Hauraton FASERFIX® SUPER 150, channel run across container handling area. Royal Portbury Dock.

FASERFIX® SUPER channel runs drain quayside at Royal Portbury Dock, Port of Bristol

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The Port of Bristol is a major deep water port with the harbour and itshauraton-bristol-port-complex-hires operations designed to routinely accept large cargo Capesize vessels of up to 130,000 DWT (Dead Weight Tonnage) With over £330m invested by First Corporate Shipping Limited in the dock estate in recent years the Port is now recognised as being one of the most productive and technically advanced in Europe.



578 metres of Hauraton FASERFIX® SUPER 150, channels have been installed along the redeveloped quayside and container handling area at the Royal Portbury Dock, Port of Bristol.



Cat Jones, Hauraton’s South West Area Projects Manager outlines the features and benefits of FASERFIX® SUPER channels that made them ideal for the Royal Portbury Dock project; “Hauraton have for the last 50 years been at the forefront of manufacturing robust Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC) surface water drainage systems that are today distributed and installed around the world in some of the harshest environments. The FRC perfected by the company in the mid 70’s allows our FASERFIX® channels and trash boxes to have much thinner walls yet are very much stronger when compared with similar non-hauraton-royal-portbury-dock-bristol-02-hiresreinforced concrete products. A standard feature of FASERFIX® SUPER channels are galvanised steel pressings securely moulded on to the top edges of the channel during production, this detail allied with the Class F900 ductile iron gratings supplied for the Portbury Dock project, provides exceptional wear resistance and increased load bearing capability. Unlike some other well known makes, our FASERFIX® components are so strong, even prior to installation they are able to endure the rigours of site work and then the twisting wheels of container handling vehicles’ once installed”.

For related Case Studies go to www.drainage-projects.co.uk

SIG PT underfloor heating

SIG Performance Technology Launches ‘FUSI’ for Intelligent Underfloor Heating

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From floor slab to floor finish FUSI delivers fully integrated package

SIG Performance Technology, the specialist provider of acoustic, fire and thermal solutions, has launched to market a new intelligent underfloor heating system which combines high quality products with advanced technology to deliver FUSI – a fully integrated underfloor heating package designed to overcome the common challenges faced with the design and installation of traditional wet systems.

sig-performance-technology-fusi-launchBy bringing into a fully integrated package the multiple elements which are required within an underfloor heating programme into a fully integrated package; FUSI provides a single point contact solution which is Part E compliant and offers a number of design, installation and cost benefits.

Managed by SIG Performance Technology from inception to completion, FUSI systems are developed as bespoke solutions in response to specific project requirements. While this Professional Indemnity backed approach offers developers and specifiers peace of mind regarding performance and quality, an accredited network of FUSI installers protects the integrity of the design once on-site. This complete process is managed by the SIG Performance Technology team.

Ideal for luxury, high-rise developments, FUSI removes the need to coordinate multiple trades on-site when installing an intelligent underfloor heating system. Mat Norris, Business Development Manager at SIG Performance Technology, explains: “High tech underfloor heating systems are known to provide excellent thermal performance with equally accurate control. However, as the components span a number of trades, including screeding, flooring, joinery and M&E, there can often be challenges in terms of interfacing on-site and issues regarding a system warranty. FUSI directly addresses all of these. From floor slab to floor finish, FUSI is one system with a single guarantee.”

All FUSI systems are designed using proven solutions from within the wider SIG portfolio as follows: HVAC, Performance Technology Integrated Control Strategy (P-TICS), Underfloor Heating System, Prefabricated Utilities Cupboard (PUC), Acoustic Floating Floor System and wide choice of floor finishes. Specified and procured as a complete system design, FUSI streamlines the supply chain and helps to drive on-site efficiencies through a single installation package.

Mat concludes: “The bespoke nature of the system gives developers and specifiers access to the right performance qualities combined with the most suitable floor finish from an aesthetic perspective. Traditionally this level of design flexibility would complicate project delivery, yet FUSI delivers the ultimate in freedom but with the absolute best in terms of a total system guarantee.”

