Coo-Var Online Product Training

Coo-Var now offering free online product training!

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Instagram post Online Product TrainingCoo-Var are pleased to announce they are now providing online product training for everyone!

Coo-Var have a solution for every painting problem, from difficult floors, adhesion issues, applying two pack paints, priming and much more. Whether you need training on a specific product, group training or interested in knowing more about Coo-Var’s range we are here to help guide you.

The technical team are also available for tailored specifications and on hand to help with recommended applications.

Coo-Var’s product training packages include:

– Floor, sport and line marking paints
– Safety paints
– Varnishes & Oils
– Specialist Paints
– High-performance Paints
– Hammercote & paints for metal
– Specialist Primers
– CPDs

Coo-Var also provide training suited to your specific technical & specification requirements. As always, our technical services team are happy to help and can be reached on 01482 328053 or email

You can book training via the website visit

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Stannah Passenger Lifts For Hospice Extension

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Stannah continues to support the local community with the installation of a bumper-size passenger lift in a brand new 2-storey extension to the Countess of Brecknock Hospice, a palliative care facility located within Andover War Memorial Hospital.

This is the second passenger lift installed in the hospice, with the first model delivering an equally efficient service in the original premises.

Time moves on. In 2020 we launch our latest passenger lift range under our well-known and much-loved names, with new technical features and improved car design.


To supply, install and maintain a passenger lift in the new extension to the Countess of Brecknock Hospice

Case study

Located within Andover War Memorial Hospital, the Countess of Brecknock Hospice is a specialist palliative care facility that opened in 1990. A Stannah passenger lift already operates in the main complex.

In 2019, a brand-new extension was completed to increase hospice’s care capability. To provide easy transportation around the 2-storey building, Stannah was once again the lift company of choice to supply, install and maintain a 33-person passenger lift.

The new lift delivers safe, efficient movement of patients, staff, visitors and equipment, including beds.

As the hospice is dear to many Andover-based Stannah employees for providing respite care to loved ones, the Stannah Group, which is active in the local community, funded a significant proportion of the new lift installation.

CLIENT: Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

PROJECT COST: £4.2 million

LIFT TYPE: A 33-person (2500kg), traction-drive passenger lift

CONTRACTOR: Amiri Construction, Fareham, Hampshire

ARCHITECT: Morse Webb Architects, Tadley, Hampshire


Stannah supplied and installed a traction-drive, 33-person, 2500kg-capacity passenger lift to deliver safe and comfortable movement of people of all mobility levels, including patients in beds or multiple wheelchair users, between the two floors of facilities

We delivered on every aspect of the project, from initial consultation through to project completion and 24/7, 365-day aftercare by Stannah Lift Services.

About the Stannah passenger lift

RS26398_Countess_of_Brecknock_008The lift car—interior design

Designed to complement the unit’s gentle, harmonious palette of pale grey walls and natural wood flooring, the lift enhances the safe, welcoming ambience.

Finished inside and out in robust satin stainless steel it is designed to take the knocks of daily use, and two floor-level bumper rails add an extra protective layer to the already resilient lift specification.


Intermediate support is provided by handrails to three-car sides. These assist user-safety and the manoeuvrability of cumbersome equipment, as does the anti-slip, black-sparkle PVC floor.

The autodialler (emergency phone) is pre-programmed to directly transfer any alerts to the dedicated telephone line in case of an emergency.


The lift is designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of BS EN 81-73: 2020 Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts, and fulfils the specifications of the Health Technical Memorandum on lifts.

It also helps the hospice’s owners meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010.

RS26520_Countess_of_Brecknock_038Operational features

With small tendency vibrations and low-level noise emissions, the traction drive ensures that this heavy-duty lift delivers a smooth, quiet ride.

A key preference switch allows trained staff to override lift calls whilst the elevator is being used.

The two-panel, side-opening doors measure 1400mm x 2000mm and provide easy access for everyone involved.

