Escalmatic room 2

Escalmatic electric loft ladder – style, safety and convenience

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With space at a premium and moving being both expensive and stressful, making the most of your loft for storing all those occasional-use household items could offer the ideal solution for freeing up valuable space in the home. Getting into your loft can be a bit of a chore though! Premier Loft Ladders latest product, the Escalmatic electric loft ladder, may be the perfect solution – offering style, safety and convenience.Escalmatic room 2

Escalmatic electric loft ladder – ideal for homes with small ceiling openings

The Escalmatic combines Italian design, robust metal construction and infrared remote-controlled electrical operation. The space-saving retractable ladder mechanism also means that the Escalmatic will fit into ceiling openings from as small as 50cm wide by 90cm long, helping to avoid costly and inconvenient ceiling alterations.

The Escalmatic is supplied as a ready to fit unit, comprising of a stairway manufactured from stamped sheet metal with a white finish, which is attached to a steel hatch box and insulated wooden trapdoor. The ladder is operated by an electric motor with infrared remote control for the ultimate in convenience and comes complete with two galvanised telescopic handrails allowing for safe access into the loft, while also providing a stylish finishing touch to the ladder.
Escalmatic handrail_white background

Escalmatic retractable ladder with galvanised handrails for safety and convenience

Escalmatic insulated loft hatch_white backgroundHelping to keep down energy costs, the trapdoor is lined with a high-performance thermal insulating material to prevent the recirculation of hot-cold air through the attic. The optional patented ‘Thermocover’ provides a secondary means of thermal insulation above the loft hatch, giving a combined insulation U-value of 1.1 W/m2K.



Key benefits at a glance…

  • Ease of operation and convenience.
  • Stylish Italian design.
  • Space-saving retractable loft ladder for small ceiling openings.
  • Load capacity of 150kg per step.
  • Energy efficient hatch box and trapdoor (U-value of 1.1 W/m2K when used with ‘Thermocover’).
  • Available in standard sizes for quicker delivery, or can be made to order to meet your exact specification.

Nvelope the market leading supplier of support systems for rainscreen cladding

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Nvelope Rainscreen Systems Limited (Nvelope) is the market leading supplier of support systems for rainscreen cladding in the UK. Nvelope (part of the Ncase Group) has always aimed to be ahead of the curve, and listening to our architectural, engineering and façade engineering partners to deliver safe, optimum and practical cladding solutions.

george-street-01[1]We are experienced innovators, delivering pragmatic solutions in rainscreen cladding, and, having simplified the complexity of façade design are able to support any lightweight façade material with tried and tested ‘installer friendly’ systems.

Nvelope has developed a strong reputation for its full service proposition. Technical support for Architects and Installers is provided via initiatives such the ‘Nvelope. Me’ (‘Project Builder’) software, British Board of Agrement certification, BIM level 2 compliance and assistance with optimised value for money, project specific solutions. Rainscreen installers are supported with best practice installation guides, and tool box presentations in the field.

Nvelope are able to offer a rapid delivery of project-related next day services, including off site cut to length rail optimisation for its standard offer. Nvelope also provides the rainscreen cladding sector with bespoke product and finishing solutions including specialist punching, anodisation and powder coating. We are always aiming to alleviate day-to-day site pressures and project demands.

NV1 - 1SFS Intec and Ncase Companies have already enjoyed many successful years of partnership, working and collaborating on numerous projects and partnering with ‘the’ key façade manufacturers in the UK and USA. SFS Intec and Nvelope Customers can now benefit from the ability to purchase the entire support and fastening system for all rainscreen façade applications from a single source, enabling customers to purchase with complete confidence.

There is plenty of synergy between SFS and Ncase Companies in the UK and in North America, and the prospect of developing the existing brands and a new product group (Ekoklad – thermal bracket) with SFS in these jurisdictions as well as throughout Europe is very exciting.

Specifiers, Contractors and Installers can now adopt a whole system approach in the design, specification and installation of a complete rainscreen cladding support system and fixings package carefully designed to meet precise project specific requirement.

Which cycle solution is right for your school?

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Cycle storage is essential for every school. With a myriad of options available, which one is right for your site? To help you decide, here is a breakdown of the main types of cycle storage and their individual benefits.

The Sheffield Cycle stand is a common sight around the UK and offers a scalable and flexible cycle parking solution. Providing the cycle stands are installed correctly (minimum 800mm apart) each stand will provide secure storage for two bicycles. This style is preferred by cyclists as its simple design allows both the bicycle frame and wheel to be locked to the stand.

