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LIEBIG Returns

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The original anchoring technology, now with EJOT global support

LIEBIG anchoring technology and EJOT’s manufacturing and technical support is now one market force following the acquisition of SORMAT in 2017. LIEBIG products are hallmarked classics and the modular nature of the range makes all of these anchors easily adaptable to create bespoke lengths and assemblies quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.


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LIEBIG ANCHOR M6 – M16 General purpose heavy duty anchor

Applied installation torque draws the anchor’s cone into the thick-walled expansion sleeve. This causes the sleeve to be pressed against the sidewalls of the hole and develops tension resistance through friction.



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LIEBIG SAFETY BOLT Double expansion, heavy duty anchor for increased security

Applied installation torque causes the anchor’s cones to be drawn into the expansion sleeve, causing the sleeve to be pressed against the sidewalls of the hole over its length. This results in optimum frictional resistance and high load capacity in cracked / non-cracked concrete.



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LIEBIG SUPERPLUS M8-M16 – The undercut fixing system that does not require a special setting tool

Applied installation torque causes the anchor’s cones to be drawn into the expansion sleeve, causing the sleeve to be pressed against the sidewalls of the hole over its length. This results in optimum frictional resistance and high load capacity in cracked / non-cracked concrete.



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LIEBIG ULTRAPLUS M12-M36 – For exceptionally high loads, also for shock and seismic loads

Applied installation torque causes the anchor’s cones to be drawn into the expansion sleeve, causing the sleeve to be pressed against the sidewalls of the hole over its length. This results in optimum frictional resistance and high load capacity in cracked / non-cracked concrete

Hewi System 900

System 900

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Design and Function

System_900System 900 combines puristic design with a high degree of functionality and a unique product depth. System 900 was designed by NOA. The Aachener design firm designs outstanding products and creates fascinating design experiences. With System 900, well-being can be designed. High-quality features invite patients to feel good and provides a high level of comfort and convenience even in a hospital or care home.


System 900_hinged_support_railThe new accessible sanitary system always provides the optimum solution. It has been developed by accessible design experts and is perfectly matched for use in the professional care sector. Whether in the standard patient bathroom of a hospital, in a premier bathroom of a private clinic, in the care home or in the exclusive retirement home – System 900 fulfils even the most demanding requirements.


Uncompromising Accessible Design

System 900_shower_seatSystem 900 meets the needs of accessible, compliant bathrooms without having to make any design compromises. The products are well thought-through, down to the smallest detail – they have convincing functionality, lasting quality, clever installation technology and a hygienic design.

Material diversity means design freedom: System 900 is optionally available made of satin stainless steel or in a high-gloss chrome version and can be combined with elements made of high-quality polyamide or satin finish glass.




KEE SAFETY Full Height Gate_DI

Full Height Gates Provide Safe Rooftop Access From Ladders

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Kee Safety has expanded its KEE GATE self closing safety gates range and added full height gates to its portfolio. All products from the KEE GATE safety gates range are CE marked and have been designed to make access to openings and restricted areas much safer.

KEE GATE Full Height Self Closing Gate
KEE SAFETY Full Height Gate_DIThe new full height gate provides permanent protection for any openings, ladder/stair access points, roof hatches and restricted areas, where regular access for maintenance & inspection is required.

The full height gate features the same design and build quality, and spring-loaded mechanism as the single and double versions of other KEE GATE options but is designed to comply with EN 4211: Specification for Permanently Fixed Ladders, making it the perfect system to provide safe rooftop access from ladders. The EN 4211 standard requires gates on ladders to offer the same level of protection as EN 14122 compliant guardrail.

The KEE GATE full height gate is 1100mm tall and features an aluminium toe board, providing additional protection to those working at any level. The gate width is fully adjustable and can accommodate openings up to 1m. The full height gate is available in both galvanised and powder coated options.

The gate has been specifically designed to provide a retro-fit solution to existing fixed structures, where opening protection is required, e.g. guardrails or roof edge protection systems already installed on the roof.


