high quality accommodation options, from en suite rooms in shared apartments, through to large and premium studios, the latest Scape development features communal study spaces, large open plan kitchens and gym areas to offer students all of the amenities they require.

As part of the construction process, which was managed by John Paul Construction, 226 Profab Access 4000 Series Riser Doors were specified for installation by AE Doors throughout every part of the building, including the communal areas and individual bedrooms.

The 4000 Series Riser Doors offer the highest standards of fire safety, supplied with comprehensive CERTIFIRE bi-directional certification from third party accredited testing, Warrington Fire.

This means the riser doors are fire tested from both sides to two hours, providing the specifiers, contractors and ultimately the students residing within the building with confidence the critical fire integrity products offer the highest standard and most up to date evidence for fire safety performance.

The 4000 Series is the only riser door in the UK to be independently bi-directionally fire tested and certified by an accredited third party to ensure legal compliance.

The steel riser doors feature a slimline construction that doesn’t compromise on quality or functionality, offering aesthetics without compromise. Providing clean and concealed access to the riser shafts, the unobtrusive doors were specified with a central key cylinder lock and hinges on one side.

This significantly streamlined the installation process for the team at AE Doors and reduced the risk of damage to the doors upon installation, particularly in the student bedrooms and bathrooms where access was restricted.

Pat Woods, Technical Sales at AE Doors, said: “Given the nature of this development we knew the quality and durability of the riser doors was paramount to ensure their longevity and continued efficiency.

“We have supplied and installed Profab Access’ riser doors for over two years and continue to be extremely impressed with the quality of construction, so we knew the 4000 Series would be the ideal choice for this project.

“The products are extremely easy to install and as they are manufactured in the UK, they are available with impressive lead times. This meant we could ensure the development of the project was kept on track, ready for its opening this autumn.”

In the event of a fire, the doors will maintain their frame and integrity for up to two hours, preventing the spread of fire throughout the property for this period of time.

The riser doors are 35dB acoustic rated, smoke sealed and airtight to Part L, whilst also featuring intumescent smoke seals that enable occupants to safely exit the building. By specifying the CERTIFIRE bi-directionally fire tested 4000 Series Riser Doors, the development is actively future proofed as the comprehensive testing certification provides a complete and transparent audit trail of due diligence that evidences the products are not only fit for purpose, but meet the duty of care required to ensure legal compliance.

Mick Hill, Lead Technical Manager at Profab Access, said: “Scape provides students across Ireland, the UK and Australia with contemporary accommodation that offers the highest standards in quality, safety and functionality.

“The specification of our 4000 Series bi-directionally fire tested riser doors throughout all areas of the new Aungier Street development is a further reflection of this commitment, ensuring the building features the highest levels of riser shaft fire protection currently available on the Irish and UK markets.”

The 4000 Series Riser Doors were supplied with a high quality powder-coated matt surface, which were finished on-site in a range of bold colours to reflect the contemporary interior design scheme.

Profab Access’ diverse portfolio of riser doors and access panels are supported by a wide range of BIM Level 2 and CAD files to aid the specification process and streamline the initial design stages.

Manufactured at Profab Access’ Atherstone headquarters in accordance with ISO 9001, the 4000 Series Riser Doors can be specified and installed in a range of configurations to meet each project’s specific measurements and requirements.

For further information on Profab Access and its range of access panels, riser doors and steel doors, call +44(0)1827 719051 or visit

Elite Precast Concrete Ltd

Legato blocks are used to build a perimeter push wall at an east London metal recycling facility…

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RSG Structures and Elite Precast Concrete Ltd recently undertook full design and build of a new 120m long x 3.2m high perimeter push wall for a new metal recycling facility in East London. 

The wall was constructed using an RSG proven method of in-situ foundation/plinth with Elite Precast Legato blocks installed onto it. The headline figures on this project were 441no blocks from Elite Precast Concrete delivered and installed in 4 days. That’s the equivalent of 400m3 of ready mix (or 67no wagons) with just two men and it was ready to put to use as soon the blocks were in position.

An in-situ wall of similar size and strength would have taken weeks longer to construct and then it needs to cure before being out to use.

