AUTOPA Cycle compound

Join the cycling revolution

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Cycling is currently enjoying a renewed surge in popularity in the UK and with added investment being funnelled into developing cycling infrastructure, the number of cyclists is set to grow. Our homes and offices must be able to cope with this change of lifestyle and adding cycle storage facilities is now vital for any new build.

Creating an effective and user friendly cycle storage area is easy to do, and it can help to meet your sustainability targets as well. Both BREEAM and The Code of Sustainable Homes allocate up to two credits if adequate cycle parking provisions are in place.

Cycle Stands

cycle-stands-section-image-copyCycle Stands are at the heart of every cycle parking area and are ideal for all locations. Fully scalable, the number of stands that can be installed is only limited by the size of your site. The Sheffield Cycle Stand is favoured by cyclists, and regulators, as both the wheel and the frame can be locked to the stand for added security.

AUTOPA has been manufacturing cycle stands since the 1950s and has a wide variety of stands and holders to suit every site and budget. Working on a prestigious development? Our Illuminated Sheffield Cycle Stand features a low voltage LED and will enhance any environment it is installed in.

Cycle Racks

Cycle Racks are ideal for creating a high density cycle parking area in a relatively small space. The majority of our cycle racks utilise alternating height cycle holders to reduce the space required between the stands, thereby increasing the number of bicycles that can be stored in a given area.

Cycle Shelters

cycle-shelters-section-image-copyIn order to comply with BREEAM regulations, a cycle shelter or a compound is an essential requirement. Cycle Shelters are designed to protect the bicycles beneath them from the elements, and are available with end panels, gates and a variety of roofing materials as required. AUTOPA manufacture, supply and install a wide variety of cycle shelters to suit every architectural style and budget. All of our shelters are galvanised as standard to ensure that they can withstand the knocks and bumps that will inevitably occur with intensive use.

Cycle Compounds

AUTOPA Cycle compoundVELOPA Cycle Compounds are designed for sites where added security over a standard cycle shelter is desirable. Completely enclosed, a cycle compound offers an additional layer of security compared to traditional free standing shelters and the lockable mesh gate is compatible with a variety of locking methods ranging from padlocks to swipe cards.

Download the VELOPA Cycle Storage Guide to find out which option is right for your next project.


AUTOPA Limited has been manufacturing a range of street furniture products in the UK for over 60 years. A trusted name we are committed to offering the high quality of product and service that you would expect from a 9001, 14001 and 18001 accredited company, and all of our mild steel products are galvanised as standard to ensure their longevity.

Using our years of experience we can advise customers on the best products to meet their individual needs and requirements. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for please ask, we will most likely be able to help.

We aim to provide our customers with the highest quality goods and all of our mild steel products are galvanised as standard to ensure their longevity.

Radmat canaletto tower

Lower your expectations

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canaletto-towerWith space so often at a premium on construction sites, every additional square metre of floor space offers added value to the client. And many of today’s multi-storey developments and high-rise buildings are designed to incorporate balconies and terraces over headed space to maximise floor space.  But Balconies and terraces are notoriously problematic for architects, designers and contractors as they battle to meet the three separate regulatory challenges.

As well as meeting the thermal performance requirements of Building Regulations Part L, designers must also ensure that balconies and terraces comply with Approved Document M: Access to and Use of Buildings.  Approved Document M details the requirement that there must be a smooth transition from the internal space onto the terrace without any step or change in floor height. It states that: ‘People, regardless of disability, age or gender, should be able to gain access to buildings and to gain access within buildings and use their facilities, both as visitors and as people who live or work in them.’

chelsea-creekAnother key specification in the design of a balcony or terrace is stipulated by the NHBC Standards – the document that sets the benchmark for acceptable levels of design, material specification and workmanship for newly-built homes registered with NHBC. In Chapter 7.1 ‘Flat roofs and balconies’, the standards state that a minimum void of no less than 75mm is required. With this in mind, it’s even more important that the insulation specified is as thin as possible.

One common used compromise has been to install insulation both on top of and on the underside of the balcony or terrace. Not only can this be time-consuming, technically challenging and pose a condensation risk, it can also add unnecessary costs and increase the overall thickness of the construction.

The solution to this growth in demand for improved thermal performance whilst keeping building fabric as thin as possible is the BBA Certified, unique, and ultra-thin ProTherm Quantum VIP system inverted insulation system introduced by waterproofing and green roof specialist Radmat Building Products.

Powered by the same technology used to keep donor organs and drugs at a stable temperature, Radmat’s ProTherm Quantum Inverted Roof System achieves an exceptionally low U-value of 0.15 W/m2K whilst using 80% less thickness than a traditional extruded polystyrene insulation (XPS).