EN 4211 Standard

The EN 4211 standard for permanently fixed ladders specifically details requirements for safety gates on ladders and states:

“They should also be designed to provide the equivalent amount of guarding as any adjacent guarding provided at the arrival area e.g. by including at least a handrail, knee-rail and toe-plate, as defined in BS EN 14122-3:2001, 3.2”.

Features of the Full Height Self Closing Gate

  • Reversible hinges can be on the left or right hand side of an opening to allow easy installation
  • Salt spray tested for corrosion resistance (672 hours) to allow continuous operation, even in corrosive environments
  • Compliant with EN 4211, EN 14122 : 2016, OSHA & CSA requirements.

More information about the KEE GATE full height gate is available on the KEE GATE product page.


OMNIE LowBoard-RdB


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Omnie LowBoard®

The suitability of OMNIE’s underfloor heating (UFH) range for providing occupant comfort – especially in retrofit situations – has been further enhanced through the introduction of LowBoard® RdB.  The new version of the manufacturer’s widely specified LowBoard® panel comprises a 15mm thick moisture resistant, high density wood board with an 8mm acoustic rubber backing, offset to create an interlock at the edges. This combination offers a low build-up UFH installation also providing acoustic separation suitable for laying over concrete slabs or existing timber floors. It is designed to dampen vibration and attenuate impact as well as airborne sound. The panels are additionally supplied with a perimeter isolation strip to prevent flanking sound transmission.

OMNIE LowBoard-RdBIntroduced this year, LowBoard® RdB joins FoilBoard and ClipPlate Compact – as well as the standard LowBoard® system – in creating OMNIE’s UltraLow product offering: minimising the loss of headroom and even avoiding changing doors or skirtings in refurbishment situations. The latter will normally make use of panels routed to create a 150mm pipe spacing, while a version set to 200mm centres is available for new build projects where heating demand is normally lower.  LowBoard® RdB is furthermore one of OMNIE’s DrySystem solutions, able to speed installation work and avoid the need for the drying out of screeds.  The 1200 x 600mm panels are laid in a brickwork like bond pattern and the 12mm diameter pipe is simply pushed through the soft temper aluminium diffuser foil which is bonded to the upper surface of the routed wood panel.

lowboard_RdB_frontThe installation is completed by overlaying a t & g laminate/ engineered timber floor finish or mechanically fixing a 6mm layer of plywood or MDF for all other finishes (specific manufacturers/ suppliers requirements may apply).

If the floor finish is to be vinyl or tiles then the acoustic rubber on the underside of the LowBoard® RdB must be bonded to the substrate to provide a rigid base.

With flow and return temperatures of 40/33 degrees Centigrade and a tiled finish, LowBoard® RdB would provide an output of 43 W/m2, rising to 84 W/m2 if the circuit temperature is increased to 55/48 degrees C.

As with all of OMNIE’s underfloor heating systems, LowBoard® RdB is ideal for maximising the performance of condensing boilers or the manufacturer’s high performance ground and air source heat pumps. They also deliver a healthier and more comfortable living environment, while freeing up walls from unsightly radiators.


OMNIE offers a full specification and project design service:




TEL: 01392 363605    FAX: 01392 364871

EMAIL:                 projects@omnie.co.uk       WEB:      www.omnie.co.uk




TEL:  01689 854868     FAX:  01689 860246    EMAIL:   pr@wardturner.co.uk

Contractor safe Altro K30 and Altro Whiterock

Are you confident your wall sheets are fire resistant?

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In 2016/17 there were 261 fire-related fatalities and approximately 7,100 non-fatal casualties in fires in the UK at non-residential dwellings.¹

Contractor safe Altro K30 and Altro WhiterockSelection of wall sheets and systems is a vital decision when designing or refurbishing a building for both safety and aesthetic purposes. Internal wall linings are a critical factor in the spread of fire and it gaining hold and consideration must be given to the fire rating and resistance to fire of any product being considered for specification. This is of particular importance in circulation areas where it can prevent escape.