Gareth Neale, Managing Director of RSG commented: “We use many different methods of construction in our day to day business, but when it comes to constructing a wall of this size, to take the design loads specified and with a fast build time, there is nothing that comes close to the Legato block. The fact that we can alter the layout by use of the “bendi” blocks which allow us to follow any change of direction and design the  strength of the wall by the addition of a “soldier course” at the bottom and with buttresses added,  is why we often favour the block system over more “traditional” methods. L walls, T walls and other precast systems are great, but a 3m L wall, will always be a 3m L wall and that’s all it can be. I can build a 3m high block wall that is purely designed for wind loading and then by a quick change of design, it becomes a 3m wall that can take scrap metal to full height with a surcharge and the impact of a 20t shovel. By the same token, if the height wants to be increased or decreased a simple design check and it’s done. That simply cannot be achieved with other standard precast units. We always use Elite Precast for our large blocks (Legato) as we need to count on the quality and supply of product. All of our projects are fully designed as I want to be able to sleep at night when I am building walls that I know are going to get a hammering. There are cheaper block suppliers out there but I want to use a manufacturer that I know will always deliver. Any rejected product or delayed deliveries when we are on site will end up costing a lot more than any money I might have saved from one of the “cheap” suppliers”

For further information about the Legato blocks please contact or call 01952 588555

For further information about the wide range of services offered by specialist contractor RSG Structures Ltd please call Gareth on 08452 997597


KEIM Mineral Paints

Breathe easily with KEIM Mineral Paints

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Poor outdoor air quality, as result of air pollution, has negative impacts on both human health and the natural environment. Whilst levels in some areas have been declining, there are more measures which need to be taken, specifically with regards to Nitrogen Oxides.

Nitrogen Oxides are produced by combustion as emissions from cars, trucks, buses and power plants. Nitrogen Oxides contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone, fine particle pollution and are linked with several adverse effects on the respiratory system.

Whilst outdoor air pollution is important, we also need to consider the potential health effects of poor indoor air quality. Indoor air quality can have negative impacts on building occupants, particularly for groups of people with specific sensitivity to pollution including the young, elderly and those who suffer with existing respiratory health conditions.

The impact of air pollutant on human health depends on their toxicity, concentration and exposure period, but with research suggesting that, on average, people spend 90% of their time indoors, the effects can range from odour, to irritation, to more serious toxic effects. In working and learning environments such as offices and schools, poor indoor air quality can significantly impact productivity and impair learning.

Indoor air pollution is created by a mixture of pollutants generated from inside the building and external pollution which migrates indoors.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimate that approximately 7,000,000 worldwide will be killed by air pollution every year.

KEIM have two paint solutions that can help neutralise air pollution, for internal – KEIM Ecosil-ME® or external – KEIM Soldalit-ME® use. Both systems are high performance photocatalytic mineral silicate paints and reduces noxious gases and odours, transforming them into natural substances.

Photocatalytic mineral paints provide long-life environmentally friendly, highly light reflective and pollution reducing paint finishes.

Other key features and benefits of KEIM Mineral Paints include easily cleanable, UV stability, incombustibility, extremely low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and resistance to mould and fungal growth.

KEIM Mineral paints are different, because they are manufactured using natural earth oxide pigments and potassium silicate. They do not contain any harmful ingredients such as solvents or petrochemicals and have no detrimental effect on either the substrate, environment or air quality. When applied to mineral substrates, KEIM Mineral paints penetrate into the surface creating a microcrystalline structure which provides an integral protective and decorative finish. This crystalline structure allows free passage of moisture vapour, eliminating blistering and flaking of paint. Mineral paints also protect the surface from the ingress of moisture.

As always, the experts at KEIM can provide on-site support or trials of all products, as well as bespoke training from our field-based team.

If you have a project you would like our advice on, please call us on 01952 231250 or email

For further information on KEIM Mineral Paints, please see

Timeguard EVO

Taking outdoor LED to the next level for professionals

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The demand for automatic outdoor LED lighting never seems to fade. There are plenty of products for installers to choose from, but which should you choose to add a professional touch? We looked at the trusted Timeguard range:


  • Customisation

One of the ‘Top’ products since its launch, is the Timeguard LED Pro range, a range that really does tick all the boxes for professional installers.

For those of you still unfamiliar with the concept, LED Pro is a range of floodlights with interchangeable controls. Installers choose the most suitable floodlight power for the job at hand, IE: 10W to 100W per flood, and then decide how they want it switched: PIR, photocell, RF remote, or as a slave – and plug the two together on site. Change your mind? It’s easy to mx and match. Look out for a new integrated functionality later this year, which will be ideal for new installs or to update existing ones.