For further information on the benefits of specifying FUSI or to learn more about the system, please visit www.sigpt.co.uk, call 0330 123 1756 or email performancetechnology@sigplc.com

GEC Anderson Series A stainless steel sink

GEC Anderson ‘Series A’ Sinks Steal The Show

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hamilton-4-jpegSeries A sinks from GEC Anderson, the stainless steel specialists, are now available individually.

Series A sinks are available in an unrivalled range of standard sizes and are suitable for all installation types, including for inset, undermount and flushmount fixing. Their distinctive 15mm corner radius and 20mm flat flange provides a neat and contemporary appearance whilst ensuring they are easy to clean and maintain. This makes them ideal for all situations where high quality and practical sinks are required.

There are eight single sizes, ranging from 180mm to 700mm as well as nine double and combination sizes. Therefore, there are, currently, 17 models in the range. Plans exist already to further enhance the range through the introduction of models with drainers and others with tap holes.

hamilton-2-jpegWith their superb aesthetics and practicality, Series A sinks are of the very finest quality and finish and are made using EN 1.4301 grade bright satin stainless steel.

The Series A sinks are very competitively priced. For example, the A50 (500x400x200mm), sells at £450, including VAT.

Managing Director of GEC Anderson, Martin Tye, says: “The introduction of the Series A sinks, for inset, undermount and flushmount applications is a really exciting development. Series A sinks provide a great combination of unmatched quality, beautiful appearance, a tremendous range of sizes and real value for money.”

As well as being available individually, Series A bowls can, of course, also be included within GEC Anderson stainless steel worktops.

Tye again: “We have actually been waiting a long time for this series, which hamilton-1-jpegprovides a number of true benefits to specifiers and users. The fact that Series A sinks are available with the full range of fixing options – integrated within custom stainless steel worktops, undermounted, inset or flushmounted offers real versatility. They have proved extremely popular with our stainless steel worktop customers but will now appeal to a broader range of customers who may be considering various other worktop materials such as stone, granite, laminate, composite etc.”

Series A bowls are manufactured to the highest standards, with a superb bright satin finish and clean, linear, appearance. They are available in an impressive range of single sizes: 180, 230, 340, 400, 450, 500, 550 and 700mm, plus a further nine double and combination options.

Series A bowls feature the 15mm corner radius to maximise useable bowl volume and have a front-to-back dimension of 400mm. The 15mm corner radius gives the sinks a clean and modern appearance whilst at the same time being highly practical.

Individual bowls from the Series A range are available now. Visit www.gecanderson.co.uk for more information. Alternatively, call GEC Anderson on 01442 826999.

Jaga ventilation in schools

Ventilation in Schools – Preparing for the New Building Bulletin 101

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The consultation process for the new BB101 closed on the 25th August 2016, Andy Williams from Jaga looks at what the proposals mean for the HVAC industry.

The means by which we ventilate our schools is one of the defining factors in creating and maintaining standards of health and comfort that allow students to thrive. But how we set about designing and regulating ventilation systems to best achieve optimum levels has been a slow evolving process. Now, however, a change for the better seems to creeping over the horizon.

jaga-1The Department for Education (DfE) is currently in the process of updating the Building Bulleting 101 (BB101), which is being produced to fall in line with Education Funding Agency (EFA) Guideline Standards – in particular its ‘Facilities Output Specification’ (FOS). The proposed new name will be ‘BB101 – Guidelines for ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools’.

Whilst entirely subject to change, architects, building services engineers and education decision makers need to be aware of the direction the DfE wants to go with regards to ventilation in schools.

IAQ & Thermal Comfort – BB101’s Two Big Changes

Based on the draft BB101 proposal, there are two main factors that seem to be of the greatest importance when discussing Indoor Air Quality:

–        CO₂ levels

–        Thermal comfort.