However, the fire rating of wall lining material can be overlooked, and whilst you might assume the sheets you have chosen, or are installing, would perform to the highest standards, should the worst happen it’s not always the case. Consideration should be given as to how it will react with other parts of the wall construction, since the substrate and adhesive can have an effect on the overall fire rating of the system.

The Regulations

As stipulated in the Approved Document B of the Building Regulations² you must ensure the fire resistance of your wall covering meets the required level for the environment into which it is installed.

The fire rating for wall linings varies by area of the building. However, in order to be used in public areas and circulation spaces wall linings need to achieve the following ratings to ensure they are safe and compliant:

  • EN 13501 Class B-s3 d2
  • BS 476 Part 7 Class 1 and BS 476 Part 6 Class 0

The Solution

The Altro Whiterock system has been designed to give you confidence and peace of mind with a Class 0 fire rating when used as described in the installation guide. Our systems can be trusted to do the job in high risk areas such as commercial kitchens as well as general use areas.


Sometimes fire tests are not aligned with the wall system you are buying. To be confident, carry out the following measures ensuring the fire certificate:

  • Relates to the wall system you are about to purchase and install. Is it the same system and the same thickness as specified in the fire certificate?
  • Has the test been conducted as per your installation method?
  • Is the fire certificate for sheet only? Don’t get caught out as having the wrong adhesive or no adhesive at all can invalidate your fire certificate.
  • Is the recommendation for adhesive quantities in the installation guide aligned with the fire certificate?
  • Is the substrate on which the wall lining is to be applied of equal or greater fire rating to that used to test the product? If not, you could be in trouble again.

With Altro you can rest assured that our wall systems are fully compliant and our Technical Services team can provide you with guidance if you have any form of doubt.

¹www.gov.uk Home Office, ‘Focus on trends in fires and fire related fatalities’

²www.gov.uk Approved Document B (fire safety) volume 2: buildings other than dwelling houses (2006 edition incorporating the 2010 and 2013 amendments)

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6 reasons why the specification is so important within construction

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“In our experience, you cannot underestimate the value of a comprehensive specification. It has the ability to minimise risk and uncertainty, improve compliance, as well as saving time and money.”

James Fisher, MD Bilco UK & Howe Green

Circular Access Cover insitu copyCall into either of our offices in Bury St Edmunds or Ware and we guarantee you will hear the “S” word before the kettle has finished boiling to make you that welcoming cuppa!

The specification, and being specified, is fundamental to our ongoing success. Everyone in our team knows and understands that fact.  And, they fight hard to ensure that the Bilco and Howe Green brands are in the frame whenever it comes to the specification of roof hatches, smoke vents, safety ladders, floor doors and floor access covers.

When you are a well-established brand with a track record for quality products and innovative solutions it is easier to get your product specified.  Throw into the mix the depth and breadth of speciality access expertise within our team and you can tick another box off the credentials that architects, specifiers and building services professionals are looking for when it comes to deciding which products to specify.

Why is the specification so critical in our industry?

There are many reasons why buying decisions are based on specification but in our experience these can be distilled into 6 main areas:-

  1. Clarity

Developing a specification provides clarity and precision on exactly what is required. A good specification will have taken into account the desired performance, suitable material, usage of the product, aesthetic appearance, installation environment, life expectancy, life cycle impact and cost.

  1. Minimise risk

An accurate specification helps to minimise the risk of dispute and the potential for legal action on a project further down the line if anything goes awry. As it is an intrinsic part of the contract documentation the specification is legally binding in the event of any dispute or litigation. According to a report by Arcadis the “ value of disputes within the UK construction and engineering industry grew by around a third during 2016 to an average value of £27 million.”

  1. Improve compliance

Statutory compliance is essential to avoid legal implications and penalties. For example the specification can outline which Building Regulations or Health and Safety legislation with which a product needs to comply.