  • Wide beam lights that really do flood

It might sound simple, but the right sort of illumination can’t be taken for granted. When it’s right, it’s the signature of good quality design. If you need greater light coverage be sure to ask for a wide beam floodlight design.

Uncontrolled LED’s emit a straight beam so, if the floodlight isn’t designed to control and distribute the light evenly, the floodlight will have a spotlight-like effect when what people really want is a wide even spread of light. A quick check is to keep a look out for lenses over the diodes as that’s a sure tip that the designer has considered light beams and angles. Where you have a big area to illuminate, choose LED floodlights with arrays designed specifically to provide the ‘really wide’ beam you may need. It is an option we now offer across our ranges, including the LED-X rust-resistant models.

  • Rust free good looks

Rust resistance is crucial for keeping good looks and avoiding the tell-tale sign of unsightly running marks often seen down the wall. Even though most LED floodlights are now made primarily of polycarbonate, the brackets are normally always mild steel that will corrode and rust. That’s why we designed the rust resistant range, ideal for coastal areas or installation in damper places with every single metallic component, including the bracket manufactured from rust-resistant 316 stainless steel – even down to the screws on the PCB board.

When we designed the rust resistant floodlight range, we also took the opportunity to devise an optional pan & tilt bracket that allows for the floodlight to be panned sideways (left & right) and then vertically by the floodlight fitting itself for precise and accurate area illumination.

Using stainless steel components inside and out keep these lights corrosion-free for years and allowed for a curved bracket so you can pan as well as tilt the lamp to suit.

  • The not-so-basic bulkheads

Demand for bulkhead designs that sit flush to the wall never falters, but there’s no reason for them to be left behind in the quality and design stakes. We continue to improve on them and, while we still offer retro die-cast models, our LED88 polycarbonate versions with & without PIR’s seem to be a market favourite. Easy to install, easy to use and easy on the eye.

  • Small is beautiful

When we first introduced the revolutionary design of the ultra-compact Nighteye range, with both single headed and twin headed versions, it was widely seen that the single units are hardly bigger than a man’s hand – wow!  “Could they do the job”, you asked?  Well, they certainly can, and they’ve proved that they also last the course and give years & years of service. The next step was evolution, incorporating the PIR detector within the main housing in the EVO range so that the detectors are ‘hidden’ but still offer easy to set time and lux control settings. With single and twin floodlight options in black or white, they look great and they do a great job!  We rest our case.

Available in black and white these lamps with concealed PI detectors are hardly bigger than your hand

Find out more at – or give us a call us and we can talk about the ranges available and which ones best suit your needs.

Koster KB Flex 200

Product Focus – Koster KB Flex 200

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With a long background in structural waterproofing, Delta’s Director, Christopher Burbridge, tells us all about one of his favourite products.

As much as I love structural waterproofing (and trust, me I really love it), Koster products really are a place to invest when it comes to your project needs. I’m not saying you must drop half your budget on a lot of products, but you do have to invest time, research and yes, perhaps a little cash, when it comes to creating a robust solution.

What is it? Where did it come from?

A WOW product and one that never fails to impress me is Koster KB Flex 200. I absolutely love how Koster KB Flex 200 can instantaneously stop water in its tracks. Within seconds KB Flex 200 can solve massive problems, turning into an incredibly easy solution.  It’s a great “Impact” product.

It is incredibly useful on lots of waterproofing project and is user-friendly.

Koster Bauchemie AG have been specialising in development and production of high-quality waterproofing systems since 1982. Their headquarters are in the lovely town of Aurich, Germany.

Delta Membrane Systems is the UK distributor of Koster products.

What does it do?

Koster KB Flex 200 is a permanent plastic sealing compound ideal for sealing pipe and cable penetrations, cavities and for custom detail waterproofing solutions against moisture and pressurized water.

Prior to application, the Koster KB-Flex 200 cartridges are laid into warm water and heated to approx. +30 °C. This ensures that the material has the optimal consistency for application. The application area flanks must be thoroughly cleaned from the inside so that they are free of dust, sand and other loose particles.


Koster KB Flex 200 must be dimensioned so that the ratio of the width (w) to the diameter (d) of the installed material is not below 1.5:1. The maximum diameter of the waterproofing is 300 mm. Before applying Koster KB Flex 200, a backing is installed in the penetration at a depth of 10 cm using a common 2C PU foam. The Koster KB Flex 200 cartridge is then placed in the gun and the material is pressed into the penetration from back to front utilizing the nozzle so that the resulting layer thickness is at least 8 cm.

what keeps you continually using it?