Schools in the UK have traditionally been ventilated by means of either fix speed mechanical or natural ventilation. Natural ventilation often consists of a somewhat unsophisticated strategy – essentially, opening and closing a window, which is far from effective in measuring and maintaining sufficient Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Similarly, fixed speed mechanical systems ventilate at a pre-determined rate, which has little regard for the actual requirements at any particular time.

Studies have suggested that the perfect conditions for an average classroom would be 1200 parts per million (ppm) of CO₂ in a room – a level not consistently achievable through natural ventilation, which has a maximum recommended limit of 2000ppm. As such, with a need for more accurate control of CO₂ levels, we are expecting a greater drive for more sophisticated methods: demand-controlled mechanical or hybrid ventilation.

Because demand-controlled mechanical ventilation is intelligent, it can react to the conditions within a room automatically, with CO₂ sensors constantly monitoring indoor air quality. That means that if it is programmed to control CO₂ levels to never exceed 1200ppm, by means of automatically introducing a fresh flow of air into the room when required and extracting the stale air, the perfect balance can be achieved without any manual input from staff.

In terms of thermal comfort, BB101 will seek to advise specifiers on how to prevent overheating, whilst becoming considerably more efficient via effective heat recovery – but will do so in a way that provides greater clarity in the quality of systems that should be used. Variabilities must be accounted for under greater scrutiny, be it the fluctuating radiant and air temperatures both inside and outside of the classroom, which can only be effectively managed by using an intelligent ventilation system.

Seeking Greater Control

(either full mechanical or hybrid) should be seen by all school construction stakeholders as the primary choice to adhere with new BB101 guidance. But it is not just a case of meeting compliance; it should be about exceeding the recommended standards to ensure that children have an optimal environment in which to make the most of their education.


Demand-controlled mechanical ventilation



VMZinc - Facade Bolton House (Altitude), Poole, Dorset (UK)

Mixed colour VMZINC® façade on Poole waterfront

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VMZinc - Facade Bolton House (Altitude), Poole, Dorset (UK)An eye-catching, contemporary façade has been achieved on Majestic House, part of the Altitude development in Poole, through use of VMZINC® interlocking panels in natural zinc, QUARTZ-ZINC® and ANTHRA-ZINC®. Terence O’Rourke Architects’ design of the £6m first phase entailed conversion of a disused, 5-storey office building into one encompassing 21 luxury apartments, offices and extensions to the ground floor and rooftop. Zinc was chosen together with other modern façade materials to provide a subtle distinction between residential and commercial spaces. The three additional floors afford apartments and penthouses with breathtaking views across Poole town and its harbour.

Bolton House (Altitude), Poole, Dorset (UK)

Bolton House (Altitude), Poole, Dorset (UK)

Duravit - P3 Comforts showing the SensoWash® Slim shower-toilet seat (above) and Rimless flushing (below)

The Toilet Revolution – Duravit offers the ultimate in design and innovation

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“The latest technologies from Duravit really add up to a revolution for the modern toilet”, comments UK Managing Director Martin Carroll.

Through the company’s passion for innovative technology and extraordinary design, the Duravit toilet has changed from an essential item, to a desirable object that offers the ultimate in cleanliness.

The latest rimless technology, HygieneGlaze and the SensoWash Slim shower-toilet seat are individually very impressive – but together they create a toilet that is industry leading and a new archetype for modern living. These innovations are available combined on the new wall-mounted toilets from the ME by Starck and P3 Comforts collections.

Rimless® – sustainable and easy to clean

P3 Comforts wall-mounted WC (Rimless® design with HygieneGlaze and SensoWash® Slim shower-toilet seat)

P3 Comforts wall-mounted WC (Rimless® design with HygieneGlaze and SensoWash® Slim shower-toilet seat)

With Duravit Rimless®, the open design of the WC rim enables an innovative and powerful flush covering the entire inner surface of the bowl without splashing. This ensures perfect and hygienic results even at 4.5 litres. Thanks to the open, easily accessible rim area, the bowl is also extremely easy to keep clean. Rimless toilet models are available in the Darling New, DuraStyle, Happy D.2., Starck 3, P3 Comforts and ME by Starck collections.