Manufactured in a state-of-the-art production facility by Kingspan Insulation, the protherm-quantum-hybrid_architects-scribble_dec-2016vacuum insulated panels consist of a microporous core which is evacuated of air and moisture prior to being encased and sealed in a thin, gas-tight special hybrid aluminium.  This combination provides outstanding thermal conductivity of 0.008 W/m2K with a 40mm thickness – compared with thermal conductivity of 0.034 W/m2K for 200mm thick XPS and 0.038 W/m2K for 220mm thick EPS – thereby achieving the thinnest possible insulation solution available.

This is where Radmat continues to set the bar for the roofing industry. By designing and supplying every element of the inverted flat roofing systems to deliver exactly what it promises – the contractor and client achieves exceptional U-values, waterproofing integrity and long term performance as standard.

Kee Safety roof light cover panel


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kee-cover-pr-shotIn response to falls through roof lights resulting in almost a fifth of all fatal working at height accidents, Kee Safety, a leading fall protection specialist, has launched Kee Cover, a range of skylight covers. Kee Cover is an innovative protection system that has been designed to protect roofers and maintenance teams from falling through roof skylights without blocking out the light they are supposed to let into a building.

Kee Cover is a modular system incorporating the strength and reliability of Kee Klamp® fittings and tubes and a mesh panel. The system can be constructed while on the roof so is delivered in component form, thus making it easy to transport up to the roof.  Installation is quick and easy, keeping costs down. All components and mesh panels are hot dip galvanised for enhanced durability.   The tube can be also colour coated if greater visibility is required.

The Kee Cover range features two models, both of which are compatible with trapezoidal and standing seam roofs. The Standard Model fixes virtually flat to the roof surface, it has been designed to be permanently secured directly over the roof light. The Raised Model is mounted above the skylight to give a greater distance between the mesh panel and the roof light so that in the event of a fall the Raised Model will support the weight without damaging the skylight.

Standard Kee Cover panels are 2m long and 1m wide, but extension panels are available, ensuring the roof surface is safe. Variable height facility allows for use over different shaped roof lights.

Both Kee Cover models have been tested in accordance with the ACR Red Book and BS EN 1873.

For more information, please visit

img_5315-2-copyCrittall windows at Poplar public baths

Crittall proves popular at Poplar

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img_5315-2-copyCrittall steel windows provided the original fenestration in the art deco Poplar public baths when they were built in 1934 in London’s East End. And weather-tight, energy efficient Crittall products were the ideal replacement when the Grade II listed building was refurbished and transformed into a state-of-the-art leisure centre that was re-opened this September.

In its heyday the public building, designed by the then borough engineer Harley Heckford, was feted in the architectural press as ‘one of the finest and best equipped baths of comparable purpose in this country.’

It served the local population until it closed in 1986 and the fabric declined to the extent that it featured on English Heritage’s Buildings at Risk register. But salvation came in 2012 when a four year transformation project commenced on behalf of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

img_5338-2-copyBrixton-based architects Pringle Richards Sharratt (PRS) designed a masterplan to restore and refurbish the most iconic parts of the original structure combined with some partial demolition and new build. The result is a 25 metre public pool with learner and plunge pools and a leisure centre, comprising a four-court sports hall, gym, and a rooftop multi-use games area.

The design was undertaken in close co-operation with English Heritage and local conservation officers and it was in this respect that replacing the steel windows became an important consideration.

“The original windows were Crittalls and we had the 1930’s architectural drawings to refer to,” says Malcolm MaGregor, director of PRS Architects. “We were looking to make sure that the building, both the existing and the new build additions, maintained a uniform feel in keeping with the conservation issues.”

A mix of Crittall Corporate W20 fixed lights with screwed in vents, Corporate C2000 fixed lights and cold form doors were installed; more than 170 units in total. The slim profiles of the steel windows make a major contribution to the light and airey appearance of the sports hall with its arrangement of hyperbolic concrete arches. Equally impressive are the two–storey high entrance door and window arrangement that are such a strong feature of the Egyptian style front elevation that faces the East India Dock Road.

Main Contractor: Guildmore Ltd, 61 Widmore Road, Bromley BR1 3AA

Architects: PRS Architects, Studio 2.01, Canterbury Court, Kennington Park, 1 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DE

Airflow rotary ventilation units

Meet the solution to your commercial ventilation needs

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Airflow is proud to announce that we have introduced a new outdoor line to supplement our hugely successful Duplexvent Rotary MVHR range: the Duplexvent Rotary-N.


The Duplexvent Rotary-N are all-purpose rooftop units that can improve the indoor air quality of various different commercial premises such as schools, restaurants, office blocks and warehouse whilst protecting the health of those working within the building as well as the fabric of the building itself. The compact design of the Rotary-N allows for a discrete installation and helps you to maintain an aesthetically pleasing design of the premises.