Type B Cycle Rack 1 (300x275)Cycle racks are better suited for the smaller, or tighter, site. Cycle racks, such as the AUTOPA Type B, offer a higher density of cycle parking than single level cycle parking solutions. The Type B cycle rack alternates high and low cycle holders, reducing the space between the bicycles to 305mm.

Cycle holders are ideal for smaller sites as they affix to the wall of an existing building without the need for additional space. Cyclists push their bicycle into the holder, and they are secured through the front wheel with the owner’s own lock

In order to satisfy BREEAM regulations, any cycle storage provided must be protected from the elements. This is easily achieved through the installation of a cycle shelter or compound; which are designed to protect bicycles from the worst of the weather. AUTOPA offers BREEAM compliant cycle shelters and compounds in a variety of different designs to match your site’s environment.

AUTOPA Limited has been manufacturing cycle storage and parking control products for over 60 years. The majority of our products are manufactured at our works in Rugby. We provide our customers with a comprehensive end-to-end service; from manufacture through to installation. To find out more, please visit our website

Kee Gate-1


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Kee Safety, a global supplier of fall protection equipment and safety railing systems, has launched Kee Gate, a range of self-closing safety gates, which provides industrial workers with a safety solution when working at height and on ground level.

Kee Gate-1Designed to work both internally and externally, on ladder and stair access points, roof hatches, walkways and roof tops, Kee Gate, ensures maintenance, inspection and warehouse staff can fulfil their job, follow best practices and comply with current safety standards, without putting their safety at risk. Kee Gates are spring loaded so can automatically close behind the user, providing an added level of security and overcoming the potential for human error. This type of system is the preferred solution to chains, bars or sliding tubes, as these traditional forms of protection can lead to a hazardous void, when used incorrectly.
Self Closing gate on roofKee Safety self-closing safety gates are available in galvanised steel and if required can be powder coated in safety yellow. The safety gate is available with standard ‘U’ bolts for fixing to uprights of 33.7, 42.4 and 48.3 mm diameter, enabling the gate to be fixed quickly to existing supporting structures, posts or stringers. An additional fixing pack is provided which allows the gate to be fixed to square, flat or angle uprights. Easy to install on all types of handrails or to retro-fit existing structures, such as galvanised handrails and roof edge protection systems, Kee Gate is 1 metre wide. Designed to be trimmed on-site, this solution saves companies the time and money it takes to fabricate their own gates.
Kee Gate2Kee Gate is compliant with the requirements of EN 13374 Class A, EN ISO 14122 Part 3 & Part 4 and is CE marked to EN 1090. The range is also compliant with international standards, meeting OSHA, O.B.C and I.B.C requirements. The system has undergone extensive testing to ensure total reliability of the gates. These include salt spray testing to ASTM B117-11 Neutral solutions over 200 hours to assess the coating’s corrosion resistance, life cycle testing to BS 6375-2:2009 Clause 6.5 – Opening and closing of Gate through 90 degrees 50,000 cycles and Abuse Testing where 9 x 25kg weights were suspended from the gate to test what happens if pressure is applied. This ensures durability, superior corrosion resistance and defence against signs of wear.

For more information, please visit


Image 02 - Hush Absorber Range

Acoustics Within Education Explained

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Acoustics in Education

Primary School case study
It is crucial for modern day education environments have good acoustics within classrooms and other learning areas. Pupils need to be able to listen clearly to their teachers to foster their learning process, and likewise teachers need to be able to clearly communicate to pupils without echoing or reverberation noise levels causing disruption. Poor acoustic performance within classrooms severely hinders the learning and teaching process.

How does noise affect educational environments?

Image 01 - EducationThree main noise sources affect classroom environments – reverberation noise, airborne sound sources and impact sound sources. Reverberation is a common problem within classrooms and has a potentially significant impact on teachers and pupils. Background noise and group work where discussions and debates are encouraged mean that if a classroom isn’t properly soundproofed, noise levels will crescendo to uncomfortable levels and as a result will hinder any learning ability.

Nowadays there are a variety of educational methods and styles presented in the classroom, each with their own sound issues. The more traditional teacher/lecture based classroom is where a teacher is located at the front of a classroom and leads any communication or discussion. This method potentially suffers greatly from reverberation noise levels as pupils who sit toward the back of the classroom will suffer from reflected noise levels, where the teacher’s voice is at the weakest point due to reflected sound waves.

A more modern approach to teaching focuses on a more interactive based learning style where students are encouraged to discuss and work in pairs or groups. This means within a classroom, reverberation and ambient noise levels will increase dramatically, and if a classroom doesn’t have adequate soundproofing the noise levels will hamper concentration levels and learning ability.