HygieneGlaze – a new standard in bathroom hygiene 

Launched at ISH in March 2015, this innovative ceramic glaze kills an unprecedented 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Not a surface coating, but permanently integrated and fired into the glaze, HygieneGlaze provides long-lasting, anti-bacterial protection for a small additional cost. Available on P3 Comforts and ME by Starck toilet collections.

SensoWash® Slim- natural cleansing with water

SensoWash® Slim remote control

SensoWash® Slim remote control

This latest minimalist design of shower-toilet seat satisfies demands for sleek aesthetics and timeless modernity.duravit_sensowash_slim

The ultra-slim remote control is used to select the desired function: ComfortWash, RearWash or LadyWash and these can be personalised by adjusting the intensity and position of the spray and the water temperature. There is a clever and convenient night-light function and the lid and seat close automatically and gently.

P3 Comforts WC with SensoWash® Slim shower-toilet seat (above) and Rimless flushing (below)

P3 Comforts WC with SensoWash® Slim shower-toilet seat (above) and Rimless flushing (below)

For the first time, the seat and shower-toilet technology are completely separate: the entire SensoWash Slim seat unit can be easily removed and replaced, allowing it to be cleaned quickly and thoroughly.

Offering outstanding value for money, SensoWash® Slim is compatible with toilet models from the DuraStyle, Happy D.2, Starck 2, Starck 3, Darling New, P3 Comforts and ME by Starck collections.




Smaller is still beautiful

ME by Starck wall mounted WC with SensoWash® Slim

ME by Starck wall mounted WC with SensoWash® Slim

When space is at a premium, Duravit’s internationally renowned compact designs still translate into beautiful pieces.  Compact toilets are available in DuraStyle, ME by Starck, P3 Comforts and Starck 3, with a projection of only 480/485mm.






Beeline Horizontal Lifeline System

Get Wired for Safety with KeeLine

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Kee Safety, a leading fall protection specialist, has redesigned its KeeLine® Horizontal Lifeline system to allow easier installation on bitumen membrane roofs and provide an enhanced weathering solution.

keeline-1KeeLine® is a wire-based horizontal lifeline system that has been designed to provide continuous fall protection. Fit for use in areas where guardrails are not suitable, the system allows roofers and contractors to safely work on the roof and provides a virtually invisible solution to carry out repairs, maintenance or inspection work. Installed as a permanent lifeline system, it offers uninterrupted access for up to three users across the whole roof, allowing them to freely move around the surface.

A recently published report*, conducted by the independent research company, Technavio, highlighted that the global roofing market is increasing rapidly, with an estimated growth of 30% over the next 4 years. The global roofing market was valued at $79.26 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $111 billion by 2020. The largest growth is forecast to be within the bitumen roofing segment. John Ingram, Global Product Manager – Fall Protection, says that Kee Safety has redesigned the KeeLine® system to take advantage of this growing sector.

KeeLine® incorporates a redesigned post and base plate for use on bitumen membrane roofs, as well as being suitable for metal profile, standing seam and composite panel roofs. The system comprises enhanced safety features including new toggle fixings, a slimline corner design, stronger rivets, improved swage and reduced height intermediate uprights. KeeLine® allows for spans of 12m between posts and the brackets permit the traveller to glide easily along the system ensuring the user does not need to detach at any time.

*Source: Global Roofing Market 2016–2020. Technavio.com

KeeLine® is fully compliant with the requirements of EN 795 2012, CEN TS 16415:2013, ANSI Z359 and CSA Z259, and has undergone extensive testing in different roof types, with full third party approval.