The passenger lift was specified by Dominic Morse, Director at Morse Webb Architects, a RIBA Chartered practice operating throughout London and the Home Counties, comments:

​​​​“We targeted Stannah for the supply, installation and maintenance of a bumper-sized passenger lift as the Stannah Group is local to the project and so supportive and generous towards the Countess of  Brecknock Hospice. They are a Class 1 leading healthcare lift provider and delivered a seamless service from start to finish. Their ongoing lift maintenance package is integral to this service and   ensures that the lift operates reliably for many years to come.”

Support and maintenance

Stannah is a family-run company with total in-house expertise and a pedigree spanning over 150 years at the forefront of the UK lift industry.

This means that the Countess of Brecknock Hospice has the reassuring weight of a long-established, single-source lift company to keep their lifts working at peak performance.

As with all Stannah lift products, the new passenger lift is covered by Stannah’s comprehensive lift service plan. This includes 12 service visits in the first year, with continued lift maintenance by the South West England and Southern England branch of Stannah Lift Services. This forms part of our nationwide network providing comprehensive lift servicing and support.


A fully accessible, user-friendly new extension to the Countess of Brecknock Hospice, all thanks to the new Stannah passenger lift. And a delighted client, as Michele Gard, Director of the Hospice Charitable Trust, comments:

“Stannah and its employees have been generous supporters of the hospice throughout its 30-year history. They provided the lift in the original building and now the new Stannah lift in our new hospice extension will ensure patients can be easily and comfortably transported between floors. We are so grateful for the support of Stannah – a local company helping the Countess of Brecknock Hospice to provide care for local people.”


The Stannah Promise

Stannah assures you that the team will do everything it can to live up to the family name and offer you the best products supported by a first-class service.

Our promise to you—“We are always true to our word”—is fundamental to how we operate as a group.

We guarantee safety at all times, we’re easy to work with, offer flexibility and expertise and always strive for the highest standards.


H+H Ltd


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Photography Tim Crocker

The fundamentals of aircrete as a material have not changed since it was introduced into the UK market over sixty years ago. However, it has proved its worth over time and now makes a strong case for inclusion as a Modern Method of Construction (MMC).

It is hardly a secret that since the publication of the dramatic “Modernise or Die” white paper in 2016, government focus has sharpened on the need to support methods of housebuilding that are faster and higher performance.

Much of the debate on the subject focuses on factory-build modular homes, but in fact the definition of MMC is much broader and there is certainly nothing to dictate which materials or method are preferable.

I-housesThe MCHLG definition makes it clear that it is focused on objectives and is not trying to be prescriptive as to what products or methods are used to achieve them.

Aircrete remains the preferred material for most UK housebuilders. Combining strength with inherent thermal efficiency, aircrete blocks are also easy to use on site and, most importantly, provide the flexibility that housebuilders need when planning their sites. The speed of build can be increased or slowed in reaction to demand or to weather conditions.

Elements installationStandard aircrete blocks with traditional cementitious mortar are typically used for cavity wall construction. Repeated performance testing demonstrates that such wall constructions are easily able to meet the U-Value requirements of current building regulations and the uplift anticipated when the revised Approved Document L is published.

Where increased airtightness is the objective, the highest performance levels can be achieved with Thin-Joint construction – which has been the preferred choice for various low carbon and Passivhaus certified developments.

The ultra-thin joint which gives the system its name is not only airtight, but also, having a much faster curing time, allows for increased speed of build. With higher tolerances, the method also supports a more accurate build. Both these characteristics contribute to the system being acknowledged as a Modern Method of Construction.

Aircrete with handsawWhere a more system-based approach is required – particularly for larger developments of standard house types for affordable or build-to-rent markets – H+H has developed an entirely different solution.

Based on Celcon Elements: story-high panels of aircrete, the I-House system was developed in partnership with Roof Space Limited. The concept was to develop a housebuilding system, based on aircrete, that allowed the entire structure of a house to be built on site within a week.

Celcon ElementsCelcon Elements provide the walls which are simply craned into place onto pre-prepared foundations. Prefabricated timber first floors and prefabricated roofs complete the structure and the package is finished with exterior insulation. Within a week there is a watertight shell, ready for interior trades to move on site and exterior finishes such as masonry to be applied simultaneously.