  1. Peace of mind

Given the level of disruption caused when something goes wrong with a project, in terms of time and money, it is surprising that there are still those in the construction sector who do invest in producing a detailed specification. An accurate specification provides an audit trail for a project and can provide peace of mind for stakeholders. The end client has the assurance that due diligence has been followed in the selection of the product.

  1. Enhanced efficiency

A clear and accurate specification enhances efficiency in all aspects of a construction project – from improving channels of communication to providing clear instructions to the team responsible for the delivery of the project.

  1. Saves time and money

Accurate, well-constructed specifications make life easier for everyone involved in a project.

A right first time approach ensures that costly errors and delays can be avoided.

Need some help with your specification?

Pick up the phone and talk to our technical team, we are always happy to help.  If you are specifying roof hatches, smoke vents, safety ladders or floor doors then please speak to the Bilco technical team on 01284 701696.

If you require help with specifying floor access covers, wall hatches, linear drainage, tree grilles or bespoke architectural metalwork then you need to speak with the Howe Green technical team on 01920 463230.

Alternatively take a look at the Downloads and External Resources sections of our product pages to access BIM Objects, NBS Specifications, CAD Drawings, Submittal Drawings, Technical Data Sheets, Installation Guides and Brochures.



Entering an Era of Elegance

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One New Oxford Street (1)-photoshoppedGiving the Moderne a contemporary edge while maintaining the tenets of iconic 1930’s design has been realised in the redevelopment of a prestigious London building.

No 1 New Oxford Street – formerly known as Commonwealth House – now has an entrance which echoes its proud heritage, combining sleek elegant aesthetics with modern convenience.

The automatic circular sliding doors from GEZE UK make quite a statement, providing an entrance which blends seamlessly into the curved and streamlined contours of a building which stands proud, like the prow of a ship, on a site where New Oxford Street and High Holborn meet at an acute angle.
Unlike the sharp geometrics of the similarly placed Flatiron building in New York, No 1 New Oxford Street projects a rounded nose to its edifice, topped off by a modern-faced clock tower designed by its original architect Henry Philip Cart de Lafontaine in 1939.

Its new entrance had to meet this exacting vision. A GEZE Slimdrive SCR was used to provide the light and airy entrance, flanked by curving glass panels to the side which flow into the original columns, and topped with a glazed fanlight overhead. This frontage allowed the sliding doors to be recessed into the entrance, allowing it to seamlessly flow into a new lobby area.
One New Oxford Street (22) cropOne of the benefits of the Slimdrive SCR is that it combines high performance while remaining discreet. It has a low operator height of just 7 cm and is therefore very unobtrusive. In this case, the Slimdrive SCR was fitted as freestanding entrance – the 360° drive solution is usually incorporated into a building’s facade – but as this entrance was recessed, the installation was adapted to the bespoke requirements of the design.

A circular canopy and black glass wrap was placed over the doorway, blending into the metal framework of the frontage. This included additional detailing by Fleetwood Architectural Aluminium (FAA) which simulated the art deco style.

The canopy determined where the sensors could be fitted, so GEZE UK worked with Fleetwood to ensure that the design brief was met while ensuring that the sensors still performed correctly. GEZE’s GC 365 sensors were used – combining motion and safety detectors which operate the open and close mechanism while alleviating the need for separate sensors. Light rings featured in the lobby area have also been fitted inside the drum of the door – again reflecting the art deco style. And an air curtain was fitted into the installation to blow warm air over the entrance and stop cold air pushing into the building.

Outside, over the top of the impressive double-height entrance is faced with dark green tiles which evoke the style of the modern/deco aesthetic. This has been one of Lafontaine’s original design features but was considered too risqué by the Crown Estate at the time and was never applied.

Orms architects conscientiously researched the creator’s intentions and the effect is truly mesmerizing and so evocative of the time.