For more information, please visit www.keesafety.co.uk

Eurocell PVC-U Windows

Style, Strength and Aesthetics – The Case for Eurocell and PVC-U

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eurocell-5Despite the PVC-U market having been mature for some time now, early myths still persist. Chris Coxon, Head of Marketing at Eurocell, counters some of the more negative claims made against these cost-effective and high-performing systems.

PVC-U windows lack strength – and making them stronger just adds bulk.

The structural integrity and aesthetic of PVC-U windows were ‘disconnected’ years ago – modern, multi-chamber profiles, featuring the latest in reinforcement materials; are easily strong enough for the majority of developments.

The welding and jointing methods used in manufacturing PVC-U window manufacture lead to poor, unsightly finishes.

eurocell-3All windows have visible jointing – and whether or not finishing is poor is a function of the fabricator or joiner. It’s a QA issue, not a material one. That said, the latest mechanically jointed flush sash casement windows combine modern materials with a truly authentic traditional appearance. Precision-engineered mouldings inside the frame remove the need for diagonal corner welds. This results in a product with the look of timber, while offering all the performance benefits of PVC-U.

PVC-U windows have unattractive – and even unequal – sightlines.

eurocell-2Flush sashes, an increasingly desirable style option for discerning customers, offer a superb aesthetic compared to any and all traditional materials; while other contemporary systems have ‘slimmed’ down considerably in the 50 years PVC-U have been installed in the UK. Take the opportunity to view a Modus S window at eurocell.co.uk/modus-s and judge for yourself.

‘Unequal sightlines’ are a function of traditional window design on older properties – not PVC per se. Where opening sashes are fitted, there will inevitably be a smaller area of glass. Where frames are fixed, glass areas are larger – potentially creating the sightline issue. Fitting dummy sashes solves this.

PVC-U degrades and has a shorter life ‘expectancy’ than other materials.

PVC-U windows have been given a minimum reference service life (RSL) of 35 years by the BRE, with minimal maintenance during this period. First generation PVC-U windows – now 50 years old – are still performing strongly well beyond this. Glazing units, the most expensive part of a PVC-U window, will fail long before the frame.

PVC-U windows need regular maintenance

It’s surprising that we still bump into this objection. While PVC-U windows aren’t eurocell-1maintenance free – they will still need to be cleaned, and hardware and other items looked after; they are incredibly low maintenance and the cost-in-use burden is significantly less than other materials.

Consisting of 50% post-consumer recycled PVC-U as standard, the Eurocell range of doors and windows demonstrates sustainable use of materials and a smaller carbon footprint than products made or recycled outside of the UK. The company’s extrusion technology layers recycled and ‘virgin’ material simultaneously, so the recycled material is concentrated in the core of the profiles where it cannot be seen once installed.

Coming with a 12-year guarantee (white profiles only), Eurocell systems come in a wide range solid and woodgrain-effect colours, all available with white internal finishes. A further range of more than 25 solid and woodgrain effect finishes is available to special order.

To find out why Eurocell offers the systems of choice for specifiers, call the customer services team on 0800 988 7300 or visit eurocell.co.uk/objectionsanswers

Schlüter linear drainage systems

Schlüter Introduces New 50mm Linear Drain and Schlüter Approved Installer Network

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Ultimately, an integrated CE Marked waterproofing system, with products that are designed to work together, should be the specifier’s first choice when selecting products to use in shower areas and wetrooms. 

Schlüter-Systems offers a complete solution for a CE marked waterproof floor-level shower area. The tile or stone covering in the shower area must be sufficiently sloped to allow for proper drainage. This is easily achieved with the prefabricated levelling and shower tray components of Schlüter®-KERDI-SHOWER. Schlüter®-KERDI-SHOWER is available with the point drainage system, Schlüter®-KERDI-DRAIN, and the linear drainage system, Schlüter®-KERDI-LINE.

imageSchlüter®-KERDI-LINE is a component linear drainage system for the construction of floor level showers with ceramic tiles or natural stone coverings. It consists of a formed stainless steel channel body with a grate and frame structure that can be seamlessly adjusted to the thickness of the covering from 3 to 25 mm.