Recognised on introduction in 2017 with a Housebuilder award, the I-house system has also been supported with both BPOAS and NHBC warranties and is rapidly gaining ground as an advanced Modern Method of Construction.

For more information on aircrete and on the range of building solutions provided by H+H, visit

Clement conservation windows

Former Church gets new lease of life, after being reconfigured into four superb homes

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A chapel was first built at Swan Hill in the town of Shrewsbury in 1767.  In 1868, this was demolished and replaced with the current building; schoolrooms were then added in 1880.  Charters Property Ltd who specialize in property development, consultancy and project management, recently purchased the deconsecrated church and have transformed the building into a prestigious development of four fabulous homes.

Sensitivity was key when renovating the property and the majority of the original features have been preserved. Original stone walls, lintels and cills have been repaired and impeccably replaced.  The walls and roofs have been insulated and energy saving measures implemented to create a comfortable, efficient living environment.

Picture 1

Photography: Charters Property Ltd

Although it was possible to restore some of the original fenestration, double glazed replacement steel windows were still required throughout the building.  Clement was thrilled to manufacture these new steel windows and doors.  Various Clement ranges were used to meet the different criteria required for the project.  For example, the Brooking range for the beautiful arched head windows on the front elevation as it would best replicate the originals which would have been silicone fronted, EB16 was used for other windows where silicone fronting was not required and W20 was used to make the steel doors.  In total, over thirty individual windows were specified, all in various shapes and sizes.

Clement 2 and Clement 4 Conservation Rooflights were installed throughout, in keeping with the traditional look outside and allowing masses of light in through the beautiful, high ceilings.

James Charter, Director of Charters Property Ltd, said:

“We were very pleased with the attention to detail and finish of the steel windows.  Clement took ownership of their section of the project and were able to deliver a complex scheme on time and to a very good standard.  They remained client focused throughout and we will happily use their service again.

Photography: Charters Property Ltd

Photography: Charters Property Ltd

We have used Clement rooflights on numerous projects and appreciate the fast delivery and easy installation. Their products have met with Local Authority approval on all of our heritage sensitive work.  This means we can specify a great looking product in the knowledge that it will also fulfil our planning criteria.”

The Clement Windows Group manufactures an innovative range of steel windows, doors, screens and rooflights for both private residences and commercial projects.  Based just outside London in Surrey, Clement’s window products can be seen in a number of prestigious projects across the UK and abroad.  Prominent examples include Battersea Power Station and Old Marylebone Town Hall in London, The Pithay and YMCA in Bristol, Norwich City Hall, the University of Manchester and the Eldorado Building in New York’s Manhattan.

Tel: 01428 643393




Addagrip Christchurch Gardens London

Terrabase Rustic Resin Bound pathways for renovation of historic garden in Westminster

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Christchurch Gardens, London

ChristchurchGardens_TerrabaseRustic2bIn late 2018 Westminster City Council commissioned WSP & Reardonsmith Landscape Architects to develop the design proposals for the Public Realm Improvements on Christchurch Gardens, a green space in Westminster, London.

Works on the £3.3Million scheme commenced in October 2019 with extensive remodelling of the park to provide open and inviting footpaths into the gardens, new lawns, extensive planting and seating to offer a flexible open space that reflects the site’s historical background.

ChristchurchGardens_TerrabaseRustic 1The garden is the site of the former burial ground for St Margaret Westminster dating from 1625 and Christ Church Westminster which was destroyed in the Blitz in 1941, leaving the site an open space until it was converted into a public garden in 1950.

Working with main contractor F M Conway, Addagrip approved contractor Street Tree was responsible for sourcing and planting large specimen trees, provision of 750 tonnes of soils and the installation of the 475m of Terrabase Rustic Resin Bound permeable paving that runs throughout the site.

ChristchurchGardensLondon-5Due to the existing location of large London Plane trees along the perimeter of the garden and a desire to avoid compromising the trees, porous Terrabase Rustic in a 6-10mm Oak blend was installed onto a porous asphalt with Cellweb base. This provided a solution to allow site traffic access to these routes throughout the construction phase.