Airborne sound sources affect classroom environments where sound travels from different rooms within a building, particularly through internal separating walls or floors. This is particularly relevant where a classroom is situated next to a music room, or a library which is next to a busy corridor.

Impact sound sources are sudden noises that come through a floor or wall construction, for example footsteps on a floor. It is imperative that impact noise is accounted for to ensure pupils’ movements in the classroom above are not heard below.

UK Building Regulations and guidance in Building Bulletin 93 require that these noises are controlled and that every room or space within an education building is designed in such a way as to achieve a certain level of acoustic performance.

What can be done to reduce noise levels?

Image 02 - Hush Absorber RangeThe most effective way to reduce reverberation, airborne and impact noise levels with educational buildings is to ensure high quality acoustic products and systems are used, and more importantly, are used in the right application. All soundproofing products used should comply with UK Building Regulations Approved Document E (England & Wales), Section 5 of the Scottish Building Standards (Scotland) and Approved Part G (Northern Ireland).

In order to satisfy the requirements of the above building regulations, the Government introduced the guidelines Building Bulletin 93: Acoustic Design of Schools – Performance Standards (BB93), 2015 (latest revision). This document has been created for architects, contractors, acousticians and other professionals to ensure all new school buildings are designed and built to achieve a certain level of acoustic performance.

To ensure compliance with BB93, Hush Acoustics have developed a range of soundproofing products and systems. The Hush HD1054 Double Timber Stud Wall System is an effective system for the reduction of airborne noise sources and can be easily incorporated into early design plans. Hush Slab 100 Sound Absorber insulated the stud frames in the wall cavity and then layered with 15mm Soundblock Plasterboards. This reduces airborne noise levels considerably between classrooms and other internal spaces within an education building and importantly complies with UK Building Regulations.

Image 03 - Hush Acoustic Wall System HD1054To reduce reverberation noise levels within classroom environments, one of the most simple and effective products to use is a sound absorber, in the form of the Hush Absorber range. These acoustic absorber panels have a Class A absorption rating and comply with BB93 Standards for Acoustics in Schools. The Hush Absorber range is a popular option among educational buildings as it provides a simple and effective remedial treatment, and a big advantage is that they require no building work to be carried out.

Robert Crampton, Managing Director of Hush Acoustics, reflected on a primary school that suffered from high levels of reverberation noise, “One of the worst cases of reverberation noise problems I have ever encountered was in the multi-use hall and dining area in a primary school. School assemblies were difficult for teachers to communicate effectively and also for pupils to concentrate, as reverberation noise levels meant speech clarity was poor.

We carried out a site inspection and as a result of our findings we recommended the use of our Hush Absorber Panels. We then calculated the amount of absorption material needed in order to bring the school hall reverberation levels in line with BB93 guidelines. It only took two days to install the panels and as a result there was a noticeable difference in the levels of reverberation noise. Teachers found it easier to present assemblies and there was a noticeable increase in the pupils concentration levels resulting in a more enjoyable and comprehensive learning experience.” 

How to plan for effective soundproofing

Early soundproofing advice is important for acoustics in schools, colleges and universities. Architects, contractors and developers can benefit greatly from gaining expert soundproofing advice in the early design stages of a build project. By doing this, project developers are able to get it right first time and create an education environment that is fit for purpose.

Hush provides comprehensive guidance on education build projects of any size, from a single classroom to an entire school. We explain how individual areas within an education building can be affected by sound and can give expert advice on how to reduce reverberation, airborne and impact noises.

Our easy to install systems are designed to optimise space within a classroom/teaching room for new build, refurbishment and change-of-use buildings. Hush has been involved in the design and manufacture of sound reducing products and systems for over 30 years and have worked on many projects within educational buildings.

If you need any information on Hush’s acoustic products and systems please browse the company website ( or contact one of their experienced acoustic technicians on 0151 933 2026.

Ultimate High Performancy Masonry Paint


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Ultimate High Performancy Masonry Paint Ultimate High Performancy Masonry PaintGlixtone External Ultimate High Performance Masonry Paint (AC1) is probably one of the best products available offering everything in one can that you need giving incredible protection for up to 30 YEARS on all types of properties. It’s coverage and ease of application has won a loyal following by many professional Decorators, Architects and Specifiers.

It’s silky smooth flow rate and opacity will speed it’s application whilst giving the end user the confidence that their property has the best overall protection available. This includes UV Stability, Dirt Resistance, Moisture Vapour Permeability, Salt, Alkali and Acid resistance, whilst being Elastomeric and protecting against Fungal and Algae attack.