This linear drainage system, has been updated to ensure that it meets BS EN 1253, providing a constant 50 mm water seal and to meet flow requirements which is in compliance with National House Building Council (NHBC) regulations to offer a complete system solution. The vertical drainage system is Schlüter®-KERDI-LINE-V 50 G2 and the horizontal drainage system is Schlüter®-KERDI-LINE-H 50 G2. Schlüter-Systems provides you with all the tools you need to create NHBC compliant, CE Marked solution, guaranteed by one manufacturer.

ss_mil_kerdiline_061_sThe Schlüter Approved Installer Network is new for 2016 and allows approved installers, who have completed full training with Schlüter, to install the Schlüter-WETROOM system including the new 50mm drain. The network not only gives accreditation to the individual as an expert but also to the company as a certified organisation. This provides reassurance to you as the specifier or architect that the system will be installed to the manufacturer’s standards and best practice and minimises installation risks, ensuring a quick and reliable installation.

For more information, Email: pr@schluter.co.uk, Tel 01530 813396 or visit www.perfectwetroom.co.uk

Schlüter-Systems Ltd. has NBS Clauses and BIM Objects available on NBS Plus, National BIM Library and at www.schluter.co.uk

Mendip’s new double-award winning Woodland stove

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With the months flying by so quickly, it makes sense to plan ahead and consider how to make your home warm and cosy this winter. Wood burners are a great way to bring radiant heat into the hub of the home and will create an eye-catching focal point, especially in living rooms and open-plan interiors.

Mendip Stoves

Mendip Stoves

The new Woodland stove from Mendip Stoves is an award-winning design, voted ‘Best Heating Product’ at the recent Build It awards in September, and also ‘Best Stove Under 5kW’ at June’s Hearth & Home Show in Harrogate. It won top marks for the high quality of its design, in particular the large viewing window, which, for a stove with a low output of 4.5kW, is rather unusual. It was also praised for having 10cm to combustibles on both sides and rear of the stove, a feature of most Mendip Stoves which enables them to be placed closer to combustible walls at the rear, a great feature for modern timber frame building construction methods. Many traditional stoves have to be as far as 50cm from a combustible wall! This also has the benefit that all the heat generated moves forward into the room, which is where it’s needed most.

A multi-fuel stove with sturdy cast iron door, the new Woodland design has a low 4.5kW output, which makes it perfect for any room and as it’s a closed combustion stove, it can be installed into small or larger spaces such as kitchens and open-plan kitchen-diners without a problem. A log-store version is also available.

Chris Baines, MD of Eurostove Ltd, said: “We are thrilled with the response to our Woodland stove, both from the industry and consumers. These two awards are a recognition of the hard work put in by our designers and manufacturers and I would like to congratulate the whole business”.

The Woodland is part of the Woodland Trust offer from Eurostove. For every stove sold, Mendip Stoves will donate three trees to the Woodland Trust, the UK’s leading conservation charity.

About Mendip Stoves

Eurostove Ltd is a family owned business based in Somerset since 2004, who specialise in wood burning stoves, be they traditional, contemporary or inset. The Mendip range is manufactured in Britain, ensuring that the stoves are beautifully built by experienced craftsmen using cutting-edge technology. Mendip stoves are manufactured to exceed British standards with demand for quality at every stage. From its heavy-duty steel body to the ergonomically designed door handle, every detail has been meticulously considered.

About the Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading charity championing native woods and trees. It has over 400,000 supporters.
The Trust has three key aims:

  • Plant native trees and woods with the aim of creating resilient landscapes for people and wildlife
  • Protect ancient woodland which is rare, unique and irreplaceable
  • Restoration of damaged ancient woodland, bringing precious pieces of our natural history back to life
    Established in 1972, the Woodland Trust now has over 1,000 sites in its care covering approximately 20,000 hectares (50,000 acres). Access to its woods is free.