The new resin bound surface provides decorative natural aggregate porous pathways with a rustic feel in keeping with this inviting green space in the heart of the city.

Installation was completed in September 2020.

Crittall Windows

Using daylight to create a brighter future

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By Russell Ager, Managing Director of Crittall Windows

IMG_8343As winter approaches and the days shorten many people – office workers, students, home owners – look back on the long days of summer with a sense of regret. Daylight flooding into workplaces, schools, and homes has a positive impact on our daily lives, and that is not just a vague feeling, it’s a scientifically proven fact and one that architects and designers are keen to exploit.

The 2017 Nobel Prize for Medicine went to three American scientists for their work on understanding circadian rhythms – the 24-hour cycle also known as the internal body clock. Daylight suppresses the hormone that induces sleep and the ultraviolet wavelengths in natural light have a positive effect on the body’s immune system. In other words, daylight induces wakefulness, cognitive function, productivity, general health and healing. No wonder in a recent – 2018 – survey 80 percent of UK office workers said daylight was important to them.

This, for a growing number of architects, is a clarion call for natural light to be recognised as a powerful design tool. A report by US practice HMC Architects comments:

“As the importance of sustainable design grows, passive strategies like daylighting have become critical in reducing the impact of the built environment.”

IMG_20200901_115542And they continue:

“Today, we have more tools than ever to harness daylight. From innovative reflective materials to advanced computer modelling, architects are using modern technology to light buildings more efficiently. When you embrace these systems, you’ll create a brighter future.”

The most obvious component for assisting this design outcome is the window taking account, not just of its scale and positioning, but also its frame and glazing. The UK’s Building Regulations Part L1A, address the issue in an oblique manner while considering the balance between the insulation of a building and its energy demands. The Regs point out that:

“Limiting the glazing on a project will increase the building’s reliance on artificial lighting, increasing the house’s energy demands.”

But, conversely,

“Overglazing might reduce the overall thermal insulation of a building.”

So there’s a delicate balance to be struck.

Screenshot 2020-08-04 at 13.16.43A plentiful supply of natural daylight, not merely into but throughout a building, good insulation but adequate ventilation, and acoustic control all form parts of this elaborate jigsaw. Steel window manufacturer Crittall is in a unique position to offer complete solutions to these cross-cutting issues so as to provide specifically tailored environmental conditions, whether the end result is a office complex, a university, a hospital or a home.

The hallmark of a Crittall window is the slender steel frame that is so much slimmer – and therefore admits so much more light – than the alternative window systems that use PVCu, timber or aluminium. All these alternatives require significantly larger profiles due to the basic differences in the frame material and their relative strengths.

IMG_8213Crittall has a solution to offer whether the particular project demands a high performance, thermally broken steel system or a traditional rolled steel profile, both of which enhance the thermal performance of buildings, assisted by the windows’ excellent weathertightness and an extensive choice of glazing to control solar gain as required.

The use of such fenestration forms an important part of an architect’s passive daylighting strategy and addresses the issue of ‘collecting’ light into the building. But further options are available from Crittall to assist in the ‘distribution’ of natural light through the interior of a building.

This can be achieved by incorporating Crittall Innervision® glazed interior partitioning screens, a seamless transfer of that increased level of natural daylight throughout the building reaching even the most remote working areas.

Coleraine-Library-98-EditThe performance of glazed interior screens can be further tailored to fine-tune levels of acoustic insulation, light transmission, thermal insulation and natural ventilation control to suit individual clients and applications.

As with its exterior windows, Crittall Innervision® screens are similarly manufactured using strong narrow steel frame and glazing bar profiles to offer maximum design flexibility without compromising the design intent.

They have been used in offices to provide acoustically separated working environments, in hotels, restaurants and homes to open-up the appearance of internal space while creating privacy and comfort without shutting out the light of day.

Passive daylighting strategies are a significant design tool for making buildings more environmentally sustainable while ensuring their occupants – whether pupil, patient, clerk, guest or resident – benefit from being inside. So, it’s time to do away with daylight robbery!

Wavin Stormforce


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Wavin, the UK’s leading manufacturer of plastic pipe systems, has launched StormForce – an innovative single-source solution to stormwater management.