Suitable for all properties requiring a superior, long lasting decorative clean finish, including domestic dwellings, public and historic buildings, town, country and water front properties

The range of Glixtone products are all manufactured by its parent company Carrs Coatings at their ‘State of the Art’ Factory in Redditch Worcestershire. We are very proud that our Factory was designed and built to be environmentally friendly giving a zero impact on the environment. This also means that all of our waste materials are recycled for use in other industries.

All of our products are manufactured to British Standards 9001 with an extremely robust Quality Control System in place. This means that at every stage of manufacture our products are tested by our in-house Laboratory Quality Control team. This coupled with the fact that we only use the highest quality raw materials available ensures that our customers receive only the best quality products.

Testimonials …..

” It really is a confidence booster for us and our clients to know we are supplying the best masonry paint product on the Market. We walk away from every project knowing this to be true, as our most senior painter of 45 years says it really is the best paint he has ever painted with! ”

Derek Doyle – Managing Director of Protectall Coatings Dublin and Galway

 ” I have been a Professional Decorator for over 30 years and this is the BEST Masonry Paint I have ever used. It flows so easily and the coverage is unbelievable. When I cleaned my Paint Kettles and Roller trays out the layered dried paint peeled off and I could stretch it like elastic. I only use this on Masonry jobs now as my customers cannot believe how good it looks and it will not crack or discolour like some other paints I have used. ”

Dave Preece – MP Decorators Kidderminster

Please see our web Site: for full details of the Glixtone range or contact us on 01527 599 470 for further information, help or advice.

ecopro a

Axis Slimline Automatic Doors Show the Way Onto The Mersey Ferry

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Seacombe Dura-Glide SLH 598 aIf you take the Mersey Ferry from Seacombe Ferry Terminal across to the Liverpool Pier Head, you will be protected while in the waiting area by a series of Axis Automatic Dura-Glide Sliding Doors. Four of the five automatic doors feature the Stanley SLH Slimline operator that has a small header profile and so is ideal for use either where space is restricted or just for aesthetic reasons. The fifth door is a standard Stanley Dura-Glide SLD operator.

Seacombe Dura-Glide SLH 596aAt a height of only 117mm the SLH Slimline operator requires a transom bar of just 125mm for mounting and is ideal
for applications where a break out facility is not required. The power operated automatic sliding doors can be used as emergency egress doors as a monitored “fly open” battery is installed to open the doors in the event of power failure or fire alarm activation (whilst the doors are unlocked). For safety there is an auto reverse function in both opening and closing cycles if an obstruction is encountered, all controlled by the new MC521 Pro Controller.

ecopro aThis new generation controller is completely re-engineered and includes a “soft-start” “soft-stop” motor driving circuit for smooth normal opening and recycling. The controller has a built-in LAN connection and with a Stanley Bluetooth “dongle” an engineer using a Windows® Mobile handset and readily downloadable software can set door functions, including door and motor type, handing, speed, hold-open delay, troubleshooting and more, all with the greatest precision and ease. It is also very easy to program the control panel manually.

The Eco Pro programmer replaces the conventional function switch and provides advanced user-defined automatic scheduling options, basic troubleshooting instructions, and door performance and history. It is intended to provide an integrated means for two way communication between the door system and the user. The Eco Pro programmer with the 6 position function allows the building occupier to reduce opening widths on larger door systems to save energy in cold or hot weather. The Stanley SLH Slimline automatic sliding door system can operate a single door up to 3100mm or bi-parting doors up to 4300mm.

The refurbishment of the 15 year old Seacombe Ferry Terminal waiting area involved the replacement of all the old doors to ensure that neither passenger comfort nor safety is compromised regardless of the weather and to increase reliability and longevity. All the door installations are fully compliant with the recommendations of BS EN 16005 2012

For further information please call 01604 212500, email or visit





TRIO with Pins over Substrate


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Watch the EJOT TRIO demo video

TRIO Mixed SubstratesEJOT’s new ‘general application’ anchor for insulation materials, TRIO has been warmly welcomed by installers looking for a ‘quick, quality fix’ for a broad range of insulation materials fixing back to masonry substrates. Described as versatile and reliable as well as being very cost effective, TRIO comprises two types of fixing pin, both of which combine with the same high quality sleeve.