Delta has an incredibly famous phrase “locking down a structure”. When we use this in a technical term, we are looking to stop any active water/leaks percolating through the structure at that time and/or to protect areas that are weak points such as service penetrations, which have the potential to leak. We need to ensure these areas are sealed prior to the application of the waterproofing system.

As I mentioned previously Koster KB Flex 200 is a great impact product. It makes the job of “locking down a structure” an incredibly easy one.

Koster KB Flex 200 can be used anywhere – from existing structures, to basements, swimming pools, as well as on new build projects.

The product is ideal because:

  • it doesn’t require ongoing maintenance
  • it instantly can stop flowing water
  • it doesn’t dry out and remains permanently mouldable
  • it adheres extremely well to dry and moist substates
  • it’s a great solution for sealing pipe and cable penetrations along with leak sealing and gap filling and sealing
  • it can be applied to dry, moist or wet substrates
  • it has an immediate functionality
  • it’s suitable for both positive and negative waterproofing

Want to witness Koster KB Flex 200 in action?  We have a great “How to” video guide on our website “How To” Video Guide – Koster KB Flex 200 – Delta Membranes and we absolutely love showing our customers how great a product this is by doing live demonstrations at Delta HQ.

If you’re passing HQ and would like a demo – we’ll always be happy to show you the value of this product.

To find out more about Delta products, call 01992 523 523 or email:

Eurocell PVC-U windows doors and conservatories

Keeping pace with home improvement demands

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At Eurocell, our extensive product range ensures that we not only supply the products the market wants, but that we’re also providing the practical benefits and added value advantages fabricators need.

Locally made, locally recycled

Top of the agenda for many people is the issue of sustainability, and as we move towards a zero-carbon society this is only going to become more important. To play our part, approximately one third of the 60,000 tonnes of product we make is recycled. We achieve this by creating the engineered central core, which typically makes up 50% of a product, from recycled material while any products not exposed to direct sunlight are 100% recycled. In fact, we’re so committed to sustainability that we’ve invested over £10m in developing our PVC-U recycling plant.

Not only do we do all our recycling in the UK, but all our manufactured products are produced in a number of production sites in the UK, with the main extrusion being in our purpose-built facilities in Derbyshire. This ability to both manufacture and recycle all Eurocell products within the country means that they have the smallest carbon footprint possible. The home-grown self-sufficiency we’ve built up also means that we don’t depend on long supply chains and can ensure a continuity of supply to our customers.

Amazing aesthetics

Windows, doors and conservatories have a significant impact on a home’s appearance, so we’ve developed our systems in a wide variety of colours and styles to ensure that we’re always ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest design trends. A great example of this is our anthracite grey colour option, which has become a popular choice thanks to its high-end visual impact. We’ve even created frames that extend this colour throughout the whole profile, rather than just on the surface foil, so there’s no sign of a white PVC-U core. This creates a premium all-grey appearance without incurring the cost of an expensive aluminium frame.

If grey isn’t the right shade, we’re able to provide frames in an almost unlimited array of colours and styles. This includes the PVC-U Modus system, which is available in colours to fit any design scheme and which can even be supplied with metallic and woodgrain finishes.

Creating bright and open homes

Perhaps the space where maximising light is the most important is the conservatory. Available in a wide variety of visual options, from classic Edwardian and Victorian styles to bespoke designs, our conservatory collection has the solution for any project. For even more versatility, homes with flat roofs can use our Skypod roof lantern range, while homeowners with conservatories that want to make them more thermally comfortable spaces can utilise our Equinox tiled conservatory roof system.

Closer collaborations

To make it even easier for fabricators to offer the full range of Eurocell products, we’ve launched the Fabricator Network Portal. This online platform allows fabricators to easily identify and trade with other fabricators in their area that have products they may not. This means that fabricators don’t have to worry about restricting their offering to a reduced selection of Eurocell solutions, as they’ll be able to access the whole range, enabling them to easily provide their customers with a wider variety of products.

The winter season is likely to be a busy time for fabricators and the whole home improvement industry. By making it easier to collaborate and source the right products at the right time, it will help everyone to work faster and smarter so that we can we start the new year on a strong and successful footing. As we’re always innovating and coming up with new ideas, products and services at Eurocell, you can rest assured that we’ll be there to make sure you can keep this growth going all throughout 2021.