The Duplexvent Rotary-N helps to reduce the property’s energy costs thanks to its highly efficient rotary heat exchanger that can recover otherwise wasted heat energy and use it to pre-warm the incoming filtered, supply air. This means that the building’s heating isn’t warming the workplace as much as normal and in turn can reduce the energy bills of the property. This brand new range comes in 7 different models and is able to extract from 1550m3/hr (431 l/sec) to 16700m3/hr (4639 l/sec) with impressive sound levels from just 34dB(A).

Following on from the launch of our new Duplexvent Rotary-N range of commercial MVHR units, Airflow have also expanded our range of the existing Duplexvent Rotary range of compact, indoor commercial MVHR units with rotary heat exchangers.

With 7 units from you to choose from, there’ll be something to meet your ventilation needs. They are ideal for schools, offices and halls and will improve the quality of air circulating through property. The Rotary range can supply up to 16700m3/hr (4639 l/sec) from an unnoticeable 34dB(A).

All Duplexvent Rotary and Rotary-N units can filter out small airborne pollutants such as pollen or dust thanks to the unit’s ability to be fitted with G4, M5 or F7 air filters. This helps to maintain a healthy indoor air environment for those within the building. By maintaining a healthy indoor air environment, you protect from indoor air pollution, which research shows can affect productivity, concentration levels and in worst cases even cause severe health problems.

All units have 85% thermal efficiency thanks to the highly efficient rotary heat exchanger. Duplexvent Rotary units can be fitted with G4, M5 or F7 filters. The units adhere to the current ErP Ecodesign Directive requirements including the stricter, draft 2018 regulations. Furthermore, they help you achieve Passive House approval, thanks to their extremely low SFP values of less than 0.45W per m3/hr. Each model has T2 level insulation, an integrated web server and a sophisticated yet user friendly control system.

For more information, visit or contact

hansgrohe axor stack organic washbowl tap

Hansgrohe leads the way to WRAS Compliance

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hansgrohe_axor-citterio-e_black-chromeHansgrohe has a RIBA approved core curriculum CPD about WRAS (Water
Regulations Advisory Scheme) designed to share information about the Water Regulations and the importance of compliance to ensure successful project specifications.

When installing any product which carries or delivers water from the main supply it is a legal requirement that it complies with Regulation 4 of the ‘Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations’. WRAS Product Approval is the best way to demonstrate compliance as it is awarded by representatives of the water suppliers who enforce the Regulations and is therefore accepted by every water supplier in the UK.

hansgrohe_axor_starck_organic_washbowl-tapHansgrohe has over 800 WRAS approved products across a wide range of collections, award-winning designs and price-points. This impressive figure represents an investment of over £2m and is more than double the number of approvals compared to the next closest bathroom fittings manufacturer operating in the UK market.



The ‘Why WRAS’ CPD also explores the risk of non-compliance with the Regulations which can have far reaching implications across all the stakeholders involved throughout each of the project phases. The Regulations apply to all commercial buildings such as hotels, large housing projects and offices.

To book a ‘Why WRAS’ CPD please contact

Relcross Ltd Hadrian Elite toilet cubicle

Hadrian Cubicles Add To Shake Shack Style

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relcross-2Fast food chain Shake Shack sprouted from a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park in Manhattan in 2001. All UK locations feature Hadrian Elite Stainless Steel toilet cubicles in the washrooms including one of the latest to open in the St David’s Centre in Cardiff. Hadrian cubicles are manufactured in Canada and distributed in the UK by Relcross Ltd, the Devizes based door and washroom hardware specialists.

This modern day “roadside” burger stand serves up a menu of burgers, hot dogs, frozen custard, shakes, beer, wine and more and now boasts 100 outlets worldwide, about half relcross-1of them in the USA. Shake Shack were familiar with Hadrian toilet cubicles in the USA and were delighted to find they were readily available in the UK too but with specifications adjusted to match UK requirements with longer cubicle doors and sightline gaps around the door edges eliminated.

The Elite cubicles are finished in brushed stainless steel and they don’t just look good but are highly durable with easy clean low maintenance. Like Shake Shack, Hadrian are very committed to sustainability. Hadrian’s products feature a high recycled content with the stainless steel cubicles made from a total of 91% recycled content split 76% post consumer material and 15% pre-consumer material. They are also available powder coated to match any RAL colour or in a natural “galvannealed” steel finish.

The ladies’ and men’s washrooms at Shake Shack in Cardiff each feature two floor mounted, headrail braced, stainless steel toilet cubicles with the addition of two matching urinal screens in the men’s washroom. Hadrian’s stainless steel is corrosion resistant to chemical cleaners, spray washing, and sanitizing agents and provides the most fire-resistant toilet partition material available.