TRIO with Pins over SubstrateEJOT’s R & D team in the UK introduced the new anchor to provide sub-contractors, as a typical example, tasked with securing insulation as part of the rainscreen installation process. Crucially, the three Trio components can be used to fix into concrete or clay bricks including perforated types and aircrete blockwork. The 10mm diameter sleeve itself is manufactured from high density polyethylene to create a variable anchor zone, from 30mm to 60 mm depth. The glass-reinforced nylon pin is intended to be used for securing lighter weight insulation such as expanded polystyrene back into brickwork or concrete. Then the metal pin will normally be used for heavier insulation types, though still being suitable for lighter EPS material.
TRIO Mixed InsulationWhere the mineral fibre insulation being installed is of lighter density, EJOT supply a choice of two ‘spreader washers’ at 90mm or 140mm diameter that combine perfectly with the TRIO sleeve. As an ideal ‘pick and mix’ offering, EJOT Trio presents a generic, non-system specific installation solution, easy on cost and flexible on stock.

EJOT have produced a short video demonstrating TRIO’s versatility which can be viewed in the company’s product gallery. By registering to buy online, webshop customers qualify for ‘online prices’ via a very simple and quick registration process. EJOT TRIO therefore, places a product range with genuine engineered high performance, a few clicks away from fast supply.

Cover Skate lo res

Howe Green’s Cover Skate makes light work of lifting

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UK access cover manufacturer Howe Green has developed a smart new way to lift heavy floor access covers with Cover Skate (View Video Online).
Simple, convenient and portable, Cover Skate makes it possible for one person to lift heavy covers on their own – safely, easily and quickly.

Cover Skate lo resCover Skate is easy to use and suitable for floor access covers in all locations including airports, factories, hospitals, hotels, offices and schools. Each Cover Skate will give a lift of 300Kg and they are used in pairs for up to 600Kg. Lifting keys to suit other manufacturers’ covers are also available to order, making it a more universal solution.

Best known for designing and manufacturing high-quality access covers for floors, walls, and ceilings, Howe Green products have been specified for some of the world’s largest and most prestigious building projects worldwide. The product development team created Cover Skate to promote safe and cost efficient usage of access covers in all types of new build and refurbishment projects.

Designed and built to give years of reliable service, Cover Skate is durable and resistant to corrosion. It is easy to carry and store, as well as easy to order, either from Howe Green direct or online.


Maxx Family 05

The Maxx Family – Maximum security for your basement waterproofing system

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Maxx Family 03With the new additions to the MAXX family, Delta Membrane Systems offer a range of products that bring to the market the most secure basement pumping systems for type C (cavity drain) waterproofing.
Specifically designed for the basement waterproofing industry, MAXX technology takes an ‘intelligent’ approach in the design of the product range, resulting in optimum functionality, high levels of efficiency and ease of installation and service.
Maxx MontageIncluded in the range is the established AlertMAXX which is offered in two variants – the DMS270 for ground water and surface water applications, and the DMS269 for foul water use.
This model has been joined by the PowerMAXX which can run a standard V3 pump without mains power for up to four days, depending on the number of cycles per hour. It can sit in standby mode for over three weeks, and is virtually inaudible.
Two pumps are directly fed through PowerMaxx. If power failure occurs the pumps automatically take power from PowerMaxx which will have been fully charged during mains operation. PowerMaxx will automatically recharge when mains power returns.
Maxx Family 05This free-standing unit can be installed in any dry ventilated area, and is fitted in the main power line between the pumps and their electrical spurs, eliminating the need for additional electrical spurs.
Maxx Family 04Completing the line-up is the MessageMAXX which, combined with AlertMAXX, gives remote monitoring when residents are away from the property. Messages are sent using GSM technology, usually in text format.
All of these models are ideally suited to the range of pumps offered by Delta Membrane Systems, making the company a ‘one stop shop’ for pumping packages.
The company also offers the necessary membranes and channels to ensure damp and wet basements are turned in to warm, dry and useful spaces. Water seeping through the walls and floors meets the dimpled membranes, which direct the moisture to drainage channels and into the sumps for safe and effective evacuation from the property by using a sump-pump station.
One such sump is the Dual V3.1 sump for ground water, supplied with a single 110mm inlet. Ideally suited to situations where space is limited, this is a packaged pump station which collects ground water via perimeter channels or modular drainage using 110mm pipes and/or a clear opening to the top of the chamber.
While it is not designed for foul water, it can collect ‘grey’ water from showers and wash hand basins.
Designed for below ground applications, the chamber is made from HDPE and is able to withstand hydrostatic forces in applications where high water tables are found.
Delta Membrane Systems prides itself on the range of products it has available for the effective combating of damp in basement areas. The additions to the MAXX family are further proof of the company’s constant goal to enhance the product range.