Dramatic stormy dark cloudy sky over sea, natural photo background

Developed to streamline the stormwater management supply chain, StormForce will see Wavin handle the entire design, supply and installation of stormwater tanks and their associated infrastructure, from capture and attenuation to dispersal.

With StormForce, Wavin aims to simplify project management, increase efficiencies and minimise risk for developers, contractors and civil engineers when it comes to implementing quality sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) within essential infrastructure.

Wavin AquaCell Core 1As part of the end-to-end service, Wavin will first consult and advise on site, identifying and resolving site-specific issues and ensuring compliance with statutory and environmental regulations and best practice, before value-engineering the optimum design. The required products and components will then be manufactured by Wavin to the highest standards and then finally installed by fully trained and accredited StormForce partners. The installation will also be underpinned with a five-year warranty.

BBA-approved stormwater systems available as part of the StormForce service include Q-Bic Plus, the most accessible, inspectable and cleanable attenuation tank on the market, compliant with Ofwat’s new Design & Construction Guidance; AquaCell, the ultimate modular solution for a variety of applications, from landscaped to heavily trafficked areas; and a range of inspection chambers and accessories.

Wavin_Hatfield-7Martin Lambley, product manager for stormwater management at Wavin, said: “The industry has needed a solution like StormForce for a long time, and we’re delighted to now offer a turnkey solution for customers when it comes to stormwater management. With every detail managed by Wavin under a single contract, developers no longer need to coordinate multiple providers or worry about elements not being completed on time or to the right standard.

“By handing the responsibility over to Wavin, customers can have total confidence that the project is being taken care of by stormwater specialists, and that, from start to finish, all aspects will be taken care of efficiently, to the highest quality and in accordance with industry regulations and best practice.”

Stewart McKechnie, site agent at Nationwide Engineering, an initial StormForce client, said: “StormForce really does deliver. One-source supply and surface water management is totally sorted, so we can get on with the build. It’s fast, compliant, sustainable and top quality – what more could you want?”

To book a consultation or get a quick estimate with Wavin’s dedicated stormwater management experts, visit

Logik profile system

The logik range from Eurocell, The profile that keeps on giving

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Logik has been a favourite with fabricators and installers for many years now. With all the advantages it offers over other systems, it’s no wonder. From game changing features like its unique knock-in bead system to the multichamber and thermal reinforcing from 100% recycled material. Logik is the name people look for in the trade.

The Logik profile system combines leading energy efficiency performance and aesthetics with ease of use, for the ultimate system. Logik is specially designed for ease and speed of fabrication and fitting, ideally suited for new build or replacement windows, its 70mm front-to-back dimension enables the seamless replacement of timber frames.

Logik is designed for improved aesthetics and clean sight lines, with its unobtrusive gasket line and slim profile. The profile features multiple chambers to enhance thermal efficiency and strength, and improve drainage. Available with chamfered or sculptured ovolo styles in a range of colours, Logik window profiles add a touch of distinction to any home.

At Eurocell, we can support customers to create a complete range of window and door types to suit any home. From classic casement windows to innovative tilt-and-turn styles, French windows, bay windows and entrance doors. Plus our newest sash option – The Logik S flush sash.

Logik_Hero_Image2Now, with the Logik S Flush Sash design, installers are able to offer the premium clean finish and flat, seamless surface between frame and sash that are increasingly in demand from architects, style-savvy homeowners and self-builders. And like the rest of the Logik range, an extensive choice of woodgrain foils gives Logik S Flush Sash a real wood look that stands up to all but the closest of inspections. Or in grey delivers an architectural design feel. It’s the perfect replacement window for adding contemporary kerb appeal to older homes or retaining character in older properties.

Because all our frames are produced by us, we can ensure that all colours are exactly matched across our entire range of window and door products. It means that our whites are the same white across all products and our woodgrain finishes are all perfectly matched. No matter what the age, style or size of the property, we can create high quality windows and doors to enhance and add value to your customer’s projects.