One New Oxford Street (16)The entrance now leads into a distinctive mono-chromatic lobby with terrazzo flooring, fluted glass walls, gold coloured reception desk and a ‘Guggenheim-inspired’ stepped inner atrium that echoes the glamour of a bygone era.  It incorporates a curved wall of back-lit white fluted glass which illuminates the reception with twin pendant lights referencing the geometrical forms of art deco.

The entrance was specified within a detailed brief by Orms Architects, which devised the plans for the £38 million refurbishment of what was created to be an ‘ultra-modern building of imposing appearance’.

Said Andy Howland, GEZE UK’s Sales and Marketing Director: “This project is an outstanding example of how the refurbishment of an historic building can enhance its facilities while remaining true to the vision of its original architect.

“Orms had very detailed requirements to refit No 1 New Oxford Street to such a high standard in order to future-proof the building to the demands that would be placed upon it. We are delighted that GEZE products were incorporated into this scheme which can rightly take its place among the landmark architecture of the capital.”

Kam Sagoo, Design Manager for Fleetwood Architectural Aluminum said that the level of detailing and installation needed to be very precise.

“GEZE UK was brought early during the design process and numerous meetings were held, with all relevant parties present, to fully understand the design intent, the detailing, coordination, sequencing, logistics and installation.

“Having an established relationship with GEZE UK meant that we could forge ahead with the technical design and realise a viable and compliant solution. The result is a stunning entrance screen which blends the GEZE Slimdrive SCR system effortlessly with the FAA bespoke facade.”

The redevelopment has added 10,000 square feet across nine-storey and incorporated new lifts and bridge decks into the previous courtyard which overlook the new full-height glazed atrium at its heart.

It totals 12,250 sq ft of retail and 95,000 sq ft Grade A office space. Owned by TIAA Henderson Real Estate, its occupants now include H&M’s luxury brand COS.

For more information about GEZE UK’s comprehensive range of automatic and manual door closers call 01543 443000 or visit www.geze.co.uk

KEE SAFETY Full Height Gate_DI

Safe Fixing Solutions

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The BoxBolt® and BeamClamp® range of safe fixing solutions from Kee Systems are designed to enable steel to steel connections without the need for drilling or welding.

BeamClamp® – Steel to Steel Clamps
Kee Systems BeamClamp BoxBoltThe BeamClamp® range of high strength clamps are used for connecting steel to steel. The solutions can be used for both temporary or permanent connections and are typically used to connect secondary steel to existing structures.

The clamping system gives the specifier peace of mind that once the connection is made it has a guaranteed safe working load. The connections have the added benefits of providing flexibility for the user during installation and reducing the overall cost. The range is also ideal for areas where drilling or welding is not allowed, or access and power is restricted.

BoxBolt® – Blind Steel Fixings

CE Approved BoxBoltThe CE Approved BoxBolt® blind fixing range of solutions provide a flexible means of joining steel together without the need for on-site drilling, welding, through bolting, strapping or cutting access holes.  The fixings are suitable for connecting into rectangular, square and even circular hollow sections, or where access is restricted to one side only.

BoxBolt® fixings feature a hexagon head design on the body to allow easy installation with a standard spanner and provide a guaranteed connection without the need for on-site verification, as long as installation guidelines are correctly followed.

BeamClampBeamClamp® and BoxBolt® products can be used across all industries where joining steel together is a requirement including building services, infrastructure, steel construction, façade and curtain walling, oil & gas, materials handling and conveyors, transport, solar & wind energy and stadiums.


Eurocell Sustainability

Eurocell leads the sector in sustainable doors and windows

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BP Index July 2018 Sustainability (1)With plastic pollution possibly proving to be the biggest environmental issue of our time, Eurocell exemplifies commitment to sustainability and developing quality products from recycled material.

From a sustainability perspective, Eurocell’s PVC-U windows are already ahead. First, life expectancy of a PVC-U window is considerable. PVC-U windows have been given a 35-year minimum reference service life by the BRE, with minimal maintenance during this period.