A Shake Shack spokesman said “When it comes to Shake Shack’s supply chain, we lead with excellence, integrity and strong values every day. We’re committed to our mission relcross-3to “Stand For Something Good” to ensure that Shake Shack and our business partners are held to the highest standards of conduct through lawful, ethical and fair business practices.”

Relcross Marketing Director Stuart McMaster said “with Hadrian Cubicles we can offer the best from both sides of the Atlantic with world leading manufacturing and design quality made to British specifications and styles.”

The Cardiff restaurant joins 3 other UK Shake Shacks in Covent Garden, Westfield Stratford and New Oxford Street, all in London, with more expected soon.

For further information on Hadrian Lockers and Toilet Cubicles call Relcross on 01380 729600, visit or email

Access Building Products new premises

Access Building Products cleared for Takeoff

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National supplier of loft hatches and access panels Access Building Products is has just completed the renovation of a 40,000 sq ft former World War II hangar.

jupiter-blue-2The new premises started life as a Bellman Hangar and was used during the second world war for storage of heavy bombers when the industrial estate was known as RAF Marston Moor in North Yorkshire. Between 1942 and 1945 the base was used for training of aircrew. Probably the most famous former student being Clark Gable.

Largely untouched since the end of the war the unit has benefitted from being completely re-clad and modernised and provides the business, which is celebrating its 10th year of trading with much needed space for expansion.

MD Bob Elderton said: “This is an exciting time for the company and we have tailored the premises to our own specification and design. Purchasing our own property is something that I have always wanted to do and we plan on making this our home for the foreseeable future. It’s very satisfying to be able to breathe new life into such a historic building. Being only eight minutes from the A1(M) the new warehouse is in a brilliant location and it will allow us to double the amount of stock we’re able to hold, which will help support our ambitious growth plans. In addition, we will be advancing the work environment and leisure facilities for the staff, to a standard that will be second to none”

Clobber roofing membrane

Klober Permo® roofing underlays for the most complex roofing designs

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rogbis6When it comes to choice of roofing membranes, Klober Permo® underlays and vapour control layers offer the widest range of application and performance. From the ‘air-open’ Permo air to the low pitch Permo extreme RS SK2 and Wallint® solar air barrier all enjoy specifications on projects of considerable diversity and complexity. Such high performance is backed by fully independent testing of aspects such as wind uplift to support BBA and LABC certificates, some of which are among the longest standing in the industry.

Klober’s provision of detailed technical advice on aspects such as SAP and control of condensation has resulted in the widespread use of products such as Permo® air, which remains the most breathable air-open underlay currently available. It enjoys NHBC approval for use without supporting high level ventilation and has been used on many historic buildings as well as new builds.

klober-permo-forte-r-bisby-19-sept-10The 4-layer Permo® forte offers high vapour permeability and the benefit of a mesh reinforcement which provides added safety for the roofer. Permo forte SK2 also has integral edge tapes to seal the product at laps, abutments and junctions.

Permo® extreme RS SK2 is still the only product of its type currently available for use on monopitch extensions at pitches as low as 15⁰. Its tear-resistant PEF fleece and self-permo-products_packaging_rolls_19895-copyadhesive edge tapes seal laps and enable double lap tiles such as clay and concrete plain tiles to be laid significantly below their normal recommended pitch.

Permo® sec provides a separating layer between copper, zinc, aluminium and stainless steel roofs, while Permo light is a strong 3-layer underlay for traditional warm and cold roof applications.

In terms of air barriers and vapour control layers, Wallint® solar has a vapour resistance of over 500 MNsg, far exceeding the requirements of BS9250 (Code of Practice for design of the airtightness of ceilings in pitched roofs). Its reflective surface also helps to retain heat within the building.

Let us help you create the ‘wow’ factor with no slip-ups

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Bathtub and shower in new luxury home

Altro Pisces™ and Altro Whiterock™ give you a slip-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean
solution for wet environments but as functional as these partners may be, they also combine to create a thing of beauty!

NEW Altro Pisces

NEW Altro Pisces has a soft-look finish that is more homely than traditional safety flooring. It’s also ideal for creating a ‘high-end’ look for hotels and spas.

altro-4Altro Whiterock Satins™

Altro Whiterock Satins is available in a range of solid, decorative, satin shades, enabling you to create the exact ambience needed. If you need a more traditional look then Altro Whiterock White is the option for you.

Altro Whiterock Digiclad

A reproduction of a photographic image or vector art, Altro Whiterock Digiclad creates wet environments with impact. Perfect for swimming-pool surrounds, spas and changing areas, it can match any decor or theme. As well as good looks, its hard-coat technology provides scratch-resistant properties for added durability.

Altro pisces and Altro digiclad

Learn more about how Altro can help you choose and install safer wet environments.

Altro: Specialist products for specialist solutions