Logik_Hero_Image3Maximising the thermal performance of windows is vital to meet rising regulatory and customer demands. The advanced multi-chambered design of the main Logik profiles and innovative PVC-U Thermal Inserts work together to lock in heat. This means our ‘A+’-rated windows offer market leading double-glazed unit performance and value.

Our PVC-U windows and doors are durable and robust, giving long-life, low-maintenance performance, with no need for painting or other treatments. They are fitted with high security locking mechanisms and tested to PAS24 and Secured by Design enhanced security standards, giving you the peace of mind that properties are well protected against intruders.

Logik windows and doors are guaranteed for ten years, so you can give your customers the assurance of a robust, well-designed, precision-made product that’s built to last – manufactured by the UK’s leading PVC-U specialist.

For more information about our Logik range, visit or call the Eurocell Customer Care Team on 0800 988 3049.

Profab Access Riser doors at One Bishopgate Plaza

Profab Access proves its worth at One Bishopsgate Plaza

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One Bishopgate Plaza 035Situated in the centre of the City of London, One Bishopsgate Plaza is one of the first high-rise residential and hospitality developments to be built in the capital for a number of years.

Once construction has been completed, the flagship 43-storey tower will house London’s first luxury 5* Pan Pacific Hotel, which will comprise of 237 rooms, an indoor swimming pool and a 370 capacity Pacific Ballroom, Square Mile’s first dedicated ballroom.

From levels 21 to 41, the development will house 160 luxury one, two and three bed residential apartments, or ‘Sky Residences’, which will boast panoramic views of some of London’s most iconic landmarks.

As part of the construction process, over 200 steel riser doors from Profab Access in a range of door leaf configurations and sizes from its 4000 Series, combined with over 300 bespoke ceiling panels from its 7000 Series, are currently being installed throughout the entire tower by BDL Dry Lining.

Specified due to their impressive seamless integration into masonry walls, shaft walls and drywall partitions, the riser doors provide discreet and secure access that won’t impact on the overall interior design scheme of the development, a main consideration for the public and private areas of the hotel.

The 4000 Series’ third party CERTIFIRE bi-directional certification from Warrington Fire was also a leading factor for specification, as the riser doors are fire tested from both sides to two hours, providing the highest standard of evidence for fire safety performance.

One Bishopgate Plaza 016All of the doors were supplied with comprehensive CERTIFIRE accreditation documentation as evidence of Profab Access’ up to date fire testing, providing both the specifiers and contractors responsible for the development with absolute confidence in the performance of the critical fire integrity products.

The 4000 Series is the only riser door in the UK to be independently bi-directionally fire tested and certified by an accredited third party, to ensure legal compliance.

A combination of one and two hour fire rated riser doors were chosen to be installed throughout all residential and communal areas of the building to not only achieve compliance with current regulations by eliminating the spread of fire throughout the building for the specified durations, but sufficiently future proof the building for years to come.

The bespoke Profab Access 7000 Series Ceiling Access Panels have also been specified for installation throughout the hotel bedrooms and communal areas to provide concealed and maintenance free access to the ceiling shafts.

Due to the significant size of the ceiling access panels, which span up to 1100mm x 1800mm, Profab Access developed a bespoke additional safety system that featured a one side lift out and one side swing/push latch mechanism. The innovative design assisted BDL Dry Lining’s team of engineers in stopping the heavy doors swinging from the ceiling, while also enabling the panel design to work within a reduced space.

BDL Dry Lining is one of the  largest specialist dry lining contractors in the UK and has been an installer of Profab Access riser doors and access panels on high profile commercial and residential projects for a number of years.

Tony Grayson, Project Manager at BDL Dry Lining, said: “This is a standout development to be involved with and we knew from the very beginning that Profab Access would be our go to supplier for this project.

One-Bishopgate-Plaza-001-cleaned“Over the last two years we have worked closely with Access 360’s team of Specification Managers and Engineering experts to deliver and install the riser doors and ceiling access panels throughout the 41 storeys. The access solutions are extremely easy to install and offer the highest standards in performance, quality and compliance for unfaltering consistency across the entire site.”