Second, closed loop manufacture results in the plastic element PVC-U windows being re-used up to 10 times. With the 35-year life expectancy, that means the plastic can be used in manufacture for up to 350 years!

BP Index July 2018 Sustainability (3)Better still, the re-use of PVC-U is an example of ‘upcycling’.
Re-processing PVC-U imbues it with additional structural strength and, post-extrusion, results in recycled product being technically superior to those made from virgin material, because the process creates better dispersion of material elements.

For example, our innovative Modus window and door profile system features an intelligent six-chamber single-piece profile design consisting of circa 45% post-consumer recycled material. Modus achieves an A++ Window Energy Rating and U-value of 0.7, which is market-leading performance. Modus delivers a triple benefit to customers – top energy efficiency for lower heating bills, responsible use of materials/resources for sustainability and at lower cost than alternative window materials – timber and aluminium.
BP Index July 2018 Sustainability (2)Another great example is our range of Cavalok cavity closers, predominantly used in the construction of new build housing. The closers – which are built into the completed wall structure – are made from 100% post-consumer recycled material for maximum material efficiency and are certified by the BBA.

All of this combines to make Eurocell a sustainability leader in its field, and to find out more about how Eurocell can assist in delivering buildings that are sustainable, healthy and warm, call the customer services team on 0800 988 7300 or visit www.eurocell.co.uk


Delta Membrane Women in Waterproofing PCA Best Practice Awards

We are delighted to announce Women of Waterproofing have won a PCA Best Practice Award ‘Special Award for Initiative’.

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PCA Best Practice Awards 2018 2The deserving winners of the 2018 PCA Best Practice Awards were announced on Friday 15 June at the Slate, University of Warwick.

The PCA Best Practice Awards brought together 160 members, contractors, designers and experts for a glamorous evening of celebration, recognition and networking.

After review by the panel of expert judges, Women of Waterproofing won in recognition of them ‘overcoming challenges in an innovative way, offering a solution to ensuring that we are attracting, recruiting and retaining talented women into the full range of roles and at all levels within the structural waterproofing industry and demonstrating engagement with a range of third parties.’


Women in Waterproofing PCA Best Practice AwardsImproving the diversity of the people we employ is important to Delta Membrane Systems Limited. We recognise that it is not only right to ensure that people of all genders and backgrounds are able to access fulfilling careers in the waterproofing sector; but that as a business, we fully reflect the society we serve.

As part of Delta Membrane Systems Limited’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, we are working hard to increase the representation of female CSSW qualified Waterproofing Design Specialists.

Our diversity and inclusion strategies include offering unconscious bias CSSW Training at our facilities in Epping, Essex and within our diversity and inclusion five-year plan offering Waterproofing Design Specialist Apprenticeships.

Women_of_Waterproofing_Logo copyWe have also undertaken a range of initiatives aimed at tackling the gender gap, including supporting and sponsoring the Women of Waterproofing Networking Group and unconscious bias training for all staff members across our business.

Christopher Burbridge, Delta’s Managing Director, discusses his pride in the Women of Waterproofing winning this Award: “Leading a business to success can be a tough challenge and as such we are keen to showcase the dedication, expertise and sheer hard work of our team. I would like to wish Georgia and Rachel the best of luck for the future and congratulate them on their win in this prestigious awards programme.”

PCA Best Practice Awards 2018 5David J Symes, Delta’s Technical Director concluded, “Both Georgia and Rachel joined Delta from diverse backgrounds to Structural Waterproofing. Both Rachel and Georgia have adapted to their roles and the environment with grace and dedication. We wish them every success as role models for welcoming more females into a male dominated sector”.

Kevin Dodds, concluded “We are incredibly proud to support the Women of Waterproofing. For Georgia and Rachel to have achieved such recognition is an incredibly accomplishment of their efforts. We will continue to support the Women of Waterproofing in all that they do”.

Follow us on Twitter @WOWNetworkGroup or join our LinkedIn Group at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8658144