The riser doors are also 35dB acoustic rated, smoke sealed and airtight to Part L. In the event of a fire, the doors will maintain their frame and integrity for up to two hours, limiting the spread of fire and transmission of radiant heat for this period of time. The doors’ intumescent smoke seals also enables occupants to safely exit the building, whilst subsequently minimising potential damage to other areas of the construction.

By specifying the CERTIFIRE bi-directionally fire tested 4000 Series Riser Doors, the development is actively future proofed as the comprehensive testing certification provides a complete and transparent audit trail of due diligence that evidences the products are not only fit for purpose, but meet the duty of care required to ensure legal compliance.

Mick Hill, Lead Technical Manager at Profab Access, said: “As One Bishopsgate Plaza is such a unique building, it required a bespoke approach that ensured the access solutions we provided were not only fit for purpose, but superseded expectations.

“That’s why every element of the ceiling and wall access products have been individually considered, from the additional safety systems on the ceiling access panels, to the Euro Cylinder locks on the riser doors to prevent unauthorised access. The result is a complementary suite of solutions that provide unobtrusive access, without compromising on aesthetics.”

Profab Access’ comprehensive portfolio of access panels and riser doors are manufactured in-house at its headquarters in Atherstone and are supplied with impressive lead times throughout the UK. The products are supported by a wide range of BIM Level 2 and CAD files to aid the specification process and streamline the initial design stages.

Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001, the 4000 Series Riser Doors and 7000 Series Ceiling Access Panels can be specified and installed in a range of configurations to meet each project’s specific measurements and requirements.

For further information on Profab Access and its range of riser doors, access panels, and steel doors, call +44(0)1827 719051 or visit


All Present and Correct

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Presence and motion detectors are the devices that you want to be able to fit and forget, so you need reliable high-quality branded products and the Timeguard range has everything you need – including  a helpline for any queries you have.

Passive infrared is the most economical and widely used sensor technology and the key choices here are between motion detection and the more-sensitive ‘presence detection’, of say people sitting and working at a desk. Increasingly popular now are the models that get the combined movement / sensitivity balance just right with precision sensitivity covering the core detection field plus motion detection extending over a wider area.  Of course, there will be a price differential, and that’s why it’s important you can easily find all the information you need to make the right choice by simply visiting the Timeguard website.

PIRs are the discreet workhorses of lighting and HVAC control

Combining presence and motion detection: the top selling SLFM360N / Pic: SLFM360N 360o PIR detector.

Innovative master and slave set up- up to 5 slaves can simply be plugged in in series

Joined up thinking: Timeguard’s easy-install linkable mini-PIRs.

Check that the detectors you choose keep you in control.  They will measure ambient light intensity so they will only trigger when certain pre-set low lighting thresholds are reached, not in broad daylight. This level should be adjustable to suit the premises. They should also offer the option to adjust the ON time. If these controls are missing and/or they are difficult to access and use, the detector is unlikely to do the best job for your customers. Easy and accurate control are hallmarks of the Timeguard ranges, and one of the many reasons installers choose them time and time again.

With very low profile flush mount detectors,  the controls are hidden in the body of the unit, so look for good spring clips that hold the device securely while still enabling  you to remove the unit from an aperture with ease should you need to adjust the settings and replace it securely without damaging the ceiling. Or perhaps, if super-sleek profiling isn’t vital, choose devices that offer external access to the controls without compromising on looks. We’ve proved that surface mount can still look sleek!

We did a bit of lateral thinking with the controls on the linkable mini PIRs, which allow for an array of detectors with a master and up to five slaves connected using standard pre-wired RJ11 sockets. A quick & easy drop-down twist-and-lock design makes reaching the controls as easy as changing a lightbulb.

We also offer the option of hand-held remote control for several of our presence detectors.

Easy access to PIR conrols with twist and lock design

Making control as easy as changing a lightbulb … twist and lock back when you are done.

Of course, PIR’s may not always fit the bill for what you need, especially in larger and partitioned spaces, so that’s when you may need active microwave (MW) devices. Operating in different areas of the light spectrum, they send out microwave pulses to measure the reflection off a moving object.  The Timeguard models look no different from regular PIR detectors when fitted.  Check the website for more information.

 Check out the range and specifications at